Hydrogen peroxide for acne scars

Way too many sorrows are associated with acne but the solutions to this aren’t too hard to find. All you have to do is choose a solution that won’t bring more sorrows than happiness.

The remedy that we will be talking about today is hydrogen peroxide and how you can treat your acne problem with the use of it.

Ways to use Hydrogen Peroxide to treat acne

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You must make sure that the bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide is only 3% strong. If you are having sensitive skin then don’t use Hydrogen Peroxide without consulting your dermatologist. Always do a patch test on a small area of skin to make sure that it doesn’t harm your skin. The ways to treat acne with Hydrogen Peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide

Cleanse your face with a mild and herbal face wash. Dip a ball of cotton in Hydrogen Peroxide and apply it on the area that is affected with acne. After five minutes wash your face with water.

Use a water based and non-comedogenic moisturizer, alcohol free moisturizer on your skin afterwards. Doing this thrice a week will reduce the occurrence of acne and leave you with a clear skin.

Bacteria that cause acne will be removed by the disinfectant properties of Hydrogen Peroxide. The layer of dead skin along with other impurities is also removed from the surface of the skin.

Hydrogen peroxide and Baking soda

With the use of lukewarm water and some mild face wash clean your face. Mix both baking soda and Hydrogen Peroxide in a bowl in the same quantities. Mix unless you get a smooth paste.

Apply it all over your face and keep it away from your eyes. Wash with cold water after five minutes. Do this once every week. Apart from cleansing your skin and removing the presence of dead skin cells, it also maintains the pH level of the skin. When Baking Soda is used with Hydrogen Peroxide it cures every problem related to acne.

Hydrogen peroxide and Tea tree oil

Mix one teaspoon of Hydrogen Peroxide with one tablespoon of Tea tree oil in a bowl. Once you have cleansed your face apply this solution on the acne affected areas.

Wash with cold water after five minutes. Doing this twice every week will get you the best results. Positive and notice-worthy results will be seen on the application of Tea tree oil and Hydrogen Peroxide.

It has anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-microbial properties to take care of the problems of the skin. One word of advice. Using this more than twice a week isn’t advised as Tea tree oil is highly potent.

Hydrogen peroxide and Lemon juice

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Cleanse your face and wipe it dry. Apply a paste of hydrogen peroxide (one teaspoon) and lemon juice(one teaspoon). Wash with water after five minutes. Don’t apply it anywhere near your eyes.

Practicing it once a week will be enough. Lemon juice has acidic properties along with the ability to brighten your blemishes. It kills the bacteria that cause acne and prevents the breakout of acne by controlling the production of acne.

Hydrogen peroxide and Borax

Combine one teaspoon of Hydrogen Peroxide with one tablespoon of Borax. Apply a thin layer of this paste all over your face and keep it for five minutes. Wash with cold water and then moisturize.

Borax will eliminate the dead skin cells from the skin and give it a fresh and glowing look. Don’t apply this paste more than once a week.

Hydrogen peroxide and Aloe vera juice

Combine a tablespoon of aloe vera gel with two teaspoons of Hydrogen Peroxide. Apply it on the affected area or on the whole face. Wash it off with water after five minutes and apply some Aloe Vera gel on your face.

Aloe Vera gel is high on antioxidants and it also has anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the redness, swelling and bulging caused by acne and leaves behind a smooth, soft and hydrated skin.

Hydrogen peroxide and Aspirin

In a bowl smash three aspirin tablets and mix it well with five teaspoons of Hydrogen Peroxide. Apply it on the areas affected with acne. Don’t go anywhere near the eyes.

Wash with cold water after five minutes. Moisturize your face with a non-alcoholic, non-comedogenic and a gel based cream afterwards. Aspirin has salicylic acid which treats the problems of acne.

It is also brimming with anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the redness, inflammation and swelling of the skin.

It is nothing but painful and frustrating to deal with acne and the side-effects it has on your skin. You will find too many ways and remedies to treat the problems of acne.

Choose hydrogen peroxide and see how the problems of acne are treated for once and all.