How to get rid of fizzy hair this monsoon?

Monsoon brings variety of hair problems to individuals. Fizzy hair is also one among such problems that bothers every individual each day. Your hair becomes rough and dull all the time with an untrue access to beautiful hair.

Even if you have dressed well for a party, fizzy hair will probably spoil almost everything. In order to treat fizzy hair, importance lies in knowing its root cause. Some gets these types of hair due to dryness whereas other gets it as an impact of the season.

Reasons for frizz

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Research also says that dry hair has less weight as compared to wet and damp hair. Thus hairs flying away from head are quite natural.

People feel really uncomfortable to manage the dry hair which is flying away all the time. People with curly or wavy hair are much prone to frizz as compared to the straight hair type.

If you have gone through some chemical changes in your hair such as hair coloring or perming can easily suffer from frizz.

Treatment of frizzy hair


Since frizz takes place for dryness in hair, the best way to protect the same is through moisturizing. While shampooing, you must also use a good conditioner that will help moisturizing your hair continuously.

You can also use oil treatment at least for one time in a week. There are varieties of ways through which you can easily keep your hair moist as well as supple.

These ingredients include coconut, almond, rosemary, olive, Jojoba etc. Jasmine oil is also a wonderful way of making your hair free from frizz. You must have safflower hair in your kitchen. This can also be used for moisturizing dry hair.

If you can use few drops of these oil in the root of your hair, it will really work like wonder.

Trimming hair

Small hair needs less maintenance as compared to lengthier ones. If your hair has become lengthier which catches up with variety of problems, it is the time to trim your hair and provide a great treatment to your hair.

Your hair is likely to become brittle with split end and division of hair from the corners. It is also really important for every individual to get their hair trimmed in every six to eight months.

Avoid using hot styling tool

How to get rid of frizzy hair

Electric styling tools are in a great use by many ladies who wishes to carry on with perfect style of hair whenever an occasion or a festival arrives.

But, this is one of the great reasons of frizz in hair. You must be using the hair dries to create artificial curls in hair which will stay for a long time. Even the flat irons that make your hair stay straight.

But all these practices are really harmful for your hair. Instead you can make styles in natural way. It is good to keep the use of styling tool minimum.

You can use roller comb to create curls and perms in your hair naturally. If you really wish to use hot styling tool, use silicon based serum before it so that your hair can be protected from frizz and heat.

Do not use frizzy hair songstress

You should avoid some habits of yours in order to get hair free from frizz. If you are smoking too much with excessive use of caffeine in your body, it can give rise to frizzy hair.

If you are consuming excess of processed food, that can also increase dryness in your hair with breakage loss of moisture. You should also not use the process of tiding your hair at the back tightly.

Researchers and hair experts are working hard to find out improved way to remove hair frizz. If you can shampoo less frequently, frizzes of your hair will be lower.

You can also find variety of hair care products in the market that will help maintaining your hair without making it dry and unbearable.

Since friction can take place between the hairs, researchers do conducts great research in order to make hair softer and beautiful like never before. Also the breakage of hair must be evacuated with the help of great technology used in making hair attractive and free from frizz.

Condition your hair

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During monsoon, there is a tendency that your hair will become too much frizzy and dry. It loses the natural oil available in the root.

All you have to do to keep it healthy is applying the conditioner. Whenever you use a shampoo, applying the conditioner will be mandatory.

Since your hair becomes too much frizzy and rough, all you have to do is apply a good conditioner to keep it soft and attractive.

Hot oil treatment

Monsoon is the season when the hair falls are maximum. The water becomes polluted with the growth of micro organisms. It is really important to give your hair true and effective nourishment.

For this, the hot oil treatment will be the best solution. You can use almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil to go ahead with hot oil treatment. It is better to take a spoon of each oil and set it under flame to make it lukewarm in appearance.

Now apply it on your hair and scalp with your fingertips so that it covers the entire hair. It will get inside the root and give proper nourishment to your hair.  As a result, it will limit hair fall.

Effective hair mask

You can now make an effective hair mask right at home. The ingredients you would require are banana- single and ripe form, honey- 1 tablespoon and a cup of olive oil. Mix all three ingredients really well and apply over your hair.

It will get a development of a coat which will cover your enter hair. Once you have applied this homemade mask, it is important to apply it all over your hair. This needs to be kept for half an hour and then wash away. Do it regularly during monsoon and see difference.

Beer treatment

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Yes, bear is an alcoholic beverage which you have come across. But, did you know that even this can help to make your hair attractive? It is absolutely a true fact where bear helps in treating your rough and frizzy hair during monsoon.

You can soon get a soft, smooth and really attractive variety of hair even if you are into the monsoon season. If you don’t get time to care your hair enough, all you have to do is take a cup of beer and wash your hair with it. This will bring an extraordinary shine to your rough hair.