Sandalwood for acne scars & pimple marks

No one likes to see spots and acne signs on the skin. Smooth, flawless skin is an asset to everyone. However, with increasing age and with hormonal effect, we have lots of skin issues, like pimples and acne.

While you have not treated them at the right time, the acne will start spreading throughout your face. To keep your skin free from all blemishes, you can rely on natural solutions.

Never waste your money on commercial products for treating acne scars. From a thorough research on various natural ingredients, we have found that sandalwood can show a magical result on your acne scars.


Sandalwood to treat acne scars

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To take the pollutants out of your skin, you can use sandalwood. This herbal extract can control sebum production of your skin, and thus, it averts all the potentials of acne.

To get the best result from sandalwood, you can blend it with other safe natural components. We have now created a list of those ingredients that may be blended with your sandalwood for scar removal.

Rose water

Prepare a paste by adding rosewater to sandalwood (in powder form). Stir it thoroughly to make paste of slight thick nature. Apply this to those sites, which are affected with acne. After 20 to 30 minutes, you can wash it with hot water.

Cucumber sap

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Use your juicer to take the juice out of cucumber, and add this juice to the powdered sandalwood. This is one of the best remedies to fade away all the acne scars on your skin.

Cucumber sap works as astringent that is highly effective in the removal of scars. This also enables your skin in opening up all the pores. Thus, the bacteria and germs, present inside pores, get removed.

While you are blending the two components- sandalwood and juice, you have to maintain an equal percentage of these ingredients. Use it as a paste and rinse it with water.

Cucumber contains silica, which works best for removing blemishes and scars. Use the paste everyday, and this will give you better looking skin with softer nature.

Lemon juice

This is also a good ingredient to the added to crushed sandalwood to remove the scars. With lemon juice, water, sandalwood and turmeric, you will be able to create the solution.

After applying it on the face, you should wait for twenty to thirty minutes. As the lemon sap has bleaching property, it makes your scars lighter.

At the same time, your dead cells will get regenerated. You will also get the solution of sagging skin, and your youthful appearance will get restored. Scars on your facial skin will start decreasing, retaining the original glow.


In the world of cosmetics, turmeric has a good value. However, in addition to sandalwood and turmeric, you can add rosewater. To manage your skin blemishes and scars, this is also an effective solution.

With everyday application, you will surely find the result. Lots of people have also noticed the reduced breakouts of pimples.


Many of us use glycerin on the winter season to moisturize our skin. However, you can use it throughout a year, and it is a potential ingredient to prepare a scar therapy solution with sandalwood.

It has also hygroscopic quality, which improves drier skin. Add sandalwood powder and glycerin to create the mask. Apply it thoroughly over your face and neck and wash it after few minutes.

The above solutions are all based on sandalwood powder. However, you may also use apply sandalwood oil in diluted form.

It is a type of essential oil, and thus, you have to blend it with any other carrier oils, like peanut, sunflower or almond oil. We have now presented you the way of applying sandalwood oil to treat scars. The ingredients, essential are-

Tea tree oil for acne scars

  • Black gram
  • Sandalwood oil
  • Rosewater

Prepare the paste with all these components. Apply this solution and rinse it. Continue this process until you find that all the scars have been removed. You can remove not only the acne scars but also the spots, caused from chicken pox.

Thus, acne scars will never exist on your face throughout your life. Remove all the marks and get back the confidence on your own beauty. There is no need of concealing the sports with intense makeup.

Though we have not found any scientific proof on the effect of sandalwood oil on scars, lots of users are pleased with the remedy from it.

Overall, we have to say that sandalwood in oil and powder form is highly effective to cure your scars. While the acne problem has left scars on your facial skin, you can rely on it. Sandalwood is, however, beneficial for various other purposes.

To treat the tanned skin, eczema and dry skin, you may choose sandalwood. This natural component will restore the glowing look of your skin.

About sandalwood

Home remedies for acne scars

Sandalwood, a part of Santalum tree, has high therapeutic value in the field of Ayurveda. The fragrance and medicinal qualities of this herbal ingredient are really unique.

We find sandalwood in various countries, like Indonesia, India and Australia. We use it in both oil and powder form. Due to the antimicrobial property, it gives you a soothing effect on your skin.

The researchers have found that it cures all the scars or acne. You may also use it for skin toning purposes and for curing the rashes of your skin. In many commercial beauty care products, you can find the presence of sandalwood.

How sandalwood restores the affected skin?

We have already said that sandalwood has antimicrobial quality. However, cicatrizant is another element in sandalwood to form new skin tissues.

Thus, with the regular usage of sandalwood, all the old tissues get removed. In addition to it, as the collagen gets scattered, you will find lighter skin tone.

The climatic variation and your everyday work schedule affect the skin negatively. Improper diet and pollutants also make your skin look drier. For all these reasons, you have constant skin problems.