How to get rid of dark black knees?

It looks really odd when we find dark color patch over our knees and elbows and rest of the skin tone white. People are trying out variety of ways to remove such dark spots over the specific part of the body organ. Even the cosmetic manufacturing industries have made variety of products to remove that ugly spots from knees. But, not all people are benefited through those cosmetic products. Mother Nature has provided us with certain gifts that help us to remove dark spots and stay beautiful for a long time. Some people with dark patches over their knees also comment it as dark knee caps. Different people have dark knee patch over themselves due to variety of reasons. Some develops such patches due to some unhygienic conditions whereas others develops sunburns.

Black knees are now viewed among many people due t number of reasons. This tendency is viewed among many people. But this is a reason of tension for many people on Earth. Ladies feel quite odd to wear above knee length skirt when the dark knee patches are found. This is the time to take a step up and remove the dark patches on the knees permanently. You might get suggestion about application of creams and lotion in order to remove dark patches. But, everyone does not get good result by doing it. According to me, getting some natural homemade solution will be great.

People complain about darkness in their knees and elbows. Not only men, rather women also face the same problem. You must be thinking about the reasons about why does people suffer from such dark marks on their knees. You can gradually find many reasons for the same. Some of the reasons for Knee darkening include:

  • Excess exposure to sunlight
  • Dryness of the area
  • Excess friction of knees
  • Lack of skin care in that area
  • Side effects of diseases
  • Side effects of medications

How to whiten knees & elbows

This is not at all a disease neither a serious disorder, but when you are exposed to public, this can be a reason for embarrassment. Generally, ladies are quite concerned about this problem. Thus, people are looking out for the ways through which they can easily make the area lighter than before. You can now get many chemical formulations or harsh products in the market including bleach which can make the skin in your knees lighter, but harmful chemicals may also destroy your skin.

You can adopt some of the home remedies to get white and attractive knees. The ingredients present at your home and kitchen will be ideal for getting beautiful skin.

Home remedies to cure dark knees 

  • Exfoliate your skin with the help of a scrub created at home. You can take some sugar in a bowl and then add raw milk and honey. Mix it really well till it becomes thick slurry. Now apply it on your knees and gently rub it so that all dead skins get removed. If you continue this process regularly, your dark knees will become lighter in a natural way.
  • Lemon juice also has natural bleaching properties. Since bleaching helps in making the skin tone lighter, this natural ingredient can be used to do the same thing. You can squeeze a lemon in a small bowl. Dip cotton ball and apply it on your knees. Let the lemon remain in your knees for the period of 15 to 20 minutes so that the skin absorbs the lemon juice. You can do this twice in a day to get great result.
  • Scrub can be with a combination of olive oil and sugar in a small bowl. Mix it well so that both sugar and olive oil gets tighten. Now apply this on your knees very well and slowly rub them to make the area lighten and attractive.
  • Almond powder and yogurt in a combined form will be effective for making your knees lighten and attractive. Get some Almond from the market and crush it. Now, add the crushed almond in the mixture and make fine powder. Now, in a separator add some yogurt made at home and mix the powdered almond in it. Apply this on your knees and keep for a period of 1 hour. Now remove it with cold water and see the difference.
  • Coconut oil can also be used over the darken and hardened areas of your skin

Ways to get rid of dark black knees

Olive oil and sugar

Home remedies for dark knees & elbows

Dark patches over the skin over the knees can be due to formation of dead skin layer. Exfoliate is one of the important remedies to remove the dead skin layer from the knees. Make a mixture of olive oil and sugar and apply it over the knees. Rub the portion slowly to remove the dead skin. Keep this mixture over your knee for 10 minutes and then remove.

Gram flour and curd

Gram flour is readily available at various Indian kitchens as Indian likes consuming delicious food which is only possible with the help of crispiness of the gram flour. In order to make any fried item crispy and tasty, it is important to dip in a solution of gram flour. Thus, it is quite easy to get gram flour. You can now treat the darkness formed over your knees with simple curd and gram flour mixture. Apply it over your knee and rest for 15 minutes. Once it is dried wash it and scrubs with pumice stone.

