How to take care of your hair during monsoon or rainy season

Monsoon – season for super dry skins and damaged hair has arrived with excess humidity in the air.

Many think that summer is the season that causes much hair damage but no rainy season has its own set of weather-induced disturbance that strip away the outermost layer of the hair strand cuticle making it brittle, rough and prone to dryness.

Hindi hair care tips in monsoon ]

Here I suggest you few tips to keep your hair safe and glossy in the monsoon – hair-care regime in the monsoon.

Keep your hair dry

Top monsoon hair care tips for women

Do you like getting wet in the drizzle??

Ohhh… nothing can ever beat that but here is the bad news – getting wet in the rains very often is not really good for your hair.

Yes!!!! Rain water is usually acidic and dirty while the increased levels of humidity in monsoon hyper your hair woes.

In monsoons, dry your hair before you leave the house and protect your hair from damage. Traditionally, people with long hair used to dry hair using the towel i.e. after shampooing the wet hair is made to blot using the towel until it is slightly dry. Make sure you don’t comb your hair when wet.

Shampoo twice in a week

Shampoo twice in a week to maintain a healthy scalp and take a bath when you have been walking in the rain. As rainy water left on your scalp for longer time makes you feel itchy and your hair is even susceptible to bacterial or fungal infections and may even lead to dandruff.


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Washing your hair every day or too often can multiply the problems you already have with your hair.

Try not to use many hair products in particular ignore hair sprays.

Oil massage

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This is one of my favorites!! Take time off from your busy schedule and grab a hair oil of your choice and give your hair strands a natural boost of moisture that can hydrate and revitalize the driest strands in brisk temperatures. Massage the oils till the scalp absorbs some and for deep conditioning you can even put on a plastic cap and/or a hot towel.

Avoid hair styling

Hair styling in damp monsoon weather can damage your hair.

Tying up your hair tight is not advised in monsoon as it leads to trapping of rain water in your hair and the humidity makes the hair even more frizzy and limp.

Try a loose bun, loose hair, loose side pony tail and protect your hair from humidity exposure. Keep your hair trimmed and short during the monsoons for easy cleaning and maintaining.

Buy waterproof jackets with hoodie

Yes!!! Whenever you step out make sure you carry a water-proof jacket with a hoodie along with you even if you feel it is not going to rain. The waterproof rain coats and jackets help you stay dry. I know many would not prefer weaning one. You can also check out some colorful umbrellas to show off your dress and experience the chilly rainy weather all your way.

Hindi hair care tips in monsoon ]

Hair care tips during monsoon

Avoid tying of hair

How to get rid of fizzy hair this monsoon

During monsoon there is very less chance that your hair will become dry quickly after taking bath. The weather condition may not permit the same. Since the sunlight is not very well visible among the cloud, it will take time in drying your hair. Some people have a tendency of tying the wet hair. This gives rise to hair breakage. Try to keep your hair open wide so that it gets dried with minimum amount of air in atmosphere.

Apply hair conditioner

During monsoons, there is a chance that your hair gets damaged due to the weather condition. Even the hair is backed with unnecessarily frizz. The only thing that can make your hair look attractive is the use of conditioner. You can easily get many conditioners in the market. You must go for the brand that goes with your hair type and apply it all over your hair. This needs to be applied once you have cleaned your hair with shampoo. You hair will become soft, shinny and healthy.

Healthy diet

Only the external modification with regards to the hair health is not enough. Rather, you must go for the right diet. Your hair also requires good amount of protein, vitamins and minerals so that the hair follicles can get strengthen. For this, it will be important to have good amount of food rich in vitamins and minerals. The food particles that you should consider are omega 3 fatty acid, salmon, spinach, dahi, etc.

Manageable hair cut

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If you cannot maintain your long hair due to lack of time, it will be better to cut your hair short.  The length of hair must be decided on your manageability. You must cut your hair in such a length that it becomes quite easier for you to manage. Also the hair fall will be quite less. The hair cut can be focused during the monsoons as people trying combing the long hair might end up with tearing of hair from the middle. This will give rise to hair damage and hair breakage.