How to maintain skin during rainy season?

Rainy season brings relief from the extreme heat of summer causing sunburns, tans, sweaty and stinky days. But along with it the humid and damp weather brings different kinds of infections Rainy season is a refreshing season that makes everyone feel that beauty tips can forget for some time.  But one has to remember the hazards of bacterial infections and take care of them.

With the approach of raining season, you need to think about extra care to your skin as this is the time you get all types of microbial organisms in the environment which is likely to trouble you with skin infections. Cleanliness and care are the factors that you must consider over here.

Problems of the rainy season

Best skin care tips in monsoon

Skin infections like fungal and bacterial infections are common in the rainy season. The toes develop infections by coming in contact with dirty water. Irritation and allergies form another type of problem during the rainy season.

Best skin care tips for different types of skin during the rainy season

Dry Skin type

Dryness of the skin is a result of lack of vitamins which helps in repairing dry and damaged skin. The condition of dry skin becomes worse in the rainy season.

  • Person with dry skin must drink lots of water to keep the skin hydrated and to wash off the toxins from the body. The skin must be kept clean and moisturized. Alcohol based toners must not be used.
  • A solution of jojoba oil, fresh curd and honey if applied as a pack and washed away after 10 minutes with a mild face wash is very beneficial for a dry skin.
  • A paste of almonds and honey applied and washed off after five minutes with warm water keeps the dry skin soft and supple.

Oily skin type

The excess oil must be removed by washing the face 2-3 times a day.

Oily skin care tips

  • Facial scrubs can be used to unclog the pores and to exfoliate the skin with natural products by getting rid of dead cells.
  • A pack of besan, milk, honey and lemon gives an oily skin a fresh and glowing look.
  • Hot water wash is more beneficial than cold water as hot water helps in dissolving the oil from the skin easily.
  • A mixture of any oil and rose water applied as a moisturizer and washed off after 10 minutes with cold water, leaves the skin healthy and free from oil.
  • A pack of pulp of papaya or oatmeal scrub applied and washed off after 10 minutes with cold water leaves the oily skin fresh and glowing.

Combination skin type

This type of skin requires extra care. The dry area must be cleaned and moisturized regularly and the oily area must be scrubbed and toned to match the dry skin. Consumption of enough water is the best way to get a healthy flawless skin everyday.

Tips to protect your skin in rainy season

  • The skin must be cleaned daily  with a soap free cleanser and the dead cells removed by gently rubbing the skin
  • Consumption of water must be increased during the rainy season to keep the skin hydrated. The skin is always thirstier than the person himself.
  • A toner must be used after each wash of the face in order to close the pores and to restore the pH balance of the skin.

General food tips in monsoon

  • Rainy season makes the skin dehydrated; hence the skin must be moisturized regularly to keep it healthy.
  • One must be extra careful in cleansing the skin without losing the natural moisture of the skin. The cleansing agent must be mild but strong enough to remove the dirt and dust from the skin. Natural home remedies are ideal during the rainy season.
  • Dirty water of the rains can lead to toe infections of the toes and nails. Diabetic patients must take special care to keep their feet dry and clean. Walking in puddles of water must be avoided and shoes, socks and raincoats must be kept clean and dry.

Home remedies for acne and pimples during the rainy season


It can be get rid of by using a paste of fuller earth, clove oil, sandalwood powder and neem leaves paste.  This paste can be made and kept for long and applied only on the pimples.


Acne is a common problem in monsoons. It can be treated by applying a paste of fuller’s earth, camphor, clove oil mixed with water. It must be washed off with cold fridge water.

Ways to maintain skin during monsoon

Tomato remedy

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You might not know but tomato works in a wonderful way in maintaining better skin during the monsoons. You can get a great rejuvenation with the tomato remedy.

For this you have to take tomatoes which have formed juicy pulp. Now apply the juicy portion over the skin and leave it till it is dried completely. There after you can wash it away. Your skin will actually become really radiant and youthful with this remedy during rainy season.

Right and healthy diet

It is important to have healthy diet during monsoon so that your skin stays well maintained. It is better to avoid all types of oily and spicy variety that are prepared somewhere out. The food prepared outside will not be hygienic in nature. Due to lot of water logging around your locality, there is a good chance of the microbes to grow

. This in turn attacks your skin and gives rise to all types of infections. Also it is important to note that the diet you consume gives a reflection to your skin. Go for the balanced diet with all types of vitamins and minerals.

Toning of skin

Simply cleaning face with a cleanser or a face wash may not be sufficient. All you have to do is go ahead with an effective toning remedy. Your skin pores will be opened and become breathable. The pores will be opened up and make your skin prepare to intake enough moisture inside the skin.

You have to take a toner that is good and have reputation in the market. Also make sure the toner suites your skin tone. Take it in cotton ball and apply it all over your skin especially the face and neck. You will yourself feel the difference after applying the toner.

Aloe vera gel

Best face packs for monsoon

This is a natural remedy that helps in making your skin free from all types of bacteria during monsoon. Just after taking bath, there is a chance that your whole body starts itching.

In that case, you need to pour some drops of antiseptic liquid in it and take bath with that water. After taking bath do not forget to apply Aloe Vera gel throughout your body. This will help your skin free from all types of bacteria and microbes that is harmful for you this monsoon. Do this regularly during monsoon to stay healthy.