Homemade body and facial scrubs for all skin types

It is true that you can at ease try the commercial facial scrubs from the market but the elements are not always good for the skin and some of them are known to help the skin have adverse effects. This is the reason you should always try for the homemade scrubs. This way the skin is sure to appear so clean and bright and the natural elements would not do any harm to the skin. The scrubs prepared at home are capable of fabulous skin exfoliation. In the way all dead cells are removed and the skin appears so bright and clear.

Who would love to have a healthy and refreshing skin that makes them active and energetic, and if these set of conditions are connected to a homemade scrub then how it feels like! Awesome right! so here are few homemade amazing scrubs which brings the natural glow on the skin without any trials of skin problems.

Scrubbing the skin is known to be a perfect way to remove those dead skin cells which camouflage your real glow. So try them and feel the results.

Sugar for body wash

Homemade body scrubs

To fix the problem of grime while travelling, sugar will be one of the best option to look for. It helps to alleviate the dirt and dust stuck on the skin. Mix a little amount of sugar along with your body wash and work with it.

Almond and honey scrub

This is one of the royal ways to treat and pamper your skin. Mix a dab of honey with almond milk and a dash of sugar, scrub it on your skin for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water to get the smooth texture and vibrant skin.

Oatmeal scrub

This is called the best way to deal with your skin in a beautiful way. Oatmeal can be used on the skin with the addition of essential oil, chamomile, tangerine and rosewood to prepare out an ideal scrub for the itchy and dry skin.

Sugar and spice scrub

In the preparation of this scrub sugar is added with the cloves, grated orange zest, dried rose petals powder and sesame oil to prepare a homely good scrub for the skin. Rub this mixture on the damp skin for few minutes and then rinse off with the plain water to get the best results.

Citrus time

Homemade salt scrubs for body care

Add the mixture of citrus peel with a little amount of sea salt and vegetable oil. Massage this mixture on your entire skin to give a refreshing feel. It is highly helpful to make you fresh after having a tired workout at the gym.

Vanilla with coconut oil

The tasty vanilla this time works on the skin to prompt the best looking skin. Add it with a little amount of coconut oil and brown sugar, mix them all well and form a simple scrub. Massage this scrub on the body before going to take your shower to ring the best and enhanced results.

Salted lavender

This one of the best scrubs to look for in order to mold your skin rejuvenating and fresh. This homemade scrub also aids in lifting the mood by allowing the moisture to the skin. Mix lavender along with salt and scrub on the entire body, this shows effective results on the dry skin.

Lemon and rosemary scrub

The punch of lemon and salt along with the rosemary gives a spicy treat to your skin cells and helps zest it. Mix about a pinch of lemon with salt and also with the rosemary to get the best of body scrub simply at your home.

Cornmeal is a good domestic scrub

Avocado body scrubs for dry skin

You can at first try with the basic cornmeal scrub. This is an effective scrub and can have great effect on the skin. You can apply the same on the skin at an interval of two to three days and wait to see the effect.


  • You need two to three tablespoons of cornmeal.
  • You need to take water in a bowl.


Take the bowl of water and apply three tablespoons of cornmeal. You should mix well the ingredients to make a thick paste out of the same. Now apply the paste on all parts of the face and in certain parts of the body in circular motion. Please do not apply pressure when causing the motion. Exfoliate gently to make the skin appear so perfectly clear and bright.

Milk and honey for nourishment and rice for exfoliation

You have the perfect and the most effective scrub prepared from milk, honey and powdered rice. This is the ideal scrub to help in the process of skin exfoliation and can even nourish the skin at the maxim. The effect of both honey and milk is great for the skin.


Best scrubs for oily skin

  • You need on teaspoon of skimmed milk in case your skin is oily.
  • For normal or combined you need one teaspoon of 2% milk.
  • For dry skin you are in need of one teaspoon of cream.
  • To add to this you need one teaspoon of honey.
  • You can take some half powdered rice to mix with the rest of the ingredients.


You first have to take a bowl to mix the milk and the honey well. The mixing should be done appositely to allow the mixture turn so smooth and creamy. Now add some half powdered rice to the mixture to form the main component. Half grinded rice is the best skin exfoliating agent and it can cause an ideal skin scrubbing. So after you have prepared the mixture right you can use the same to rub all parts of the skin following a balanced procedure. This way the skin is rightly exfoliated and it appears so clear and smooth at the same time.

Banana, oats, milk and honey for skin nourishment

A banana scrub is once again extremely good for the skin. Along with banana you have oats, honey and milk. These ingredients put together can take great care of the skin through systematic exfoliation and nourishing. Now the skin is made to appear so bright and at the same time it feels so soft and pulpy.


  • You need two teaspoons of smashed banana.
  • You need two teaspoons of rolled oats.
  • You should add to this one teaspoon of milk.
  • To the same you should also add one teaspoon of honey.


First it is important that you collect a fresh ripe banana. Peel off the skin and keep the banana in a flat bowl. Then it is time that you smash the fruit well. The smashing should be done in a way that there are no lumps left. To the banana you should add the perfect amount of rolled oats. The oat here plays the role of the exfoliating agent. It is best used as a scrubber for the skin. To the mixture it is time that you add the required quality of milk and keep on mixing. After this the mixture is made better effective with the mixing of one teaspoon of honey. Honey and milk is added for the purpose of skin nourishment and the job of oats is to cause perfect skin scrubbing. Banana too is really good and nourishing for the skin. When the mixture is ready you should apply the same to all parts of the face and even on some specific parts of the body to cause the scrubbing and in the way the skin is made to appear clear and fresh.