Winter hair care tips for dry hair

There are several products available at the market which can really take care of the problem of dry hair in winter. However, the homemade solutions are more workable and they can really make the hair grow with all the essential shine and softness. Thus, you can take simple things from home to help the hair stay in the normal state for years. Here you have some of the trusted home solutions which really help the hair grow with volume and fullness.

The condition of dry hair will becomes too worse when it is considered in the season of winter. The cold winds extremely work hard to take out the moisture from the hair by which it becomes dull, rough and unmanageable. To save your hair and to polish it with moisture here are few homemade remedies that works great on your hair.

Winter season is good for having green and healthy food. It is a good time to sleep and relax. But, for hair, it can be really miserable. Always go for a protection when it is a concern about your hair. Cleaning your hair appropriately during the season is another important fact. There are many hair treatment procedures which you can easily avail to make your hair free from dryness and dullness. Let us find out some of the tips.

How to treat dry hair in winter

We picked most effective home remedies to treat your dry hair and skin during this winter. These are proven tips for to retain the beauty of your hair.

Apply honey to restore hair health

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You must have noticed the fact that your hair gets way more frizzy and dry during winters. It also looks dull and lifeless. So, in order to treat dry hair in winter, use a comb to untangle the hair knots and apply raw honey from your scalp to tips. Cover your hair and leave it for around 30 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water and see the changes. It is sure to surprise you.

Make sure your scalp and hair are hydrated

Winters dehydrate your body to a great extent. To keep yourself dehydrated drink plenty of water. Water helps to restore moisture in your hair and scalp and keeps it hydrated. This helps the sebaceous glands secrete oil which makes the scalp hydrated and also keeps it nourished and healthy.

Prevent over-styling your hair

Using excess of hair styling appliances such as straighteners, curlers and other equipment can damage your hair miserably in winter. You should avoid them during winters as much as possible. It will only make your hair dry and damage it further. Thus, do not use your straighteners or curling iron too often in winters.

Trim your hair regularly

Trim your hair regularly be it short or long. Trimming your hair regularly will maintain its health and also keep it nourished. Nourished hair means hair devoid of any kind of damage and dryness. Thus, trimming hair keeps it in good condition and also lessens chances of split ends.

Never wash your hair with hot water

Always use warm to cold water while washing your hair. This helps in retaining moisture in your hair and prevents it from drying. Hot water also damages the skin significantly. On the other hand, cold or warm water helps in better nourishment of your hair.

Dry your hair before you leave home

To avoid dry hair in winters, do not leave home when your hair is wet during winters. Use a hair drier or wait till your hair dries. In winters the hair takes a longer time to dry and if you step out with wet hair it can freeze. Frozen hair has higher chances of breakage and thus, cause more damage.

Hot oil treatment for dry scalp & hair

To treat the dry and fragile hair, hot oil benefits a lot. You can take any of the oils like jojoba oil, almond oil, olive oil or readily available coconut oil.

  • Take equal portions of almond oil, jojoba oil and pure coconut oil in a bowl. Heat it for four to five minutes and off the flame.
  • Don’t over heat the oil, it may damage the hair and scalp too.
  • Apply this lukewarm oil with the help of fingertips to scalp and entire hair.
  • Massage the oil for five to ten minutes and wrap a hot towel.
  • Leave it for an hour or two and then rinse off using a mild shampoo.

Banana and avocado treatment for winter dry hair

Applying banana helps the hair strands to improve its elasticity whereas avocado is well known for its moisturizing properties. Avocado regulates the water content of the hair and preserves in the hair follicles.

  • Take one ripe banana and two ripe avocado’s in a bowl.
  • Mix them perfect so that there will be no lumps in it.
  • You can also blend them in a blender in order to get the smooth paste free from lumps.
  • Spread this mixture on your hair and wrap a shower cap.
  • Leave it for 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse off with plain water and a mild shampoo.

Egg white treatment for winter dryness in hair

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Dry hair has the qualities of unmanageable and uneasy to deal with comb. To retain the moisture in the hair and to make them perfect this egg white treatment works well.

  • Take two egg whites in a bowl and add four tablespoons of water to it.
  • Stir it with a spoon to get a foaming solution.
  • Apply this mixture to the entire hair, concentrating on hair strands and tips.
  • Leave it for 30 to 40 minutes and then rinse off with plain water and mild shampoo.

Rice milk to treat dry scalp and dry hair during winter

Rice milk hair treatment help to get the shiny and smooth hair with in minutes. For this what all you need is given below.

