How to stop bedwetting in children?

Bedwetting is one of the age old habit of individuals especially kids even after they are taught not to pass urine in bed. Even some adults are also having the same habit and unknowingly makes their bed wet when they are asleep at night. There are varieties of reasons behind bed wetting one of the reasons is trauma or night mares.  It is really an embarrassing situation when individuals repeatedly makes their bed wet at night. Even the adults get these troubles repeatedly if they suffer from any type of physical disorder or mental blockage. Sometimes people with introvert nature also suffer from this bedwetting problem. But, you can now get some home remedies that will entirely stop the problem of bedwetting entirely.

Parents might find the problem of bed wetting quite common in children. It is an act of passing urine unknowingly in bed at the time of sound sleep. Since, an infant or a child has small bladder, holding urine for a long time becomes difficult. This can be one of the reasons behind bed wetting by children. Some kids develop it hereditary. In some cases, children pass urine in the bed due to fear that they have come across with a fearful dream.

Bed wetting by children is normal to fade with time. But, this can be a reason for embarrassing parents in certain situation. If this is found in public, even the kid feels shy. Thus, parents are constantly looking for treatment procedure of bed wetting. There are some natural ways to eradicate this problem.

Top home remedies for bedwetting


Home remedies to stop bedwetting

Jagerry is readily available in many Indian kitchens.  This has a wonderful phenomenon of heating your child’s body from inside. As soon as he consumes it, his body will remain warm from inside. This will help in eradicating the problem of bed wetting.  You must feed your baby a small piece of jaggery with a cup of hot milk every morning.

Cranberry juice

Bed wetting can be a cause of kidney malfunction and bladder. Since, Cranberry juice is good for urinary tract, kidney and bladder; you can feed your child with this natural extract to get rid of bed wetting problem. This juice must be given to the child one hour before he goes to bed.  You must do this for few months to see effective result.

Mustard powder

Mustard powder is commonly used in kitchens. You must make a solution with a cup of warm milk and half teaspoon of dry mustard seed powder. Ask your child to drink this milk every night before your child goes to bed. According to a recent research, Mustard seed is a wonderful ingredient for people suffering from urinary tract disease. Fistful of mustard seed powder can be consumed to eradicate bedwetting.

Indian gooseberry

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Common name of Indian Gooseberry is Amla. This is very effective in treating many diseases and unhealthy physical conditions in human being. Bed wetting is one of them.  You must make a pulp out of Indian Gooseberry with mixer and grinder. Now take two teaspoon of amla pulp and add a pinch of black pepper powder in it. Ask your child to consume it before he goes to bed. Bed wetting problem can be eradicated with this mixture. You can also make a mixture with Indian gooseberry pulp, sugar candy and cumin seed. Feed this to your child two times in a day.


For years banana has been proved beneficial in binding stomach. You can feed your child 2 -3 bananas everyday to prevent the problem of bed wetting. You can give one ripe banana in the breakfast and another at night.

Parents should not expect the habit of bed wetting in their child to go away in a day or two. You should try the home remedies and teach bathroom habit to your child. You must have patience after trying these home remedies.


Walnut is one of the great varieties of nuts available in the nature that is known to stop bed wetting in children. First of all it will reduce the frequency and then slowly this habit will be eradicated. Apart from a remedy for bed wetting, you can also consume this as a very tasty snack.  You can have this either in your breakfast or evening hi tea and enjoy its benefits of reducing the bed wetting habit.


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You must have known about variety of health benefits of raisin one of it is reducing bed wetting habit. If you fee shy to hear about this habit of your from your relatives or friends, you must be really eager to stop this. Just you need to have few raisins and consume it everyday early in the morning in empty belly. It will be better if you can soak this overnight and consume it once you get up in the morning.


Most of the natural care expert has known about the effectiveness of cinnamon. This is indeed one of the best natural remedies to remove bed wetting habit from your life.  This is the particular variety of spice on consuming which your body will become warm and restricts the habit of bed wetting. You can ask your child to chew this cinnamon stick once in an entire day.

Your child may not consume the cinnamon stick just like that. You need to make it taste delicious and attractive so that your child can take it without any obstruction. Instead of using the cinnamon sticks, you can sprinkle some cinnamon powder as well as sugar over the bread that has been toasted. Your kid will easily consume this and will stay away from the habit of bed wetting.


Sometime some exercise can also help restricting the habit of bed wetting. If you see a doctor he will ask you to do some bladder exercise as bed wetting is the result of improper functioning of bladder. Once you perform this exercise your muscle will be effectively stretched and will easily help in releasing urine from the bladder. Not only this, the exercise will increase the effectiveness of bladder due to which it can hold urine for a longer period of time. In order to create a control in bladder, you need to do this on a regular basis. Even the pelvic muscle of your child will be tightened.

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You can also ask your child to carry on holding urine in bladder for some time so that he can practice holding it till the time he can hold. Carrying on with this practice will easily help your child stay away from bed wetting activity.

Olive oil

Today, most of the families being cautious about their health cooks food in olive oil. Thus, getting olive oil in your kitchen will be quite easy. It has also been said that olive oil can be one of the effective home remedies to control the bed wedding situation. You need to head few spoons of olive oil in a small container and apply it slowly over the lower abdomen.  Now massage your lower abdomen in such a way that the skin absorbs the olive oil inside.  The heat products while massaging will be ideal to restrict the activity of urination of your little angle. You can try this very simple remedy today and realize the activeness.

Ways of stopping bed wetting in children

Different drinking time

Basically, there are different reasons behind the bed wetting habit of a child. One of the reasons is odd time of drinking water or any other fluid. Some parents has a tendency of making their child drink water or milk just before they go to bed. This probably can be a reason behind the bed wetting as kids cannot stay cautious during their sleep time and start bed wetting. You must change the time of drinking by shifting it to an hour before they go to bed. Also make you’re your child urinates before they step into bed.

Watch bedwetting signals

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There are certain signals that will say that your baby is prone to the bed wetting. You must be really cautious about those signals and go ahead with corrective measure when those signals are strong.  Sometimes, the bed wetting can also take place when there is infection in the urinary system. Thus will be the time when you should show a doctor. The physician will ask for the urine test after which the treatment of bedwetting will be resumed.

Set alarm

You must set alarm randomly in the middle of night and ask your child to go to toilet. Definitely he will get some urinary pressure. Thus, this habit will be slowly developed in your child and the problem of bed wetting will be positively stopped. Your child will develop cautiousness such that he has the duty to get up in the middle of night and go to toilet once. This process will easily regulate his body metabolism and he can understand bed wetting is not a good habit. Your child will automatically get up and visit wash room once he feels like urinating.

Create a shameful appearance

You need to make your kid realize that the urination on bed is not a very good habit. Rather, it is a bad habit as well as shameful habit. Your baby might recover from bedwetting if he realizes the shame of bed wetting. Make this fact appear in front of his friends and see how shameful he feels. This will actually work.