How to take care of kids or childrens health during monsoon

The droplets of water, the sweet smell of the earth, the cool breeze and the puddles of water around during the monsoon season excite the kids and force them to run and play outdoors. They love to jump in pools of muddy water and walk through water filled drains. They love to get dirty and messy in the rains.

Cool and breezy monsoon comes with many children related problems. We should be careful about our children’s in monsoon. The wet in the rainy season or monsoon is the key for all diseases. The monsoon temperature is well suitable for the bacteria and virus. They can easily develop and spread during the monsoon. So below are the some useful tips for kids in this monsoon.

[Hindi health care tips for kids during monsoon]

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Monsoon is also the time when there is water accumulated at places which become breeding ground for mosquitoes  and germs causing malaria, dengue  and other diseases. The season is known for spreading water borne diseases like dysentery, vomiting typhoid and cholera. The humidity and dampness in the atmosphere is liable to contaminate raw as well as cooked food.

Monsoon is the time when you have to be very cautious about your health. Parents should take good care for their kids during this season. The chances for airborne and water borne disease becomes max. Health care tips can help you get some idea to combat diseases in monsoon. Health care for children becomes a vital part. You can easily keep your kids stay safe with very simple and easy tips. This article will speak about such health care for kids.

Children are too much susceptible to the outer world especially when the weather changes. The change of weather conditions gives rise to variety of complications. You need to provide good care of your children when they are facing the monsoon with unnecessary water all around. The diet and daily habits needs to be checked in this situation. Let us find out some tips.

Parents are guided below with some monsoon health care tips to ensure proper health of the child while enjoying the season

Health care tips for kids in monsoon

Top health tips during monsoon

  •  Keep your children’s room clean and dry. Maintain the  normal room temperature in their rooms.
  • Give the hot bath to your child in monsoon.It gives the fresh and relaxation to your child.Add few drops of antiseptic liquids in their bath water.
  • Keep their rooms ventilating in the monsoon day time.
  • Close all the doors and windows at evening time if not mosquito’s and other insects come inside your home.
  • Keep the cold , flu, fever medicines at any time in your home.
  • Do not switch on the AC’s in the monsoon .It makes the room temperature low.
  • Use mosquito’s nets in the kids rooms instead of mosquito coils.
  •  Ware the dry clothes in the monsoon. Ware the clothes dried in normal condictions.
  •   Maintain their feets clean and dry.
  •  Serve the moderately hot food for your child. Supply the hot drinks, hot salads etc .
  •  Make your children bags, rain coats, playing items dry and clean.

Child health care tips during monsoon season

Cleanliness Keeping homes clean to prevent monsoon ailments is a major concern for mothers, who are concerned about their children’s health.  Water logging anywhere around the house must be cleared immediately.Damp clothes especially towels and shoesmust be kept outside as they develop fungus and bacteria on them. The body of the child must be kept clean by giving frequent baths with mild antiseptic soap.

Best skin care tips in monsoon

Food The digestive process in kids slows down during monsoons.  Typhoid is the most common disease in kids which is caused by having contaminated water and food.  It is best to give the child balanced healthy home cooked food. Antioxidants like ginger, turmeric and other herbs must be included in the child’s diet.  Raw foods like salads and raw eggs must not be given to the children as there are chances of them being contaminated fast. Fruits and vegetables must be washed well before using. Leftover cooked food should be given to the kids only after re heating it properly. Fruit juices and lassies and buttermilk should also be avoided.


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Water Sweating that takes place on the body of the kids does not evaporate soon in monsoon and so the body gets dehydrated quickly.  It is necessary to keep the child hydrated by giving enough water and juices throughout the day. As it is true that water borne diseases are on the rise in monsoon, it is better to give boiled water or filter purified water to kids. Boiling and filtering can kill the disease causing pathogens.

Walking after the rains is tempting for kids as they love to watch insects, birds and water puddles. Care must be taken that the child does not walk into the puddles and mushy areas.

