How to do eyebrow threading at home for perfect eyebrows

Threading has become a must for all ladies who regularly maintain a well shaped eyebrow. You need to visit beauty parlor regularly to carry on with threading. But, today, you can easily pluck your eyebrows easily at home with some simple tips. For threading, the most important thing which you would require is threading. The length of thread needs to be decided at first. Since plucking of eyebrows might give you pain for the first time, you need to have some cold water and ice handy.

One of the main features that determine the beauty of a woman is the eyebrows. No woman prefers to have dense eyebrows which are shapeless. The shaping of eyebrows is one of the widest practices seen in the woman right from their teenage till their very old age. Trimming the eyebrows and shaping them in a right way have lot many steps and tips that are to be followed. Read on to know them.

A perfect pair of eyebrows speaks a lot about the person. It defines the face and enhances the beauty of the face. The shape of the face, age and preference must be kept in mind while grooming the eyebrows. Usually ladies go to the parlour to get their eyebrows done, but if one finds it difficult to go to the parlour, it can be done at home also.

1. Decide the shape

How to shape your eyebrows for your face shape

The first and foremost step in shaping of a beautiful eyebrow is the decision on the shape and size of the eyebrow. Before beginning with the trimming process, one has to make a decision on where the eyebrows should start and end and where the hair should be elevated. For this one can use white eyeliner to draw the shape of the eyebrow and begin trimming.


2. Use tweezers of good quality


One has to choose a good pair of tweezers for waxing the eyebrows. Choosing a tweezers of inferior quality may lead to over pulling of hair which leads to pain and patches.

3. Trim the hair if necessary


One has to trim the hair with excess length before waxing in order to achieve a better shape and better look. This will also help in reducing the pain.

4. Clean up the stray hairs

last 7th lost moisture

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To provide a better definition to your shaped eyebrows it is always good to take off the stray hairs above and below the eyebrows.

5. Use pencil, powder or Mousse

use pencil

It is common to see some gaps and differences in the shaped eyebrows. In order to correct the mistakes one can use pencil, mousse or powder. This will fill the gaps and provide a beautiful look to the eyebrows.

6. Stay a bit away from the mirror

clean up

Do not stand really very close to the mirror while checking the shape and size of the eyebrows. This may not give a good picture of the shape of the eyebrows. In order to know how exactly the eyebrows are looking, stay a bit away from the mirror.

7. Restore the skin

lost moisture

Restoring the parts of the skin which has lost the hair and moisture is one important step that has to be followed in the process of waxing. One can use astringent or restoring lotions and creams to reinstall the lost moisture in the skin.

Steps to get the eyebrow threading done at home

Step 1

Eyebrow filling tips. How to fill patched

Listing materials– First of all, you need to get the list of materials needed for getting the eyebrows threading done. A piece of strong thread will be required for eyebrow threading. Eyebrow pencils and ice cold water will be required as well. 

Step 2 

Tie the ends- The thread of eyebrow that you have brought within the list must be taken and the ends need to be tied to form a circle. Make a knot by joining both the end of the thread.

Step 3 

Thread holding technique– Take the knot in one hand and hold the section of thread in another hand. Take the other section of the thread in another hand. You need to apply proper technique while threading.

Step 4

Twisting hands- Now, you need to twist your hand around 5 to six times apart from the knot that is formed previously. But, you need to be very careful so that no knot is formed in the middle portion of the thread.

Step 5

Opening and closing hands- You need to open and close your hand adequately while you are going through the technique of threading. While one hand is open other hand must be closed and vice versa.  Hair will be removed from your brows when the thread is twisted in the middle. Once the excess hair is eradicated with the help of threading, the other raised hair can be shaped with the help of scissor.

Step 6

Position of fingers- You need to hold the fingers above your eyes in such a way that it holds each brow each time. One by one you need to pluck all eyebrows that are unwanted and needs to be plucked away.

Step 7

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Placing on triangle- You need to form a triangle with the thread so that it plucks the particular hair from the brows properly. It is important to note the direction of plucking. Threading should always be done by pulling the hair in the opposite direction.

Step 8

Practice- You might not be able to carry on with threading regularly if you do not practice it. Thus, it becomes important to practice threading properly so that you become an expert in the profession.

You can see the beauticians in parlors who are very experienced and can shape any type of eyebrows.  But, you can also get a wonderful eyebrow just by sitting at home. It is important to divide eyebrows in three sections Inner corner, Arch and tip. If you can start the eyebrow threading from one corner and slowly proceed to the end, threading will be really very attractive.


Eyebrow shaping for different shapes of the face

Round shaped face

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The lady will look better with high arched eyebrows. It will make the face look longer and thinner. The attractiveness will be duly increased.

Oval shaped face

this is the most desired shape as any style of the eyebrow will look good on it.It is better to keep the thickness of the eyebrows medium and the arch a little sharp.

Square shaped face

Individual looks graceful with a little high arch because the width at the forehead is same as that to the chin. The eyebrows need to be of medium thickness with a slight curve.

Long shaped face

The illusion of a shorter face can be created on a longer face by having a flat brow, with slight downward curve. It will make the face look less long.

Diamond shaped face

It can be highlighted with an S shaped eyebrow which is curved upward in the beginning. The arch should be kept slightly high.

Heart shaped face

The eyebrows on a heart shaped face must be shaped in a way to distract the attention from the chin to the eyes because the face is pointed at the chin. Leave the eyebrows rounded and smooth so as to balance the chin.

Steps to thread the eyebrows at home

How to wax eyebrows at home

Sit before a large mirror in a comfortable position in a well-lit up area. The more comfortable you are, the easier the whole process will be.  Determine the start and end of the eyebrow with a creamy pencil and mark it out. Take a 2 ft. thread from a thread roll for tweezing.  Hold the roll in one hand and with second hand take a double the length of the thread and break it. Hold the ends tightly and make a small knot to make the thread secure. Apply some talcum powder on the eyebrows. Hold the knotted end of the thread in one hand and the other side on the other hand.   Wind the thread 10 times in the middle which will help to remove the extra hair. Keep the hands away from the face and place the winded part on the place from where the unwanted hair have to be removed. Then move the fingers in a scissor movement opening and closing them. The winded part of the thread will trap the hair and remove them.  Keep repeating this process till the desired shape of the eyebrows have reached. Trim the extra hair with scissors or tweezers.Rub an ice cube. The art of threading will require some practice.