Eyebrow shape according to face shape guide 2019

The eyebrow’s function was originally to help protect the eyes from debris and sweat as well as to help humans to express emotion. Humanity, however, have wisely discovered a third function: To beautify.

When eyebrows are correctly shaped, they can take your overall look to the next level by adding or subtracting years to your age. But when they are not, they can easily make you look mediocre. Therefore, because eyebrows are so important, we are going to show you what are the best eyebrow styles for each face shape.

best eyebrow styles for each face shape

Oval Face

Best tips to shape your eyebrow

Oval faces have slightly wider cheekbones with soft narrowing at the jaw and forehead. They are considered to be the perfect face shape. The key here is to ensure the correct thickness of the eyebrow.

Ideal eyebrow style: If you have large lips, eyes and forehead go for thicker eyebrows. If you have smaller features, make sure your arches are a slim.

Round Face

Round shaped faces have softer angles, slightly wider cheekbones with equally wide jaw and forehead. The ideal eyebrow style for this face shape will slim it down and give it a more oval appearance.

Ideal eyebrow style: Angled arches with longer ends
Note: Try to arch it as high as possible while still achieving a natural look. When filling in the arch, make it a bit darker there than on the rest of the brow.

Heart Face

Faces with wide foreheads that tapers down through the jaw. Because there is already a lot of focus on the forehead and eyes, we want to take away the attention from this area and make it look as natural as possible.

Ideal eyebrow style: Softly rounded or straight
Note: Lightly use a very natural brow pencil here, otherwise it will draw more unwanted attention to the area.

Long/Oblong Face

How to do eyebrow threading at home

This face is long and narrow with few angles. Our goal here is to balance out your features and since a long face is pulling towards the vertical position, we want the brow to be more horizontal, in other words, flatter. Also, don´t be afraid to elongate the end of the brow.

Ideal eyebrow style: Flatter brows with longer ends
Note: Elongate your brows at the end.

Square Face

This is an angular face with a just as wide jaw, forehead and cheekbone. We must bring balance to the heavy jawline and go all out on thickness, arch and color.

Ideal eyebrow style: Thick, angled or strong arch
Note: A strong color works well

Diamond Face

This face shape is very wide at the jawline and narrows gradually through the forehead. It’s important not to arch the brows which would further elongate the face. Here, flatter eyebrows are ideal.

Ideal eyebrow style: Flat

Best Eyebrow Shape for Close-Set Eyes

Best Eyebrow Shape for Close-Set Eyes

Eyebrow shape guide for your faceshape

For eyes that are too close together, a wide and long arch is ideal. Make sure it extends to the end of the brow bone. Here it is not recommended that you make it sharp and/or thin.

Best Eyebrow Shape for Wide-Set Eyes

Best Eyebrow Shape for Wide-Set Eyes

For eyes that are too far apart, it´s important to start the eyebrow further in than your eyes. Also, soft looking brows will suit these particulars features better.

How to Shape Your Brow

This will teach you how to shape your eyebrows like a pro. You´re welcome.

How to Shape Your Brow

Eyebrow shaping tips

  1. Step one: Measure the start: Take a thin make-up brush or upside down tweezers and put it at the angle between the inner corner of your eye and the outer edge of your nose. Mark the spot.
  2. Step two: Measure the arch: Look straight ahead with an end of the brush remaining at the outer edge of the nose and the other end going across the center of the eye. Mark the spot.
  3. Step three: Measure the end: Remain holding the brush from the outer edge of the nose but this time cross the other end over the outer corner of the eye. Mark this spot as well.
  4. Step four: Fill in: Draw the bottom line first connecting the marked spots, though remember to begin at the fuller portion of the brow. Shape the brows and make sure it follows its natural arch. Then, remove any stray hairs, and voila.

Brand new eyebrows for a brand new you. Enjoy!