How to take care of your hair during monsoon or rainy season

Many people think that summer is the season when hair gets dried and damaged. But, this is not the fact. In the rainy season, the weather contains lots of humid and thereby the outer layer of the hair is moved away leaving the hair brittle, dry, and damaged.

But, some tips will keep your hair nourished and glossy during monsoon. The tips are given below:

Keeping hair dry

Top monsoon hair care tips for women

To get wet hair in the rain is not good at all. The rain holds acids within it and the rainwater may damage hair. During the rainy season, leave your house, it should be dry.

In the rainy season, the air contains too much moisture. So, it is required to keep your hair dry when you leave the house after shampooing. Don’t try to comb your hair in wet condition.

Shampoo hair twice a week

If you walk in the rain, you may get wet with rainwater. The rainwater contains acid. Therefore, if you get wet with rainwater, your scalp may be feeling itchy and you may get irritated.

So, you shampoo your hair after getting wet in rain. Good nourishing shampoo will provide proper nutrients to the hair. You can move a long time with the nourished hair. This shampoo will prevent further any bacterial or fungal infections. Always, try to shampoo for the whole hair. It means you treat hair from root to tip.

Oil massage

In the monsoon, the hair becomes dry and hair fall may appear. So, try to give your busy schedule a gap for oil massage therapy for the scalp. It will hydrate your hair to give nourishment at the same time. Oil massage boosts the hydration in the hair strands. It provides deep conditioning also.

Keep tying off

If you tie your hair in rainy season after getting wet in the rainy season, you may allow hibernating rainwater in the hair. This will be a very damaging condition for hair. If you want and need, then only do the loose ponytails which will allow air to pass through to get the hair dry.

Use hoodie along with waterproof jackets

You carry waterproof jackets with a hoodie as you step out of the house. You may stay dry during the raining condition. Some people do not like to wear jackets. They may avail colorful umbrella to cover them and can enjoy the chilled weather with thrill. With a hoodie, you may protect hair from the rain.

Avoid styling of hair

In monsoon, the styling of hair is risky. It may damage your hair. Due to humidity, moisture may be trapped in your hair and hair may turn into frizzy. Tie your hair loosely and you can make loose ponytail or bun to protect your hair from damp air. You can make your hair trim and short during the rainy season.

Pick appropriate comb

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You have to choose right comb, so that it may condition your hair well. It should not detangle hair.

Condition your hair well

Select proper conditioner and apply it from the end of the hair and do not use on the scalp.