Eyebrow filling tips. How to fill patched / sparse Eyebrows?

It is a normal beauty routine for every woman to fill in her eyebrows according to some makeup artists. Suppose a woman is born with sparse brows or has used the tweezers there are various methods of filling the eyebrows. Once if the eyebrows have been shaped by the professional it can be maintained by tweezing and makeup.

Uses of eyebrow filling

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Filling of eyebrows gives a finished look to the already shaped eyebrows.

It is helpful for covering the sparse eyebrows and bald patches on the brow and also extends the line of the brow to frame the eyes.

This can be done with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder.

The eyebrow pencil should have a soft and light texture that would give a soft and dry finish. It should be a shade lighter than the brows. If brows are super fair then the colour should be shade darker than the brows.

eyebrow powder and eyebrow pencil

It is advisable to use both pencil and powder for filling the eyebrows. Excess filling with eyebrow pencil gives a harsh and angry expression on the face. eyebrow powder gives a softer look. It is better to apply powder with a brush and then complete the details with a pencil. A natural look can be given by using the eyebrow brush which is helpful in shading and smoothening the colour.

Method of filling the eyebrows

  • First comb the eyebrows with a clean mascara wand. Locate the sparse spots.
  • Use a sharp eyebrow pencil to fill in the sparse spots with short feathery strokes. The movement of the strokes should be in the direction of the hair growth. A definitely line should not be made but the appearance of hair must be created. Pencil lines should not be on the entire brows as it will give an unnatural look. In order to make the pencil move smoothly it must be warmed up by rubbing it between the fingers.
  • Brush the eyebrow powder or eye shadow with a mascara wand or angled brush along the eyebrows. It should blend perfectly with the pencil strokes. Highlight the hair instead of making new hair. Fill colour between the hairs within the shape of the eyebrows.
  • Two colours can be used to fill the eyebrows. A lighter colour in places where the brows are very thick and a darker shade at the tail ends of the brows.
  • Hair spray can be used to set the eyebrows in place. Do this by putting hairspray on the fingers and rubbing it on the brows.
  • Conditioning the eyebrows with castor oil is a great way to keep brows healthy.

Tips for eyebrow filling

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  • Do not fill the eyebrows with black pencil. If you have black brows they should be filled with dark brown and not black.
  • Pencils, powders orgels for filling should be bought with a khaki tint andnot red. The khaki tinge will give a natural look.
  • Powders give a more natural look than pencils. A powder with a matte finish tan or brown shadow will look the most natural.
  • There should be shaded effect given to the arch and tail of the brow. It should be more defined and the darkest. whereas the inner part of the brow should be sparse and lighter in shade.
  • The part around the edges of the brows should be cleaned with cream to make it look tidy.
  • The strays of hair on the brow must be kept in place with the help of brow gel.

Conclusion – The four basic methods for eyebrow filling

  1. Brow pencil is one of the most basic ways to fill in your brows. Brow pencils come in varying shades of light brown to black. They have a waxier touch which allows them to move smoothly without giving harsh lines.
  2. Brow powder gives a softer look. It can be applied with an angled brush by using light strokes. The smudging can be prevented by running the brush dipped in clear brow gel.
  3. Brow gel Brow gels help keep unruly brows in place. Clear gel can be used by those who have thick brows, but need to keep them in place. Tinted gel adds color to the brows.
  4. Brow pens/markers are not used very often. But they can work wonders if used in a proper manner. They have a great staying power and can be removed only by makeup remover or oil.