Eye make-up tips for smaller eyes

If you have smaller eyes there is actually nothing to be sorry about it. All of us are born with unique facial features and it is not the size of your eyes, but the way they make your face look, is what that matters most.  The good thing is that if you have smaller eyes you can make them appear bigger and more pronounced with the help of the right makeup. It does not mean that you need to take up a load of makeup to make your eyes appear bigger; all you need to do is to take the eye-makeup following a few processes that can make your eyes look bigger and more pronounced.
Eyes are the key sculptures of face beauty, the more attractive they are, the morebeautiful you look It’s easy to deal with the pair of eyes that are big and stunning by applying a dab of mascara but what about a beauty whose eye’s are small and robbing her entire looks. In some cases, people with small eyes also develop a look of swollen cheeks. How ever, there are many makeup tips help the looks of your small eyes to look great. So, follow the makeup tips below to make them better and bigger.

Eye make-up tips for smaller eyes


How to make eyelash extension

With the help of the mascara, the beauty of the small eyes can be increased. Prefer a thick mascara for eye makeup of smaller eyes. Mascara helps in shaping the looks of your eyes, apply mascara to both the upper and lower eyelashes. The more the mascara at the eyelashes, the more captivating the eyes will be. Take the help of a curler before using the mascara to shape your eyes.


To provide a proper shape and look to your eyes, eyeliner is must. Eyeliner will sharps the mascara effect and makes the eyes more attractive. Try using light colored eyeliners to highlight mascara. One can also try the dark colored eyeliners. Put both types of eyeliners on your eyes and go with the best one that brings the gorgeous looks in you. Eyeliner helps in defining your eyes. If you use this incorrectly everything goes wrong and looks very aging. To look most youthful one must want to soften the eyeliner color choice.

Eye shadows

Eye shadows are considered as one of the best makeup part for the small eyes. Don’t call for same colors in all the times. Switch the picking of colors according to the season and occasion. Use dark shades such as grey, purples, blacks and etc in the evening events and go with pinks, browns and maroons in the afternoon occasions. Make sure the shades you are choosing must match with the dressing and accessories. Skin tone is major factor to consider when choosing the eye shadow. The shades which you choose will make difference in the intensity of your look. Women who are fair enough should avoid dark eye shadows.

Primer and foundation

When you are going to start the make-up, give fist preference to primer and foundation. Wear a primer before spreading the foundation or eye shadows, by which the make-up will stay for a longer period. To hide the dark circles and small marks on the face, foundation is a best way. So, always give foundation and primer a primary chance.


Amazing night make-up tips

When you are using the shimmer take the help of other person to get the best look. Shimmer helps to turn your looks great, it reduces the swollen look of the cheeks and makes you pretty than earlier. But take care while using the shimmer, if you wear high amount of shimmer it spoils your looks and make you look gaudy. The powder should only be used under the eyes and on the eyelids.

Reduce puffiness in the eyes

The skin which is swollen around the eyes looks very small. So follow some tips to get rid of this problem.

  • Wash your face frequently with cold water.
  • Take less amount of salt in your diet.
  • Having an appropriate sleep enough can reduce the puffiness in the eyes.
  • There is lot of exercises which reduces the puffiness around the eyes. Follow them for better results.
  • If you have any used cold teabags that can be placed over the eyes. Tannin which is present in tea will tighten the skin and improves the condition.

All these above tips help your small eyes to look sharp and great. Always remember to remove out the make-up before going to bed and also choose the best eye beautyproducts in order to prevent the itchiness, rashes and some other problems.

Here are some effective tips of eye makeup that is particularly suitable for girls with smaller eyes.

