Best health & beauty care tips for rainy season

Monsoon is a season of joy, leisure, romance and pleasure. It also brings dampness, water logging, plenty of germs, bacteria and mosquitoes. All these can have a diverse effect on the skin in several ways. The skin tends to behave in different ways during monsoon. It can become oily or dehydrated with the monsoons. The humidity in the atmosphere can make it irritable and lead to rashes and allergies of different types.

Skin problems during monsoon

Best skin care tips in monsoon

The rainy months come with a bunch of skin infections. The most common of these infections are bacterial and fungal infections which are dangerous. Some other skin problems include skin rashes, pigmentation of the skin, ring worms and insect bites. The infection can attack skin, scalp, toe nails and folds of the skin like armpits, groins and genitals. Humidity and dampness is the primary cause of most of these problems. They can be prevented by cleansing the skin regularly with natural homemade cleansers.

Change from the hot summer wind to the cool rainy breeze is really welcoming. But what about the other changes it brings about along with it. Wondering what is it? Well all the infections, allergies, health issues and stuff. Ever wondered why doctors ask us to take extra care of ourselves during the monsoon season? It’s simple, though the pouring rain, the greenery all around, the cold wind and everything else associated with this season may look visually appealing and may even bring about a sense of satisfaction. But at the same time it also carries a lot of invisible microorganisms that will affect our health. So it becomes all the more important to stay away from illness by taking proper care of ourselves and our family and enjoy monsoon in the right way.

Here are few health care tips for monsoon/rainy season

  • First and foremost, keep away from getting drenched in the rain. Yet it isn’t a good idea. By doing this though you may enjoy for a brief moment, however you may also end up inviting some unwanted health problems such as fever,throat infection or cold.

  • Instead of opting in for cold beverages and cold water, choose to have hot beverages like tea, coffee, herbal tea etc. This will help in keeping the body warm and also stay away from any kind of infections.

Top health tips during monsoon

  • While it’s understood that many of us would crave to have hot and spicy food during the rainy seasons, yet it’s wise to keep away from it. The dirty pits in the street filled with stagnant water, the damp roads act as home for flies and mosquitoes that may spread diseases like dengue and malaria. So eating outside food such as pakoras, chats or any other street food during monsoon isn’t a good idea. Instead opt for homemade hygienic food to stay fit and healthy this season.

  • Most of them us suffer from digestive problems during the monsoon. To keep this problem at bay its advisable to take protein rich diet during rainy season. Food like brown rice, oats, legumes and whole grains not just aids in improving the digestion process but also helps in increasing your body’s metabolic rate.

  • Since its super cool in the rainy season, most of us refrain from drinking lot of water. One reason that people generally give is frequent urination. But is that a good enough reason to keep you from drinking water. Well it isn’t. Be it any season your body needs lot of liquid intake, especially water, to stay hydrated and to flush out all those unwanted toxins. So do yourself a favour this season and drinks lots of water and stay fit.

  • Take proper care of your skin and hair during monsoon. The humid climate may tend to make your skin oily hence it is advisable to wash your face as often as possible. Also remember to shampoo your hair every time you get drenched in the rain. Try to use use antibacterial products to keep away from skin infections.

Health care tips for kids

  • Keep your hands and feet clean. Do not wear wet gloves or socks as it may lead to fungal infections. Try to keep your clothes clean by washing them regularly.

  • Rain shouldn’t be a reason for you to stop your regular exercising. There is always an alternative for everything. So if it’s pouring heavily outside, you could very well opt in for indoor exercises. This will help in keeping you fit even during monsoon.

These are just few of the many tips that should be considered during monsoon. Remember to stay away from anything that will cause unwanted illness and take every necessary step to keep yourself and your family healthy. Happy Monsoon!!!!!

