How to lighten the dark neck skin? Tips to whiten the dark neck

The particular darker neck results mostly through the oil, we mostly apply to our curly hair. The acrylic attracts grime and will get sticky. Since age ranges people use homemade remedies and herbal preparation to generate their skin look lighter from dark skin tone. Home treatment method for dim neck isn’t only inexpensive, but can also be not harmful as different chemical processes.

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When we do typical parlor facials as well as a massage treatment method, we don’t properly care enough regarding the neck portion. Many females nowadays, while washing their experience never dash water on the neck along. This small maintenance from the neck skin brings about dark, ugly patches, wrinkles along with blemishes. Just adhere to these easy tips to see the improvements.

Home remedies for lightening dark neck skin

Cucumber juice to remove darkness of neck

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Cucumber fruit juice smoother as well as glow skin, removes the actual accumulated lifeless skin, and provide a rejuvenating feeling towards the skin. Apply grated cucumber or cucumber juice around the dark neck. Lightly polish the grated cucumber on your dark neck, and subsequently splash rose water.

Potato liquid

Rub the actual slice potato on dark neck skin; it is also a good home treatment method. Use spud juice or perhaps grated spud or chopped up potato around the neck.

Lemon juice to lighten dark neck

Mix equal lemon fruit juice and rose water. Apply this specific mixture on your dark neck skin and turn in at night’s every day. Make this happen daily for the month possibly even, to notice visible lightening outcomes.

Aloe vera gel to avoid dark neck skin

This is a natural skin lightener, which not just lightens skin color by means of many shades, but likewise reduces dim spots. Apply some sort of layer involving pure Aloe vera gel around the dark neck directly. Wash this with normal water after the quarter-hour.

Almond oil to treat dark neck skin

Heat almond oil and massage your dark neck once in a very month for better circulation of blood and light. Almond oil nourishes your skin due to its moisturizing effect. Almond oil is good for health as well as used for beauty.

Orange peel to treat dark neck

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Use involving orange peel is the best herbal treatment method for dim neck. Mix the actual dried Orange peel powdered ingredients with whole milk and use it on the actual neck location and later wash this with clear water.


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Chickpea flour

Chick pea flour can be an excellent scrubber getting rid of the lifeless skin, as well as exposing some sort of light as well as fresh skin. Turmeric aids in lightening the actual dark skin tone. Take some chickpea flour and pinch of turmeric mix with water to make a paste. Apply this specific paste on dark neck and give it time to dry for half an hour. Then scrub it away with frosty water.

Honey and tomato to treat dark neck fast

Honey is a good moisturizer and tomato has got acids to lighten the tone of the skin naturally. Mix honey and tomato and then apply on your neck. Let it work for 20 minutes. Then wash it with normal water. If you need faster results, you must use this daily.

Yogurt – easy way to get back your fair skin on dark neck

This is also a natural remedy for lightening the skin tone. There is acid present in this food and can help in bleaching in a natural way. Yogurt also helps to moisturize the skin area. You can apply this on your neck and leave for 20 minutes. Wash it off in time and you will find the tone has lighten after a couple of weeks.

Baking soda to get your fair skin back on dark neck

The baking soda is good for this purpose. Make a paste with some water with the baking soda and apply on the neck area. Wash it off after it has dried up. This will lighten the tone of your neck and cleanse the skin too.

Sandalwood powder for black neck

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Sandalwood is naturally soothing in effect. This also helps in getting back the lost glow of your skin. Use this powder to make a paste with rosewater. Use the paste as a pack and allow the neck area to dry. Then wash off with water. You will see results within a short time period.

Mint leaves to treat black neck skin

These leaves are good cleansers and have got healing properties. Make a mixture with a little water, neem leaves and a pinch of turmeric for better results. You must cover the neck with this paste and allow it to dry. After 20 minutes you can clean it off.

Oatmeal to lighten black neck skin

This is a good scrub and can be used for exfoliation of your neck. You can use this mixed with honey or you can mix this with milk cream. The oatmeal mixed with a little yogurt will also cleanse the neck for you. Leave the mixture for 20 minutes and then wash it off. Any combination will be good for getting rid of the darkness of the neck.

Fruit mask for dark neck

If you need to nourish the neck skin and also lighten the tone, you can use different fruit masks. You can use banana, avocado or orange for this purpose or you can mix all the three to form a pack. Cover your neck with this mask and leave it for 30 minutes. If you want better results you can add a little lemon juice to the pack.


Almonds are rich in vitamins that help in skin health. The oil present in it acts as a moisturizer. Prepare a paste of powdered almond and milk powder with honey. Mix them well and apply this paste on the back and side of the neck, where the skin is dark. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash off with water.

Olive oil

Homemade skin whitening tips

Olive oil acts a a natural moisturizing agent to nourish the skin. Take some olive oil and lemon juice. Mix them well and apply it on the dark neck areas. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it off with water.


Walnut acts as a scrub and helps to remove the dead cells on the skin to reduce the dark color. Milk acts as a cleanser and moisturizes the skin. The vitamins and zinc present in the walnut nourishes the skin. Prepare a paste with walnut and milk. Mix them well to form a thick paste and apply this paste on your dark neck, slightly scrub the area. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash off with cold water.

Turmeric & milk to get rid of black neck

Turmeric has antiseptic properties and is used for treating various skin problems. Turmeric helps to get rid of dark neck problems. Take turmeric powder and add required amount of milk into it to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on your face and leave it at least 15minutes. If you want, you replace milk with yogurt or honey.

Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil helps to nourish the skin and moisturizes the skin. Take vitamin E oil from a capsule and apply it to your dark neck. Massage the area lightly. It is better to apply vitamin E oil while going to bed. In the morning, wash the area.

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter makes your neck moisturized and reduces the dark appearance of the neck. First, take some milk and cleanse the skin to lighten the skin. Mix cocoa butter, milk and honey. Mix them well and apply it on the affected area of the neck. Repeat it twice a day for seven days to feel the difference.

Try out these remedies. You will find there are various ingredients that you may need. You can find out which one is easier for you to use and which one among them is most effective for you. Start using the pack at a regular interval and you will be sure to gain more confidence while showing off your back and neck.

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