Mosquitoes multiplyfast inany stagnant water in the house or around the house.  Coolers and flower vases in the homes must be cleared regularly. Mosquito nets or mosquito repellants must be used for kids to prevent mosquito bites. Doors and windows must be kept closed in the evenings

Foot care Dampness and moisture in the shoes, socks and feet can lead to fungal infection on the feet of the kids. The children’s feet, shoes and socks must be kept dry and clean all the time.

Best good habits for children

Clothes and footwear Light cotton and loose clothes are best for kids during monsoon. These clothes will allow the skin to breathe. Talcum powder must be regularly applied in folds of the skin like under arms, under the knees in the groin and in between the toes. These places are prone to infection caused by dampness. They can be washed and dried easily. Change the dresses of kids after playing outside in the dirt and water.

Leather, suede and cloth shoes are not the right footwear during monsoon.   Synthetic chappals and open sandalsare a good option in the rainy season.  Gumboots are ideal for kids. They help to protect the feet from dirty water, mud, insect bites and   contact with other germs causing skin infections and keep them dry.

Nail biting habit in children is very dangerous during the rainy season.  Dirt deposited inside the nails enters the child’s stomach along with food causing several stomach problems.

Temperature fluctuation Rain falls after a hot and humid day and brings with it cold winds and chilly weather.  Sneezing, cough and cold is a common constant problem for kids. Hot milk, hot soups will help in relieving chest congestion and coughing.

[Hindi health care tips for kids during monsoon]

Health care tips for kids during monsoon

Keep dry

During monsoon when there is a chance that the water can make you totally drenched, health care tips include keeping dry. You must always ensure that your kids are having a dry environment. The rain coat which they are wearing or the school bag which they are carrying must be dry. This will be a way to ensure health care for children.

Avoid puddles

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For proper health care in monsoon, avoiding puddles will be an important fact. If you get it by any way accidentally, immediately get it cleared. Just after washing it, you need to get it dry with the help of a towel. The fungal infection can be eradicated with the help of proper care.

Feed in boiled water

Since the spread of water borne diseases are quite common during monsoon, it is always better to drink boiled water. Health care for kids can be ensured with regular drinking of boiled water. The disease causing pathogens will be destroyed with boiled water.

Foot care for kids

You have to ensure comfort for your kid’s feet while they travel in monsoon. The shoes should be closed with water protection factor. Kids wishes to jump over the stagnant water during monsoon, but being parents you have the duty for their protection. Health care for children during monsoon should be fair.

Personal hygiene

Your kids cannot take care of themselves with regards to their hygiene factor. Thus, it becomes your responsibility to take care of their hygiene factor. This will be an important consideration for health care in monsoon for kids.

Keep away from stagnant water

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During rainy season something that spread diseases is the stagnant water. This is the place from where all types of microbial infections can take place.  So, if you want your child to stay away from such infection and safe, keeping them away from stagnant water will be the best solution. Your child must be trying to jump in stagnant water to enjoy. But, this can lead to many problems. Keep him away from such water.

Get monsoon gear for kids

It is important for your kids to stay protected both from internal way as well as external. You need to provide your baby with the monsoon gear that will protect your baby from such critical weather extremities. The raincoat which is colorful and attractive must be presented to them so that they wish to wear it with their interest in such a situation. Also the colorful children umbrella will fascinate them.

No wet cloths

During monsoons, normally our clothes do not get dry too easily.  The sunlight stays really very less during the monsoons as the sky remains covered with clouds. If this is the scenario, do not make your child wear the wet cloth. Even if it is slightly wet, this can create microbial growth and your child will be affected with infection. Keep several; sets of clothing ready so that you don’t have to struggle with few.

Home food

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Avoiding the snacks that are available in roadside will be a must. It is better to have home food entirely. Parents and moms must make some tasty food at home so that your kids do not get inclination towards the outside food. It will be the best way to keep your child engages in home food. Children love to have noodles and Chinese. You can make that food exclusively at home and bind your child within your laps. They must happy to have those food. You can also try making pizza at home as kids too like it.