What are semi permanent eyebrows? How to get them

Eyebrows are an important part of our face without which our face will look incomplete. Have you ever see an individual who has no eyebrows? Many of you would say no as an answer to this question as this is one of the creations of nature which is bound to include in our face. There is also a scientific explanation about it. If you don’t have eyebrows, the sweat from your forehead will step down toward the eye and get inside directly. But, if you have eyebrows this will be a barrier for the sweat to drop down towards your eyes. Eyebrow is regarded as one of the prominent features for both men and women. Not only have the modern times, rather even during the ancient time kings and queens groomed their eyebrows in such a way that it looks really wonderful.

Semi permanent eyebrows are a popular grooming technique of eyebrows which are generally availed by the celebrities. There are well known eyebrow shapers who can provide you the appropriate way of shaping eyebrows in the desired technique. You can now get natural eyebrows with this eyebrow grooming technique. But, you need to look in to the expert hand or else all your eyebrows will be plucked and you will stay with brow less eye. Proper guidance is required for the eyebrows to grow and maintain a good shape.

Best tips to shape your eyebrow

Eyebrows are an important part on the face. They protect the sweat from the forehead to fall into the eyes and also enhance the beauty of the face. They depict the person’s reaction, show emotions and display shock, happiness and pain.  Grooming of the eyebrows has been done in the past and also in the modern times to make the make the eyebrows look wonderful.

Ways of getting semi permanent eyebrows

The shapes of eyebrows are changing dramatically every year with the change in technique and trend in the market. Eyebrows speak about reaction, display as well as emotions of individuals. Once your eyebrow is groomed, displaying shock, sadness, and happiness is quite easy. You can also compare eyebrow plucking with that of the rocket science which can be done through skilled and creative people.

You can now go to the expert makeup artists and beautician where semi permanent eyebrows can be procured. You can get variety of places within the nation and out of it where you can easily get the way of to procure the technique. If you can choose the reputed organization that deals with this technique, you will be able to get your eyebrows well designed according to your desire. The professionals dealing with this will instantly satisfy your desire of getting semi permanent eyebrows. There are experts who combine different treatments as well as the techniques of eyebrows shaping in order to achieve end result of the eyebrows.

Steps in getting semi permanent eyebrows

Step 1- redesigning your eyebrow with a cosmetic pencil

Step 2- Get a visualization of shape

Step 3- Ask to do modification if the shape is not perfect

Step 4- Application of semi permanent color through the process of tattooing

Step 5- Each hair stroke of eyebrow will be colored with feathering technique

Step 6- Get an opportunity of following the pattern of eyebrow which resembles natural eyebrows

Step 7- Designing or semi permanent eyebrow is done without using the stencils.

Solution for temporary drawn eyebrows

If you have been drawing your eyebrows everyday and have become tired of doing this, semi permanent eyebrows will be the solution for you. It is the time for you to throw away your eyebrow pencil permanently and ask the expert to draw the perfect one for you. It’s time for you to stay worry free about your eyebrows rubbing off whether you wear a cap, get wet in rain water, go for swimming etc.

Advantage of semi permanent eyebrows

This technique is appropriate for all those men and women who have very light colored hair such that their eyebrows are less visible. Even their hairs are thin as compared to other people’s eyebrows. Some people have a problem of eyebrow loss due to illness of genetics. Even due to medical treatment procedures such as chemotherapy or Alopecia, this can take place. With the help of semi permanent eyebrows technique people can get eyebrows which they have never thought about. Even due to scar marks as a result of accident, people can lose their eyebrows. But, it is the time to stay tension free and adopt semi permanent eyebrows technique to get healthy and natural eyebrows.

Semi permanent eyebrows

It is a popular technique for the eyebrows which are generally used by theatre artists and film stars. Attractive natural shape of the eyebrows can be achieved by this grooming technique. It provides a proper guidance to grow and maintain a right shape of the eyebrows

Ways of getting semi permanent eyebrows

There are several techniques that are in trend in the market these days.  An expert makeupartist or a good beautician can bring drastic changes in the shape of the eyebrows.There are people who combine different treatments with different techniques of eyebrows shaping in order to achieve the desired result for the client.


Tips to remove wrinkles between eyebrows

It is a type of semi-permanent makeup which is a form of temporary cosmetic tattooing used to shape and contour the eyebrows. Tiny particles of pigment are placed beneath the surface of the skin like a tattoo. The pigment remains there for some years and then slowly breaks off and fades away with time.  In the modern times experts have refined the old techniques of micropigmentation by adding a wider choice of colours that can create ultra-natural looks. A special training is given to the people to use this technique.

Brow resurrection

It is the latest brow embroidery technique to give different shapes to the eyebrow. It is a method developed by Browhaus’ and his team in which realistic brow strands of hair are created from the root to the tip.This treatment uses a special technique to create natural- looking strokes, which give a finer finish to the brow as compared to other semi-permanent brows. Semi- permanent ink is filled by skilled technicians in the brows in the form of short hair shaped strokes. It is an expensive method which can last for about two years.  The treatment starts with drawing the shape of the brow and then numbing the area with a numbing cream. Then small, hair-shaped incisions are made in the skin under the brows with a special tool. These shallow cuts are then filled with natural vegetable dye which match or darken the arches. The procedure takes about an hour. There are some side effects after the treatment as there will be swelling and tenderness in the area. There can be allergies   for some caused by the dyes used though they are organic. It requires a tune up or touch-up treatment after a couple of months to achieve perfect brows.

Eyebrow embroidery

This is also known as cosmetic tattooing, semi-permanent makeup, pigment embroidery or 3-D eyebrow embroidery. Itis semi-permanent pigment that is pushedinside the surface of the skin with a fine blade which look like the growth of the already existing hair and create a natural-looking brows. This method does not require a tattoo gun or ink to create the brows. There is no bleeding during the process.  The whole concept is to provide a look of real hair.