The health benefits of fiber rich foods

Today everyone is looking after a lean image, a fit slim figure is most of the women are chasing for. A fiber rich food is high on it as is hyped a lot due to the various health benefits associated with it. Foods that are rich in fiber are not only a great supplement for a fit and lean body but also gives us energy to fight back. Eating carbohydrates rich food is a big no no among people and has turned out to be a scary measure of gaining weight. Fiber rich foods have become way popular in this modern world that branding and advertising is also associated with the fiber content of the product. There is no second option to choose from for the fitness freak of modern time.

A recommended diet of fiber is necessary which prevents from constipation, reduces cholesterol, prevent from upset stomach and heartburn and very important it helps in meeting our weight loss objective.

Top fiber rich foods

1. Soluble fiber in oat bran, legumes, pectin , and certain root vegetables such as carrot is considered helpful for people having either form of diabetes. Soluble fiber may help in reducing blood sugar levels by delaying gastric empty, retarding the entry of glucose into the bloodstream and reduces the post meal rise in blood sugar. It may lessen insulin requirements in those with type 1 diabetes.

2. Soluble fiber is rich in lowering blood sugar level, thereby lowers serum cholesterol and protects against heart disease.

3. Another plus of a diet rich in fiber is that it provides plenty of vitamins and minerals, but a wise decision would be to consult a physician  when a fiber rich diet is increased. Initially, eating large amount of fiber, may result into bloating but it is  compensated in a few weeks.

4. In the bowel, bacteria converts fiber into short chain fatty acids, which provides energy in the body and may help protect against cancer.

5. Excess blood fats are also reduced by fiber such as pectin, oat gums and bean.

6. In addition to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, a fiber rich food helps in filling the stomach and controls the appetite. Thus  a high fiber diet helps in protecting against obesity. So include more fiber in your diet to reduce the risk of obesity.

Best calcium rich foods

7. A high fiber diet helps in clearing the waste material from your system easily. Most of the people are suffering from this problem. An unclear stomach can give rise to cancer and cancer cells to multiply in the body.

8. All of the green leafy vegetables including kale, cabbage, collard greens and spinach are great source of fiber. Try to indulge more of cereals and breads to acquire a healthy consumption of fiber. Make a distance from gritty, foul tasting supplements and boosts your fiber intake naturally.

So, did you know that fibre has so much to offer your body? If you understood it well, its time to implement the same in your regular diet plan. If you wish to get lean, combat health hazards, and moreover enjoy a healthy and fit system, fiber is the food for you. The simple addition in your meal plan will help you to look great.

Garbanzo beans

Garbanzo beans which are also known as chickpeas comes in two different varieties mainly : the light in color found mainly in United States and known as “Kabuli”, the other one is dark in color “Desi” kind, which is full of fiber and antioxidants. Garbanzo was found being domesticated first in the Middle East where it is still a very important staple food to be used in dishes such as hummus and falafel. India is the world’s largest producer of chickpeas.


A great of source of fiber is the creamy flesh of avocado. 2 grams of fiber can be found in the serving of two-tablespoon of avocado while in the whole fruit, 10 grams of fiber is found. A great source of mono- and polyunsaturated fats is also avocado. This fat helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases and decreasing cholesterol.

Whole-wheat pasta

Whole – wheat pasta is a great source of fiber that is good to be added in your diet. Those who are used to the white pasta, whole – wheat pasta can be of an acquired taste. Grocery stores have whole – wheat pasta of many different brands, so try as many types you want to know which one you like the most.


Very well-known in East Asian Cuisine, the unripe soybeans boiled in the pods are edamame. You eat them just by taking them out of the pod or can add a delicious dip to it. A half cup of edamame can have 11 grams of protein and 9 grams of fiber depending on the quality.


Lentils are full of fiber that is 15.6 grams in per cup of it. It is being cultivated since the Neolithic times. It is also a great source of proteins, vitamin B, iron and many other minerals.


Top benefits of fiber rich foods

Pears are very nutritious and along with their skin kept intact they are a rich fiber source. According to Brown keeping the skin is the most important for having the fiber. An unpeeled pear of medium size has 5.5 grams of fiber content.


An artichoke which is boiled has 10.3 grams of fiber content. You’ll get 7.2 grams of fiber from a half cup full of its hearts only. Artichokes also are a great source of silymarin which is a liver improving antioxidant.


Oats have a special type of fiber known as beta-glucan which can reduce the level of cholesterol and can also increase the system of immunity. Oats is a good mixture of both soluble (which reduces the cholesterol level) and insoluble fiber (which helps in smooth running of digestion).


Raspberries in all its colors are very nutritious, it is full of fiber content. One cup of it will supply you with a third of your daily fiber need and also they are highly rich in antioxidants. Buy it frozen when they are not in season.


Best protein rich foods

No matter how peas are being eaten, that is just by taking them out of the pod or by cooking them or by drying them and making soup of it or how it is bought either frozen or cooked, it will always be tasty, versatile and cheap source of fiber. A cup full of split peas contains fiber of 16.3 grams, and if it is frozen and then cooked then the fiber content becomes 8.8 grams.


Broccoli is well known for its properties that prevents cancer. In a cup full of boiled broccoli it will have 5.1 grams of fiber.