How to improve beauty in rainy season – Monsoon makeup tips for women

Monsoon provides soothing effect to your body just after experiencing the burning sensation of heat over your skin layer during summer. Seasonal makeup tips is important to suit your skin type during the particular season. Rain can even melt the makeup which you have applied over your face if proper protection based makeup is not applied. But, if you can apply some tips on makeup for monsoon season, you can look dazzling and beautiful even in this particular season. If you wish to avoid your makeup washing away with water, applying a waterproof foundation is important.

Best monsoon makeup tips for women to enhance their beauty in rainy season

Best beauty care tips

Monsoon though is a season that everyone looks out for yet it comes with its its own do’s and dont’s list. And when it comes to women the major one being don’t use make-u (or say heavy make-up) during rainy season. The reason is understood without saying – but of-course rains. The heavy downpour would just mess up the complete look and leave you behind looking like a disaster than otherwise.

There are few who might rely on waterproof makeup. But do you really think that even a waterproof product is good during this season? Definitely not. The next question is what do we do to avoid heavy makeup and yet look good. Well read on to get some really amazing makeup tips to enhance your beauty in rainy season:

  • To start with, try to avoid foundation as much as you can, unless you like getting messed up. Instead replace foundation with face powder. This to an extent will help in keeping the look intact even if you get drenched.
  • As mentioned you can use powder in place of heavy base. However even while using face powder see to it that you use only as much as you need it. In other words use face powder to get rid of that greasy look and nothing more.
  • Blush: Use cream blush instead of powder or any other type of blushes in the monsoon. The mantra is to use as less blush as you possible can. Even if you get wet in rain remember to just dab it with a tissue and not rub it all over your face. When it comes to blushes, blending is the ultimate keyword. While applying blush on your cheeks blend it in the outward direction. Let it look natural and not like a cakey look. Use more pastel colors during monsoon. Keep it subtle and beautiful.

Best face packs in monsoon

  • Eyeshadow: The same goes with the eyeshadows as well. Use subtle colors like beige, brown, pink and so on. And yes when it comes to eye shadows use powdered eye shadows instead of creams. This will keep the eye shadow from melting off on your face.
  • Mascara: Mascara should be a strict NO-NO during rainy season, until and unless it is very much necessary. Select water resistant mascaras that will at least stay for a while without getting smudged when wet.
  • Eyeliner and kajal: Use pencil liner then liquid eyeliner in the monsoon. This will keep it from running all over your face when you get wet. The perfect look would be to just apply a dash of eyeshadow on your upper eyelid and apply a thin line of kaja. This look will not only look decent but also save you from getting messy.
  • Lip Color: Settle down with long lasting range of lipsticks during monsoon. Matte is the best choice. Avoid lip gloss as it will get sticky and smudge easily when you get wet. Use dark color lipsticks as it will make you look a shade lighter than your actual complexion and also stay longer.
  • Hair: Do not leave your hair open during monsoons. Tie it up in a neat bun and use hair accessories instead to accentuate your look. You may even want to learn different types of braiding just to look more fashionable and chic.

Here are few more tips for your hair care

Top monsoon hair care tips

  • Stay away from using hair sprays, gels and any such hair products.
  • Oil your hair continuously, as this will help it from getting frizzy and dry.
  • Shampoo your hair immediately, if in case you get drenched in the rain.
  • Condition your hair with natural conditioners (home remedies) to keep it from getting dry and unmanageable.

makeup tips during monsoon


Even during the monsoon, people with oily skin can use astringent. But, there may be some people who also have dry to normal skin. For them, toner will be idea just after washing face with cool water. This works well to open the pores of skin and remove all pollutants from the face.

Face wash

Regular washing of skin is really important regardless of the season. During the monsoons also you need to wash your face thoroughly and apply ice cubes over it.  Rubbing ice over your face for 5 to 10 minutes will be ideal. This is really effective for refreshing your skin during the monsoons.


Best party makeup tips

While attending a party or a wedding reception, heavy makeup is an important necessity. But, people are afraid of putting heavy makeup during monsoons as it can wash away with the flow of water. During this season, you need to avoid the foundation which is having powdered base. Waterproof foundations are available in the market which will not wash away even if you apply it during the rainy season.

Eye makeup

Just after the facial makeup, the next important step is eye makeup. Are you feeling afraid of water which might wash away your eye makeup? Thanks to waterproof eyeliners as well as mascara which can even stay stable even if you get wet in rain during the monsoon. Thus, you need to use the coats of waterproof eyeliners as well as mascaras when monsoon arrives and you need to attend parties.


The next important part of your makeup before attending an occasion is the lipstick. It is ideal to apply soft matte lipstick when monsoon arrives. If you are fascinated about glossy lipstick, mild gloss can also be ideal.


Top health tips during monsoon

Do not forget to apply a moisturizer over your face even when it is monsoon season. You need to apply a water based moisturizer during monsoon. This help in avoiding too much of oil over skin, acne and loss of water during perspiration. Since monsoon brings a lot of humidity, loss of water can be replenished with moisturizer.


During monsoon, do not go for any heavy jewelry, rather applying light and stone studded jewelry will be ideal. During monsoon wearing very heavy jewelry is not preferable at all as this might get well in rain.

Right type of makeup

Makeup to be applied over your face will be different in each season. Since the climatic condition in every season is not identical, you actually need to know about the effect of climate on your makeup during each season. The climatic variation will render some effect over your skin and the makeup you have used. For example during the winter since the weather is too much dry, in order to make a balance with makeup, it becomes important to apply the oily makeup.  Similarly, water based makeup will be applicable during summer.

Soft matte lipstick

Monsoon is the season when you should choose the right lipstick. If you are using the glossy and dark tinge of lipstick around the year, it absolutely is not good for rainy season. This is the time when you should go ahead with the lipstick that has the soft matte finish. But, some people cannot just stay without gloss. Thus, you can apply a light pink or brown color gloss over the lipstick. Try it during the monsoon and see how well you look.

Wear washable fabrics

Types of makeup foundations

Cotton is something which you have been wearing during the summer. But, this fabric might not get dry very quickly during the raining season. The cloudy days without sunlight are quite common during the monsoons. Thus, it is always better to wear the washable fabrics. The chiffon or georgette fabrics will be a suitable variety during the monsoons. If you are wearing Indian traditional attire, the umbrella cut salwar suits will look really good on you during this season.

Water based moisturizer

During the monsoons, you must use the water based products as this is the season you might get too much humidity as the moisture content in air is too much. It is the time for you to avoid the oil based makeup absolutely. Doing so can make your skin filled with moisture and oil in a repeated way. When you are applying the moisturizer, use the water based moisturizer.