Skin care tips for monsoon

  • Heavy makeup during monsoons can be spoilt with the rains. Light color make will penetrate deep into the skin and will last for a longer time. Cream based lotions must also be avoided as they have a tendency to be washed with the rain water. makeup after calamine based foundations are safer and will hold the makeup perfectly.
  • Moisturization is an important part of the beauty regime during monsoons. It will help to keep the skin hydrated.
  • A pH balanced toner will keep the skin fresh for a longer time and also hold the light makeup. Toner also helps to remove the dust and dirt from the skin

Top hair care tips in monsoon

  • Water is essential to keep the skin healthy and glowing during the rains. The water from the body is lost with excessive sweating during the humid rainy weather. Hence it is recommended that one needs to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.
  • Healthy diet with lots of fruits, fruit juices and vegetables will provide the required nourishment to the skin. Fried and oily foods must be limited in this season.
  • Fruit face packs are good to keep the skin healthy during rains. One can make a fruit pack with any fruit like papaya, strawberry, tomato, cucumber avocado etc. Simply mash the fruit and apply it on the face and neck. Leave it for five minutes before cleaning it with water.
  • Sugar, salt are good exfoliators to help in getting rid of the dust, dirt and dead skin cells.
  • It is necessary to protect the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. A sunscreen lotion containing high SPF factor must be used even if the weather is cloudy and there is no sun shining.
  • Hair get dirtier during monsoons because of the dirt and sweat gathered from the environmental pollution. Hence they must be washed more often.
  • Oily skin requires special care as it is more prone to blemishes, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Citrus fruit face packs help in reducing the excess oils from the skin.
  • Heavy and artificial jewelry can make the skin sensitive and lead to breakouts. The humidity under the jewelry makes the skin irritable and does not allow it to breathe.
  • Rashes and allergies on the skin are common problems in rains. The house must also be kept clean from dust, insects and mosquitoes. Mosquito coils and fresheners can also cause allergy on sensitive skin.
  • The interior of the home must be kept warm during rains especially in hill stations and winters.

Homemade remedies for common problems

General food tips in monsoon

  • Common cold during monsoon can make the skin look dry and dull. A good homemade remedy for this condition is to have a bath with warm water to which eucalyptus essential oil added. This helps in the cold and it also gives a fresh feeling to the skin.
  • Monsoon is well known for developing infections like boils, rashes and redness of the skin. This can be treated by washing the area with the whey leftover after washing and boiling rice. This whey has the medicinal qualities to infections of the skin that are caused by blocking of the pores.
  • This a very powerful face pack for monsoons and it is perfect for all types of skin. Prepare this pack by mixing gram flour, turmeric powder,lime, honey and fresh cream. This pack lightens the skin, adds glow to the skin, moisturizes the skin and helps in clearing the blocked pores by removing the dust and dirt from them.

Health care tips for rainy season

Vitamin C intake

It is really important to consume good amount of vitamin C as monsoon is the season when you suffer from the infections from the bacterial attack. This gives rise to common cold with fever. Vitamin C intake will be one of the best remedy to stay healthy in such a climatic condition. This is a wonderful remedy to drive away the microorganisms that spreads cold in your body. You can have natural vitamins through the fruits or go for supplements.

Hot drinks

Best face packs for monsoon

You should forget about the summer totally during the rainy season. This are the days when individual should totally avoid the cold drinks and adopt the hot drinks. The hot variation of beverages such as tea or coffee would be the best remedy to stay healthy and stay away from upper respiratory tract infection. You can also have soups or have a glass of warm milk at night to stay healthy.


Cleanliness is another important factor which you must adopt during the rainy season. The dirty places will be favorable condition for all the micro organisms to grow. If you really wish to avoid the breeding of microorganisms during the monsoons, cleanliness is the ultimate mantra that you must avail. You must always clean your hands with soap or antiseptic liquid before consuming food.

Beauty care tips for rainy season

Rosewater and sandalwood

During monsoons you must care your skin really well so that no infection or environmental effect can trouble you. It is important to have some face packs occasionally that can be made at home. You have to take 2 spoons of sandalwood powder in rose water. Mix the ingredients well and apply it over your face. Keep for 20 minutes and wash it away.

Oatmeal and curd

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You can also stay really attractive as and when you make a wonderful mask. The ingredients you require for the same are curd and oatmeal. It includes 2 spoons of curd and a single spoon of oatmeal. Mix both the ingredients really well and apply it over your face. Make sure that the oatmeal that you have used is grinded to form very small particles. Apply it over your face and use it in small particles. Use your fingertips to rub it against your face. Do this slowly so that you don’t get hurt. Your face should also be quite stable and attractive in looks. After scrubbing, you need to wait for 20 minutes and then wash it away with simple water.