Rose water for acne scars & pimple marks

You have already tried out lots of creams and lotions to cure acne. The presence of scars and acne makes our look most hideous. To have acne-free skin, there is no need to rely on the costly creams in the market. Many people have started choosing the homemade solutions for treating their acne.

Never be concerned on your skin’s sensitiveness – Apply rose water easily

Home remedies for acne scars

Rose water, with its high effectiveness, reduces your acne breakouts. Most of us use this water for the removal of makeup. However, it is also useful for balancing pH level of your skin and for controlling irritation. Now, we like to say you how this water will help you in acne treatment.

People, with dry skin, raise a question- Can I use rose water for curing acne? For them, we want to reveal the truth behind this water. Rose water benefits not only the dry skin but also the sensitive and the oily ones. Thus, anyone may apply this water for their beauty treatment.

Rose water – The way of preparing it

Rose water, a type of solution, blends essential oil, derived from petals of rose. You have to suspend the petals in water to have the output. Rose water may be called as a kind of byproduct that is created with the distillation of petals. The aromatic oil is termed as rose Otto.

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There is a need of several petals in order to prepare this rose Otto (1 kg). After picking the petals, the workers process them by crushing with a machine. The distillation is done in a copper container. Water covers the petals, which are then heated consistently for 2 hours.

The steam escapes through a valve, and the workers have to collect them in a flask. The flask contains a solution that constitutes 80 percent water with 20 percent oil. The color of rose Otto is green, and while it gets cooled, it produces white colored crystals. However, rose water remains in liquid form under normal temperature condition. You may use it in different ways and for various purposes. For instance, lots of chefs use rose water to prepare food.

Rose water comprises lots of bio-active components. We can find a fascinating aroma from rose petals for the presence of phenylethyl alcohol, a type of chemical. However, this taste and scent depends on various factors, like-

  • The rose species that has been cultivated
  • Whether the flowers are fully bloomed
  • Duration of distillation

This rose water has various other chemicals, like linalool, geraniol, citronellol and methyleugenol.

Now, the question is – Does this rose water cure your acne?

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You may think that any water has the capacity of hydrating and moisturizing your skin pores. Some British researchers have done experiment on rose water to know whether it is beneficial to the skin. They have found that though it hydrates skin, it can increase sebum formation. They have also tried to make out how this solution causes an interaction with skin. These researchers have concluded that rose water has the potential of activating our keratinocytes, a type of cell. It also generates new cells, which move to outer skin layer. Thus, the water helps in giving protection against infection and injuries.

Other positive aspects of rose water solution

Rose water has something more to cure skin.


With anti-ageing potential, Vitamin A enhances skin health. This vitamin makes your skin smooth and also treats acne. While you have red skin, Vitamin B3 prevents your skin from irritation. Vitamin C also makes immunity stronger, and you can find against acne.

Antibacterial power

Use rose water to kill bacteria, causing skin disease, like acne.


It is another component in rose water for triggering your cells.

This water also works as astringent, which makes your skin pores tighter. Thus, dirt cannot get into these small pores.

Different ways of applying rose water for acne

Rose water for acne

  • Wash the face using cleanser. Then, dry it.
  • Put rose water into your spray bottle.
  • Spray it onto the face, and leave it for twenty seconds.
  • Hydrate the face by applying moisturizer.

You have to do it three to four times everyday.

Use rose water with lemon

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  • Wash your face with a facial cleanser and pat dry.
  • Blend diluted lemon sap and rose water.
  • Take a cotton piece for applying the solution to the face.
  • After fifteen minutes you can wash the face.

Use rose water with besan

Add rose water to besan to make paste. Use it as a type of facial pack. On every week, you need to do it one or two times.

Rose water and Rose oil – Which is better?

While you have chosen rose oil, you have to apply it in diverse way. We call it as the steam distillation process. You can do it easily at your home. However, this oil may not be much effective like water. It has antioxidants and fatty components. It is also costlier than rose oil. Moreover, you cannot use it regularly. After buying it, you should add some drops to water at the time of having bathe. Though it gives a soothing sensation and gives out better smell, most of us prefer using the water.

If you have chosen rose water to treat acne, you may better buy it from market. Available at a reasonable price, this water is easy to use for solving acne issues. Try to find rose water in pure form. Then, you can apply the water on your skin by blending it with different other natural ingredients.

With the high antimicrobial and antiseptic capacity, rose water can treat your skin problem. Make your skin clearer and smoother. You will be able to retain a glowing and radiant look. The cooling sensation that you get after using this solution also helps you in reducing irritation. Regular usage of this water enables you to avoid acne breakouts in future. However, you may also speak to the skin specialists.