Amazing health benefits of spinach

Spinach is considered as the healthiest food on the planet, no wonder that even Popeye cannot do without it. Spinach is loaded with nutrients that are highly nourishing for the body and the mind. It is low in fat and has minimum cholesterol content. In addition to that it is loaded with all the vitamins and minerals that are necessary for good health. Spinach is also high in dietary fiber which adds to its great health benefits. So, if you do not like eating spinach, read on to know why you should keep your likings aside and start munching on more spinach regularly.

Spinach promotes great digestive health

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Let us start with the digestive system because it is something really important and responsible for our overall wellbeing. A proper digestive health ensures better absorption of the nutrients in the food promoting overall health. Spinach is loaded with dietary fibers that help in easy digestion and promotes proper bowel formation and bowel movement. Sufficient amount of spinach in your daily diet can cure half of your health problems by ensuring a better digestive health.

Spinach fights diabetes

Different studies suggest that Spinach might be very helpful to control diabetes. Spinach contains alpha-lipoic-acid, which is a powerful antioxidant and has been found to be effective in lowering blood sugar levels. This compound also increases the insulin sensitivity of the body helping in preventing diabetes.

Spinach for a healthy heart

Spinach is high in Potassium and Vitamin K both of which are vital for a healthy heart and smoothly functioning cardiovascular system. The potassium level present in spinach can reduce the risk of stroke and other heart diseases. It can also help in controlling the blood pressure. The Vitamin K present in Spinach has also been linked with cardiovascular health as it has been found that without vitamin K the process of calcification of the blood vessels might be increased.

Spinach for fighting asthma

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The number of patients suffering from asthma is increasing across the world, while spinach alone cannot be the solution to this problem, it can readily help in fighting asthma.  Researches have pointed out that people who take certain nutrients in high quantity on a regular basis are less prone to asthma and beta-carotene is one of these nutrients. Spinaches are rich in beta-carotene antioxidants which can be highly helpful to reduce the symptoms of asthma. The magnesium content of spinach can also be helpful for asthma patients.

Spinach for stronger bones

Spinach is rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamin K and all these three ingredients are vital for the health of the bones. However, according to researches, the calcium of spinach might not be available to the body through digestion, but the magnesium and vitamin K content of this leafy vegetable surely aids in bone health.  Vitamin K intake can reduce the rate of bone fracture and it works with Vitamin D for better bone density. The potassium present in Spinach also works against bone density loss. So, include more spinach in your regular diet for stronger bones.

Spinach can prevent cancer

Spinach comes with a wide range of phytonutrients. It contains active cancer fighting agents known as methylenedioxyflavonol glucuronides as well as a bunch of other active antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein ensuring high anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects. The high amount of chlorophyll present even in cooked spinach can also have anti-cancerous properties. Spinach has been found active for preventing mostly breast and prostate cancer.

Spinach prevents anemia

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Spinach enjoys high iron and folate content and hence can be effective in curing both iron based and folate based anemia. The high percentage of these two ingredients in spinach makes it a super food for pregnant women.  One cup of cooked spinach can supply 36% of the daily iron need of the body, making it a great choice for fighting anemia.

Spinach for better immunity

Spinach has high Vitamin C content which works as an active antioxidant in the body and can boost the immunity system providing protection from the common illnesses and helping you to enjoy a more healthy life.

Spinach for pregnancy

Spinach is high in folate and iron, both of which have multiple functions in the normal growth and development of the fetus.  Folate can also be helpful to prevent premature birth and other complications.

Spinach for better vision

The vitamin A content of spinach plays an essential role in promoting better eye sight. It also offers protection from the common age-related eye diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration, making it an ideal food for the young as well as the elderly.

Spinach for healthier nervous system

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Spinach is an excellent source of vitamin K, which can limit the neural damage caused in the brain in case of diseases like Alzheimer’s. It is also a good source of Omega-3- fatty acids which can nourish the neural cells.

Spinach for weight management

Spinach can be ideal for weight management. It is very low in fat and contains a lot of dietary fiber that can keep your stomach full for longer hours without adding to the total calorie intake. So, if you are trying to lose weight, adding more spinach in your daily diet is certainly a wise option.

Spinach for better skin and hair

Spinach enjoys high Vitamin A and Vitamin C content, both of which are known as the best antioxidants to prevent the signs of aging on skin. These vitamins help in maintaining the skin elasticity removing wrinkles.  High iron and other mineral content along with the Vitamin A and C also makes spinach a super food for the hairs.