Eyebrow shape guide for your faceshape

Getting the right shape of the eyebrow is very vital in order to get that right look. The perfect eyebrow can not only give your eyes a more pronounced look but they can even reduce the need of application of makeup in the area. The eyebrows frame the face and they can add a perfect dimension to it. Just like the hairstyles, the eyebrows also need to be shaped according to the particular features of a face. A curved eyebrow might look nice on a square face but it is not certainly the best one you can opt for if you have an oval face. So, before you shape your eyebrows, it is really important to consider the shape of your face as well as other facial features.

This article will primarily highlight on the ideal eyebrow shapes for particular face shapes. Always keep in mind, experimenting with your dressing style or even with your hairstyle can be a good idea, but never do the same with your eyebrows as that can actually give you an unwanted weird look. So, before you go for shaping your eyebrows, check out this article and find out what should be the perfect shape of your eyebrow according to your facial features,

The right eyebrow shape for round face

The right eyebrow shape for round face

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Round faces suffer from lack of definition and hence the eyebrows should be shaped to give more definition to the face. Due to a more subtle jawline and smaller chin, round faces need perfectly angular eyebrows that can balance the facial features. If you have a round face, going for a low-arched eyebrow is never the right idea; you should try to get high arched eyebrows that are not very thin at the tail, but surely tapered.

Keep in mind that the rainbow eyebrows are not certainly what we are talking here. The arch should not be centered at the middle of the eyebrows rather it should be present at the 2/3rd tail part of the brow. A perfectly angled brow can be effective to bring out the bone structure of an oval face, giving it more definitionand a contoured look.

Perfect eyebrow shape for long face

Perfect eyebrow shape for long face

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Women with a longer face can certainly improve their looks a lot with a proper hairstyle, and similarly the right eyebrows can also be very helpful to give the long face a more normalized and oval look. Typically a long face is stretched vertically and hence the eyebrows should add horizontal dimension to the face, helping to balance the face length. So, if you have a long face it is best to opt for extended eyebrows, which can help in balancing the vertically stretched out look.

Make it a point that your eyebrows have a slim and extended end. For women with really long face it is best to opt for eyebrows with more extended tails. However, while extending the tail ensure, that your eyebrows end at a perfect angle from the ends of your eyes but do not extend way beyond which can give your eyes a droopy appearance.

The right square face eyebrow shape

The right square face eyebrow shape

Perfect eyebrow shape for your face shape

A square face means an accentuated jawline which adds high angularity to the overall face. For women with a square face softly rounded eyebrows can be the best option. Square faces do not require a perfect arch in their brows to add more dimension, as the face already has its own angularity. A softly rounded eyebrow will balance the accentuated jawline and will also give the face a more defined look.

Round eyebrow surely looks the best on square face, but making it too round is not certainly going to work. Also keep in mind that you need to create the soft round shape more towards the 2/3rd part of the eyebrows and not at the center of the brow. When you are adding a soft curve to your brows, you need a really tapered end.

The right shape of eyebrow for a heart shaped face

The right shape of eyebrow for a heart shaped face

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Heart shaped faces come with a petite jawline and the emphasis is more on the upper part of the face. Hence a thick or bold eyebrow is not certainly the right way to go for women with heart shaped faces.  A heart shaped face needs perfectly groomed and well maintained eyebrows to ensure that the upper part of their face is not more highlighted due to the brows.

You need to opt for a tight brow that can balance for the smaller chin. However, going tight or controlled with your eyebrows does not mean landing up with thin brows. Make sure that your brows are not bushy or highly amplified, but do not pluck them very thin which is certainly not the trend and will not do justice with your face shape either. Rather than a horizontal or straight shape try to go for a curved shape of eyebrow and get an angled, tapered end.

The perfect eyebrow shape for oval face

The perfect eyebrow shape for oval face

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Oval faces have a naturally balanced look and the girls with an oval face can opt for balanced brows or even power brows to look their best. Oval faces can look good with a slightly arched eyebrow but make sure that the arch is present at the 2/3rd of the way out of the eyebrow and not at the center. More arched or rounded eyebrows give the oval face a more roundish look, which might not be doing the best justice with your overall appearance. So, if you have an oval face shape, keep your eyebrows only slightly arched at the end. For oval face, a very long tailed eyebrow will not look perfect. Check out the next rules while shaping your eyebrows.

Having said about the eyebrow shapes for different face shapes now let us point to some of the basic tips that you need to keep in mind while shaping your eyebrows no matter the particular face shape you have,

The head of your brow is also important

All the attention in giving the eyebrows the right shape goes on making the tails perfect, but you cannot really get a perfect brow that accentuates your facial features unless the head of your brows are also just flawless. A decade ago, the trend was to remove any hairs that are close to your nose, but it has been realized with time by the fashion artists that plucking the head will only make the section more prominent.

So, the best way to go is to have the heads of your brows start right from the sides of your nose bridge. If the brows at the head of the eyebrow line turns fully inwards, then only you might think of plucking a few of them, but be cautious to not to end up with a brow that starts at the half way.

Get the right length of the brows

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Having long eyebrows is always a good idea irrespective of your face shape. To get the right length of your eyebrow according to your facial features imagine a line from the corner of your nose to the corner of your eyes, and your eyebrows should end at the extended end of this imaginary line.

In case you have shorter eyebrows, you can easily use an eyebrow pencil to get that length, but never try to cut the eyebrows short, because it will not surely make you look better. However, at the same time, always ensure that your eyebrow tail is not long than the point from where the head starts, it will give your eyes a droopy appearance. So, while cutting the eyebrow tail short is not a good idea, having it too long is not also the best way to go.

Place the arch correctly

This is a very important point to get the right eyebrows. Even if you pick the right shape of your eyebrows according to your face shape you will never get the perfect brows that can accentuate your looks if you are not able to place the arch of the brows at the right point.

Always keep in mind that the arch should be placed at the 2/3rd end part of the eyebrow and it should not be pointed at the center. A centered arch is sure to not to look best on any face shape and it gives the rainbow brow appearance that not only gives an overtly made up look but also fails to give your face the well-balanced touch.