How to take care of kids or childrens health during monsoon

Monsoons are one of the most magical points of time with the beautiful rains and the amazing blessing it is for the farmers and the revival of trees and their growth after the harsh summers. However, it can also be a time of infection and minor illnesses for kids due to the damp and moist environment that provides an ideal atmosphere for infections to flourish. Here are some of the ways in which you can keep your kids safe from diseases and infections during the monsoons.

Health care tips for kids during monsoon

Boil water

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One of the most common reasons for falling sick during the monsoons is a water-borne disease. Using boiled, purified or filtered water can enable people to stay healthy. While travelling use mineral water only.

Avoiding food from outside

Since most diseases are waterborne, and since you can never determine what kind of water is being utilized for the preparation of outside or street food, it is important to avoid outside food. It is also advised to wash the fruits and vegetables since they may be muddy and unclean.

Avoiding any stale food or seafood

Monsoons provide a damp and wet atmosphere which makes it an ideal time for breeding with bacteria. Do not consume any stale or leftover food that may have gone bad.

Don’t buy any pre-cut fruits or vegetables

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Pre –cut foods from street vendors can attract flies and other insects that can cause infections and spread diseases. Look for fresh fruits and vegetables and cook them perfectly to make them safe for consumption.

Pay special attention to leafy vegetables

These can often contain traces of dirt, dust and insect larvae. It is very crucial to wash them thoroughly before cooking.

Prevent the formation of any stagnant water pools

Playing in dirty and stagnant water can lead to the cause of diseases. It is also necessary to actively prevent any stagnant water puddles to remain near the house can create breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which can lead to a number of diseases like malaria and dengue.

Protection from the rain

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It is so important to keep out of the rain when it is the monsoons. Staying wet or in damp clothing for prolonged periods of time can cause them to get sick. Using an umbrella or carrying a raincoat can definitely reduce the chances of falling sick.

Keeping warm and dry

It is extremely necessary to prevent getting wet and ensuring that they are dry at all times to protect them. Even if they do get wet, ensure that they clean themselves and wash their feet and hands carefully and be sure that they change into dry and fresh clothes immediately upon returning home upon getting wet. This can help ensure they don’t end up catching a cold.

Consume immunity boosting foods

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Eating foods like ginger, yogurt, citrus fruits, bell peppers, broccoli, spinach etc. can help improve your kids’ immunity against diseases and make them more capable of resisting and fighting diseases.

Washing the hands

It is necessary to educate your kids about the necessity of washing their hands due to the fact that dirt and germs may get embedded into their fingernails.