Dandelion root and it’s beauty health benefits

Dandelion is mostly considered as a pesky weed but studies have showed the incredible health and beauty benefits of it. Chinese used to add this root in their medical treatments because of its great medicinal values.

It treats many problems like piles, gallstones and some other stomach disorders. It is mostly recommended for the expecting mothers to increase the quality and quantity of the breast milk. Here are some health and beauty benefits of dandelion root.

Dandelion being a plant is also known as pesky weed found in our gardens. While walking through the lawns you must have seen the Dandelion plant spread all over.

Some people might not be aware of its name as well. But the plants really have many benefits to human being with regards to their health and beauty.

People are now having the capsule and tablets that include the extracts of dandelion root. Yes, you absolutely will be spellbound to know the various health and beauty benefits of Dandelion roots.

Health and beauty benefits of dandelion root

Promotes digestive health

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Dandelion root has good fiber amount that is responsible for the encouragement of the digestion. It promotes the digestive health by boosting the bile which is necessary for the immense digestion. It also stimulates the liver and acts like a mild laxative.

Protects liver

Dandelion root consists of luteolin and vitamin C are helpful in combating with the liver viral infections, by which they prevent and reduces the risk of jaundice. The roots are also the best sources of choline which is called a liver stimulant and aids in the treatment of the hemorrhage.

Vitamin source

The root consists of vitamin A and vitamin K which are having the great roles in maintaining the healthy body. Vitamin A; dandelion constitutes of zeaxanthin named carotenoid that has the ability of protecting retina from the risky UV rays.

So try to drink the dandelion juice in a regular manner. Vitamin K present in the dandelion root fights greatly with the neuron damage occur in the brain and thrives in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

Improves immune system health

Dandelion root improves the health of the immune system in multiple ways. The antioxidants of the root protects the cells and DNA and thereby inhibits the action of free radical molecules on the cells.Thus it lingering the process of aging.

Many people believe that dandelion juice  acts like a tonic for the immune system – it kills the toxic substances and other acids harmful to the body. It also meets the immune system strengthening needs by fighting with the fungi and microbes.

Healthy skin

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Dandelion is a perfect skin shiner and works towards promoting the health. It encompasses the anti-fungicidal and alkaline properties that are beneficial in treating the fungal infections and the infections penciled by microbes.

Make a paste out of dandelion root and spread it over the affected areas of skin to treat the infections, it also works on the skin problems like ringworm, eczema, ringworm, flaky and itchy skin.

Acne remover

People questing for the natural way of removing acne could opt dandelion to simplify their problem. The juice is having diuretic and detoxifying properties which are helpful in regulating the discharge of the hormones, increases sweating.

This way it removes the unwanted substances from the body in the form of sweat and urine. Instead, applying dandelion paste over the skin controls the microbial function and this treats acne problem in a very natural way.

Beauty benefits of dandelion root

Hair growth stimulation

Some individual have almost stopped the hair growth after a certain length of hair. This has become a serious concern to many of us. But with the help of dandelion root, your hair growth will become stable one again.

You can once again gain voluminous hair growth. You need to take the root and grind it to extract juice out of it. Their after apply the juice over the hair root so that it reaches its hair follicles. Try this regularly twice in a week and see the result.

Prevents cancer

Cancer being one of the deadliest diseases can be cured today with improvement in medical science and the herbal remedial effect. Yes, the tropical medicines and herbs have gone a long way to treat various types of cancer.

Dandelion root is one of the effective herbs that help in preventing cancer from root. Even the growth of cancer cells will be restricted with dandelion root. The dandelion leaves are also having richness in antioxidants along with phytonutrients. You can easily combat cancer.

Controlling blood pressure level

It is important to check the blood pressure level in an individual on a regular basis. Today most of the people are having serious effect of blood pressure level. This can be due to stress or hereditary problem.

But if you can consume the juice from dandelion root, nothing would be better for you to stop the high blood pressure level. Proper regulation of blood pressure will be an important consideration. Try it today and stay away from blood pressure.