Benefits of drinking lemon and honey water in the morning

At times we really need those home remedies, which our grandma used to tell us when we were small. The first consumption of the day, to maintain a healthier body, should be lukewarm water with lemon extract. After that, add on some good quality honey and you’re sorted! A lot of people stick to lemon water only, but the authentic remedy is to mix honey and bring out the best of both.

How to make?

  • Boil water and then let it cool to lukewarm
  • Add fresh lemon extract from half a lemon
  • Add raw and unpasteurized honey.
  • Drink it immediately

Remember, you shouldn’t put honey in warm water, as their nutrients would destroy. Repeat this every morning and get all the health benefits listed below!


Weight Loss

This is one of the prime reasons why people opt to start drinking lemon and honey in warm water. In turn, they bless themselves with a lot of other benefits (including this), and they are completely unaware of! Yes, this remedy helps you lose your weight. It has the fibre called pectin which helps us reduce the extra flab, while lemon keeps away cravings for numerous edibles. The combination also creates an alkaline atmosphere inside our stomach which promotes weight loss.

Free from constipation

When you have warm water in the morning, along with lemon and honey as instructed, it makes you stimulate your digestive system. It produces intestinal muscles, infuses water into dried stool and hydrates the colon – all these reduce the chances of constipation. This improves your bowels movements and aids to better motions free from constipation.

Improved digestion

lemons make your liver produce bile which in turns helps your digestive system to break down complex foods. This then uses the essential components. Now, honey comes with antibacterial properties which keep you away from infections. It also improves in the production of mucous in the stomach which would help you flush out toxin from your body.

Improvised functioning of colon

 according to Ayurveda, we tend to buildup toxins on the inner line of our stomach. These toxins are made up of undigested food, dead bacteria and intestinal cells which can lead to various diseases. One of the health hazards could even be cancer! When we drink this remedy, the walls of our intestine (especially the colon) tend to stimulate. This in turn explodes the toxin. You might not be very comfortable in understanding Ayurveda, thus alternatively, even allopath describes the mix of potent natural ways of cleansing our colon. It makes it function better, absorb the nutrients, gets rid of toxins, keeps your body hydrated and away from bloating.

Cleans lymphatic system

Dehydrated lymphatic systems are one of the reasons why we have illnesses. When we have lack of water in our body, the essential fluids in this system starts making you feel sluggish, fatigued and also lead to conditions like constipation, high/low blood pressure, disturbed sleep, stress and lack of mental abnormalities. Drinking this remedy every morning will boost your lymphatic system and keep your system hydrated.

Boosting energy

If you are not a morning person, this remedy is going to reduce fatigue and lethargy. Honey comes as an instant energy booster and reduces the calories. Water clears your mind and provides fresh blood to the brain, while lemon activates the digestive system. You feel more energized and you want to kick start your day. On the other hand, the scent of lemon is also known as a natural relaxant and it improves your mood.

Cleans urinary tract

Honey has antibacterial agents which is capable to beat numerous infections. When honey is combined with lemon and water, all the three agents act as amazing diuretics. This is turn means that they flush out the toxin from our body and this is one of the best ways to clean urinary tract.

Improve oral health

Lemon is acidic in nature and when mixed with innate properties of water and honey, they can beat bad breath. Lemon helps you cleanse your mouth and activates the saliva glands. This in turn kills the offensive bacteria and improves better oral health. When you mix honey and water, they wash down the bacterial content and also degrade the food which sticks to your mouth or teeth. The white film on your tongue causes bad breath which is also removed with regular consumption of lemon and honey water.

Glowing skin

Finally, the combination of lemon and honey benefits our skin. They not only cleanse our body but purify the blood which aids in the production of more bloods cells and acts like a cleaning agent. The combination of honey and water provides a nice restoration level which boosts collagen and makes us skin glow from within.

Now that you have discovered all the benefits with the procedure to make this remedy, add it to your daily routine and have a healthier body. Make sure that you consume it every morning. Your stomach is supposed to be empty, which is why, shifting the time of consumption is not recommended.