Skin and hair care tips for rainy season

With the shower of rain during the monsoon, people get relief from the extreme heat of summer. Every individual is happy with the arrival of monsoon as it would create downfall of the temperature. Yet, people are tensed about their skin during rainy season. You can now take some precautionary measures to avoid skin infections in this season. Along with skin, hair fall is also one among the major problems faced by individuals during the raining season. You need to take good care of your skin and hair to eradicate variety of problems that arises during rainy season.

Problem faced during the season

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Different people suffer from different problems during the rainy seasons. Some of them include:

  • Hair fall
  • Limpness
  • Greasiness
  • Skin infections
  • Bacterial effect on skin etc

Since rainy season brings excess amount of moisture in air, your skin and hair becomes dull, tangled and flat.  Thus, it will be important to get a proper skin care and hair care during monsoons.

Tips for protection

  • Washing your hair with a very gentle and mild shampoo will be enough.
  • In order to get your skin and hair nourished during the rainy season, you must consume diet enriched with vegetables and proteins. This must definitely contain good number of fruits and vegetables
  • Wash your hair regularly so that too much moisture and stickiness in hair can be avoided
  • Drinking plenty of water is also another important factor to get enough protection of your skin and hair.
  • In order to protect your hair from being dull, using a good branded conditional will be important for your hair.

Tips of keeping your skin glowing

Daily skin care tips

  • During monsoons, you must use the scrub for your face at least two times in a week. This will help removing all dead skin layers making it fresh and clean.
  • You must also avoid the moisturizers that are quite heavy and have oily base. Instead apply some light moisturizer and keep your skin healthy for long
  • It will be preferable to avoid makeup of cream base. Rather, putting either only a calamine lotion as a base to your makeup will be preferable. You can use a light matte compact above the calamine lotion during the rainy season
  • You can easily make your skin refreshed as soon as a face wash containing fruit extract is used. Since rainy season is all about accumulation of moisture in skin, daily face wash with fruit extract will remove oil and unnecessary elements away from your skin
  • Along with a cleanser, it is also equally important to use a skin brightening toner. This will help closing the pores of your skin and helps restoring PH balance of the skin.

During monsoon season, you can hear about pollution of water. Kids are quite prone to the water borne diseases during the rainy season. Diseases like diarrhea, intestinal infection are the threats during monsoon. It is better to drink purified water during the rainy season. You can also drink boiled water instead of consuming water directly from tap during monsoons.

Effect on oily skin

Rainy season bringing enough humidity in the atmosphere is not good for the oily skin. You must remove excess oil from your face and skin during raining season by using cleanser twice a day. You should also avoid washing your face too much in a day as that increases the chance of producing more oil. It is better to use lukewarm water while washing your skin instead of cold water.

Treating dry skin

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If you have dry skin, monsoon will not bring any pleasure for your skin. Rather it will equally maintain dryness in skin due to lack of skin repairing vitamins. Even the situation becomes worse during the monsoon season. You must use the cream based cleanser for your dry skin protection during monsoons.

Combination skin

This is one of the typical among all the skin types where individuals gets only t portion of his skin oily and cheeks dry. You must use gentle cleanser to this skin type. Regular moisturizing is also important.

Skin care for rainy season

Skin tonic during monsoon

During rainy season, you would require an extra care for your skin.  Many beauticians prescribe the skin tonic for us. You can now make such skin tonic right at home. All you have to do is take some rose petals and soak them in milk. There after squeeze those petals in milk and apply the solution over your face. You can use a cotton ball to apply the same.

Oatmeal face mask

Best skin care tips in monsoon

If you want to care your skin during monsoon, it is vital to apply some face masks. The natural face masks also include the Oatmeal face mask that will help you get a wonderful glow by the help of the mask.  You have to take 2 teaspoon of oatmeal and combine it with a spoon of curd and honey. Make a paste of it and apply it over your skin. Keep this for half an hour and then wash away.

Hair care during monsoon

Do not tie wet hair

During monsoons there is a tendency that your hair remains wet. Rather, when you take bath and pour water over your hair, there is very little scope that your hair will stay dry. It is due to weather condition and lack of sunlight. Some ladies with long hair makes a mistake of tiding hair in wet condition. This makes your hair unhealthy and proceeds to fall. Thus, it is better to keep your hair open and dry it under fan. Do not tie it till it is totally dry.

Apply amla to hair

Monsoon is the time when the hair fall becomes maximum. You can get 10-12 hairs every time your comb your hair. This is because your hair root becomes too weak and starts falling. All you have to do is get some amla powder from the market and make a paste by mixing it with water. Apply it over your hair and wait for some time. You can wash your hair after 30 minutes and see once it is dry. Do not comb your hair when it is wet. Give it time till it is dry.