  • Get a cup of rice milk and add it with two or three tablespoons of honey. (Prepare rice milk by grinding the rice along with water)
  • Mix both of them well using a spoon.
  • Apply this mixture to the hair scalp, strands and tips.
  • Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse off with normal water to get magical effect.
  • This mixture will give you nice fragrance from the hair, so you don’t need to go with any hair sprays.

Banana can be magical along with olive oil

Banana is not only the solution for feet it is also the right way to make the hair feel so soft. You should take a banana smash it and mix it well with olive oil. The puree form of the banana is preferable. Now you can apply the past well on the area of the scalp and on your hair. Then you should leave the paste to work for a span of thirty minutes and then rinse and wash well with shampoo. This remedy will moisturizes your hair and scalp to protect from dryness during winter and other seasons too.

Avocado is the magician for dry hair

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Avocado is an absolute natural solution for the hair. Avocado contains proteins and oil and this can well moisturize the hair and keep it so smooth and silky. You should prepare a mixture of avocado and peppermint oil. Before you apply the mixture it is important that you shampoo your hair properly and make it clean for the application of the mask. After you have applied the mask keep it for fifteen minutes and then it is time for you to rinse out the solution. This moisture is sure to make your hair soft and not greasy. You can make the mixture better effective with the application of yogurt or egg. Often this remedy followed by many people during winter.

Coconut oil is a good hair healer

Coconut oil is always good for your hair. This is a heavy variety of oil and this is the reason it can well settle under the hair shaft. You can use the oil in case your hair is thin and fine. Take the coconut oil and apply it well at the ends of the damp hair. In case you feel that the oil is solid you should make it hot to transform it into the liquid form. In case your hair is extremely dry, you should apply coconut oil and keep it for the entire night. This works effective for improving the quality of your hair. It moisturizes the strands from the core and make the hair feel so weighty and bouncy.

Tea and lemon can do wonders

If you really want to cause hair warmness you can make the best application of lemon and chamomile. This is the right treatment for blonde hair. You can throw you hair backwards and apply the solution with a cup of cool tea. The tea should come with lemon juice. Once you have cleaned the hair with the solution you can watch the magic. The hair seems so silky and bouncy. You would love to touch it and you would love to caress it. After leaving the hair in the condition for some minutes it is best that you clean the hair well.

Once again you can even make a paste of potato, tea and lemon and see how it works on your hair. For this you have to grate the potato well and then mix it with tea and lemon. You may be wondering but it is potato which can really work on the hair like magic. After you have kept the solution for sometime it is time to wash the hair and blow it dry for that fashionable look.

Pumpkin can really puff the hair

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A perfect paste of pumpkin and honey is once again right for the hair. Pumpkin comes with lots of Vitamin A and C. It also has percentages of beta-carotene, zinc and potassium. This is an amazing solution for the hair when mixed with two tablespoons of honey. Once the pack is prepared you can use the same on the scalp and the hair. To keep the mask in place you can make use of a shower cap. Keep the mask for fifteen minutes and then it is time that you rinse the solution well to help the hair feel so smooth and soft.

Winter hair care tips for dry hair

Hair wrap

During winter your hair will be exposed to extreme cold climate. This will give rise to variety of hair issues. Your hair will get freeze and can also break due to the cold attack. When you are going out during a winter night, it is always better to use a scarf. You can get a woolen scarf. But, silk is better as it will help avoiding hair breakage. Even when you are out in the morning, you need to have a wrap around your hair so that your hair stays well for an extended period of time.

Deep conditioning

Your hair would absolutely require deep conditioning. You must be feeling too much lazy to care your hair during winter due to the cold weather. But it is mandatory to care it and go ahead with its conditioning part. You can choose natural oil and make a stage for deep conditioning. Choose any oil like coconut, olive oil, jojoba oil etc to massage your hair. Heat or warm the oil before applying to hair.

Don’t use hair dryer

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During winter, it is really tough to dry our hair. It is just because all the heat is been converted into the cold weather. Also there is no enough sunlight that will dry up the hair. The best way people around is using is a dryer to dry the hair.  But, you don’t know that the dryer can be really harmful to your hair. This will make your hair more dry and dull. Also it will be a reason for your hair damage. You can dry your hair under natural fan. Just wrap a cloth over your hair for sometime till it soaks all water from your hair.  Thereafter you can use your fingers to make it dry up.  Minimum natural air and sunlight will also be good for your hair drying up schedule. This natural way will be the best to dry your hair.