How to lose weight with honey

Honey has long been related with weight loss and with time many researches have proved that what was said in the old good days might have some strong scientific basis as well. If you are trying to lose weight, consuming honey in some particular ways, at some specific times of the day can actually give you better weight loss results when combined with exercises and dieting. Honey is a combination of 22 amino acids and a load of minerals and vitamins that can easily rave up the rate of natural metabolism in the body, helping in burning more fat and preventing obesity. Honey also supports better digestion, which naturally leads to more satiation and less living on unhealthy junk foods.  Here are some effective treatments that you can follow to lose weight with honey,

Honey and lemon with warm water

Benefits of drinking lemon & honey water

This is the most common detox treatment with honey that is suggested not only for losing weight but also for treating cough and cold and energizing the body. Take a glass of warm water and mix 1 spoon of honey to it. Now squeeze in half of a lemon and drink this warm water the first thing in the morning in empty stomach. This treatment can detox your body, boost up your metabolism and ensure better fat burning, helping you lose weight quickly when combined with proper exercises. This treatment is also known for being effective in burning cellulite.

In order to get the best effects of this treatment, apart from drinking it in the morning, you can also repeat it before meals, before workouts and before bed time. Honey, has a natural ability to satiate your hunger, which can be helpful to ensure that you do not eat more than you need. However, whenever you are using this remedy, make sure that you are not in a full stomach.

Honey with warm water

Honey can be combined with plain warm water to get weight loss benefits. Warm water itself has the ability to boost up the natural metabolism rate of the body and when honey is added to it, the combination becomes more effective. So, if you do not prefer lemon, you can simply skip it. Take a glass of warm water and add 1-2 spoons of honey to it. Mix well and drink in empty stomach.

You can easily repeat this treatment 3-4 times a day before taking your meals or before working out to get the best results. As usual, ensure to not to take it in full stomach as that might reduce the efficiency of the treatment.

Honey – cinnamon tea

Health benefits of honey

You can lose weight effectively by drinking honey-cinnamon tea everyday. Just like honey, cinnamon is also believed to have effective fat burning abilities. This spice itself helps in shedding extra fat and when combined with honey and warm water, you can surely get the best results. To make this tea all you need to do is to take a cup of warm water, add 1 spoon of cinnamon powder to it and then 1 spoon honey. Mix all the ingredients well and drink the tea at once.

You can drink the tea in the evening, during your normal tea hours or you can also have it in the morning in empty stomach. It is best to not to repeat this treatment more than twice a day, because too much of cinnamon might have a negative effect on your liver. So, keep the cinnamon intake in check.

Raw honey

It is not always necessary to mix honey with another ingredient like, lemon, cinnamon or even warm water to get its weight loosing effects. You can have a spoon of raw honey directly to get the results. According to some nutritionists, a “hibernation treatment” with raw honey can be highly effective for losing weight. This treatment helps in burning the excess fat in your body when you are sleeping, providing quick and more effective weight loss results.

For the “hibernation treatment” with honey all you need to do is to have a spoonful of honey before going to bed at night as the last thing you eat on the day and it will continue working on your body by revamping the natural metabolism throughout the night.

Honey – ginger tea

Beauty benefits of honey

This is another effective weight loss remedy that you should not miss when you are trying to lose weight. Ginger itself is an effective metabolism booster and when added with honey and warm water, you can get the best effects of it in every way. To make a honey ginger tea all you need to do is to skin and grate 1 inch of ginger and then steep it in 1 glass of water for around 10 minutes, covered with a lid. Now take the ginger tea to a glass or cup and let it cool sufficiently before adding 1 spoon of honey to it. Drink this mixture promptly 20 minutes before your meal to get the best results.

Honey with black pepper

Black peeper is stuffed with a compound named piperine, which gives it the characteristic color and taste. According to a recent study piperine might be widely effective in limiting the formation of new fat cells. So, a drink with honey and black peeper can work as the best fat buster for your body. In 1 glass warm water, mix 1/2 spoon of black pepper dust and 1 spoon of honey and drink it at least 20 minutes before your meal.  You can repeat the treatment 2-3 times in a day.

Honey and turmeric tea

Turmeric plays a role in the differentiation of the fat cells in the body, thus helping in controlling the formation of fat. To prepare the Honey, turmeric tea that can effectively aid in weight loss, grate 1 inch of fresh turmeric root and steep it in warm water for 10 minutes. Now transfer the water to a cup and let it cool. When the water with turmeric concoction is only warm, add 1 spoon of honey to it, mix and drink. This treatment is best to be taken in the morning in empty stomach.

Honey with cumin for best weight loss results

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Cumin is another fat busting spice in your kitchen. A warm water drink made from cumin and honey can not only ensure better fat burning, but will also aid in better digestion. To make this preparation it is best to lightly fry the dry cumin seeds in a pan, without any oil and then to grind them. You can grind the cumin seeds without frying as well, but frying them will take out the smell of the spice making the drink more appetizing for you. Now mix 1 spoon of this cumin seed dust and 1 spoon honey to 1 glass of warm water and drink it at once. This drink is best to have 20 minutes before meal.

The general rule to go for losing weight with honey

While the above treatments with honey are most effective to lose weight, replacing the sugar you use in your regular diet with natural honey can also be highly effective to promote weight loss. So, instead of adding sugar to your tea, milk, yogurt, salads or any other dishes, use honey to make the food more healthy for you.

This article has presented you a bunch of the best known ways of using honey for losing weight so that you can pick the ones of your choice and follow them as suggested to get the best weight loss effects. More choices make it possible for you to try out the different recipes during different times of the day, or on different days of the week so that it does not become boring for you.

Two vital precautions

To ensure the best efficiency of the above mentioned weight loss treatments with honey it is really important to take care of the next two things,

Ensure the right temperature of the water before adding honey

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You should always add the honey only to slightly warm water, not to the hot or boiling water. High heat can destroy the natural vitamins present in honey making it least effective. So, before you add honey to the warm water, if necessary, check the temperature of the water on your skin and when the temperature is comfortable for your skin then only add the honey to it.

Buy the right honey

While honey is a very healthy natural product, it is really important to take maximum precautions while buying honey from the market. There are many products available that comes with the “Natural Honey” tag but include more sugar or even saccharine as a sweetener. These honey, instead of helping you shed weight, will only add up to the total sugar intake. So, while buying honey, make sure that you are picking the right product.