Vitamin rich diet

Sometimes due to deficiency of vitamin in diet, people can develop dark patches over their knees. Right amount of vitamins is really essential to maintain your skin. You need to consume vegetables like carrots, dried apricots, sweet potatoes as well as lettuce in your diet as this will supply adequate amount of vitamin A and E in your diet. In order to remove dark patches over your knees, you would also consume spinach, almonds as well as apricots in dried form in the diet.

Hydrogen peroxide

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Get some hydrogen peroxide from the market and apply it over your knees with the cotton ball dipped in it.  You should remember to dilute hydrogen peroxide in one glass of water pouring 5 spoons of it otherwise it can even burn your skin due to its acidic properties. After applying the same, keep it for 15 minutes and then remove it with the lukewarm water.

Aloe vera gel

If you can apply Aloe Vera gel extracted freshly from the aloe Vera leaves, the black mark will be easily remove in just a month’s time. Since this natural ingredient works well in treating the dry knee, it is also quite easy to make the part really bright and soft.  You must apply this once in 3 days to keep your knees free from darkness.


If you are wearing knee length of thigh length clothes, it is quite natural that your knees will be exposed to sunlight. This certainly gives rise to darkness over your knees. Tomato is well known to have a natural mild acid which will easily remove the dark spots and tan appearing over individual’s skin. You must cut a slice of tomato and apply it over your knees. Wait for 30 minutes and wash with simple cold water.

Honey and milk

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Milk and honey has long been known as an ingredient that helps in making your skin tone lighter and moisturized. Milk makes the portion lighter and the honey acts to keep it moisturized. To make this effective remedy, you need to take a small container and 2 teaspoon of raw milk in it. Add a spoon of honey and a pinch of turmeric over it. Mix it well and apply it over your knees as well as elbows. Keep this for 15 minutes and remove with lukewarm water.

Shea butter

You must have found variety of creams and lotions in the market that has shea butter extracts in it. But Shea butter is also a natural extract which is now available in the market. Apply it over your knees and elbows where you can see the dark patches. This can be applied before going to bed every night as your skin will be repaired throughout the night when you have been sleeping. You may also use cocoa butter if shea butter is not available in the market. Even the combination of both stands perfect.

Yogurt and vinegar

Take a spoon of natural yogurt prepared at home and vinegar around half spoon. Apply this mixture over your knee where you have got the dark spots and patches. This is the time to be cautious about your skin and beauty as natural way of caring skin will help you stay inclined to nature. You can apply this pack at least two times in a week and see difference of dark spots and patches over your knees. This is a wonderful process of keeping your knees look beautiful when you are wearing thigh length dresses.

Cucumber remedy

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If you have cucumber at home, the best way to treat the dark patches on knees will be application of cucumber juice. Cucumber is a wonderful fruit that helps in removing the dust, dirt from the skin right from the root. You can now make a pulp of cucumber and apply it directly on your dark knees. The result will be excellent.

Cocoa butter remedy

It is quite easy to get cocoa butter at any of the cosmetic stores. You have been using the extracts of cocoa butter in your branded products as lotion. Now this natural remedy can be applied over your skin directly and get the result. This is very good in removing the dark spots and patches over the skin layer. Try it today and enjoy the result. This remedy can be availed during winter.

Vinegar and yogurt

Any type of sour food at home can be a remedy to remove patches of darkness over your skin. The sour food has a natural acid which is mild but is really effective in removing the dark patches from your skin layer.  Mix a teaspoon of vinegar with half teaspoon of yogurt. Mix both of the products well and apply over your skin. Wait for 10 minutes till the skin absorbs the natural remains. There after you can wash it with the help of simple cold water. Do this frequently in a day and get the remedy.