How to apply eyeshadow

  • If you have smaller eyes, always ensure that your eyebrows are not very thick. Thicker eyebrows can make small eyes appear even smaller. Also opt for a curved eyebrow shape rather than a straight one. Always pluck your eyebrows and highlight them within eyebrow pencil of one shade lighter color before starting with the eye makeup. A well maintained and manured eyebrow can give your eyes added definition.
  • While applying the eyeliner first use a dark colored liquid liner to draw a thin line marking the end line of your eyes. Now trace the line made by the liner with a lighter color (brown or chocolate) eye pencil. If you find it difficult to trace the liner with a pencil, first go for a thick line with the lighter eye pencil and then draw a thin line with the liquid liner, lining the edge of your eyes above the thick line. This tactic can instantly give your eyes a broader look.
  • For girls with smaller eyes, tracing the total upper as well as lower lid of the eye with a dark liner might not be a very good idea. Line the upper lid and only the outer edge of the lower lid. Never line your lower lid till the inner corner of the eyes; it can make your eyes look smaller.
  • If you are planning to go the minimalist way, without adding up eye shadow, you can always opt for extending the liner on your upper eyelid at the outer corners. Do not forget to match the extended part, with the liner on the lower lid by drawing a line back from the end of the liner mark on the upper eyelid.
  • Another vital trick for makeup of small eyes is highlighting the corners of the eyes. If you have smaller eyes, never forget to highlight the inner corners of your eyes with a lighter shade. You should mark the inner corners of both the eyes with a light colored eye pencil to make this “<” shape. This can be very helpful to make your eyes look bigger and more pronounced.

Best party makeup tips

  • If you are using eye shadow, always highlight the lower line of your eyes as well with a shimmery color. You need not to go overboard unless you are dressing for a party; you can simply use a light silver or golden eye shadow just below the lower eyelashes to highlight that area. You might not need to trace the highlighting all the way back to the outer corners of your eyes; highlighting the inner 1/3rd part can be sufficient to give your eyes a more defined look.
  • If you have smaller eyes never apply dark eye shadow colors on your upper lid just after the liner. First use a lighter shade on the lid and then apply a darker color on the crease. Finally blend the two colors properly to make it appear natural.
  • For girls with smaller eyes going for a smudged eyeliner look can also be great; as that naturally makes your eyes appear bigger. You can achieve this look simply by tracing your liner with an eye shadow of matching color. You should not extend the darker eyeshadow onto your lids; you must use it like a double line around your liner on both the upper and lowers eyelids. Smokey eye makeup can also do justice with smaller eyes.
  • The white kajal pencils now make a popular eye makeup product in the market and that is particularly because the right application of white kajal pencils can actually make even the smaller eyes look bigger. Before you start lining your eyes with a black kajal pencil, use the white kajal pencil on your lower water line. For girls with smaller eyes, using black kajal for lining the waterline can actually make the eyes appear even smaller. On the other hand, the use of white kajal can make your eyes appear bigger and more prominent.
  • One of the most important tricks for the small eyed beauties is to use mascara on the eyes in the right way. Mascara is the one makeup product that can make your eyes look much bigger and opened up when used properly. Always use more than one coat of mascara on the above eyelashes and do not forget to coat the lower ones too. For girls with smaller eyes sticking to black or brown mascara is a good option as that makes the eyes look bigger naturally without adding an artificial look.
  • Recently, soft looks are getting more attention in the fashion world. For girls with smaller eyes using a softer line of kajal on the upper eyelid rather than a sharp line of liquid eyeliner can also be a great way to make the eyes appear more prominent and vibrant. To get the look all you need to do is to follow with a kajal pencil after you have tight-lined your upper lash line with a brown pencil liner. You can also smudge the kajal drawn line on the upper lid lightly with a brush to get a softer look. This makeup trick can also make your eyes look bigger.
  • To make your small eyes appear bigger with the help of the right eye makeup you need to be really tricky while lining the eyes. If you have smaller eyes, first line your upper and lower eyelid with a brown color kajal pencil and then smudge it lightly with a smudging brush. Now start with the black colored kajal pencil and trace the eyes. Once you are done, you need to smudge this black kajal line too, but ensure that the smudging should not cross the brown smudged kajal line. Finally trace your eyes with a thin layer of black eyeliner from over the smudged black kajal. Once you are done with these three steps just apply a good dose of mascara to your eyelashes and see the change this eye makeup trick can bring to the look of your eyes.
  • A cardinal rule of makeup is to go with a subtle eye makeup when you are opting for a bright pout and the vice versa. Pairing a bold eye makeup with a bright lip makeup can never work for anyone, irrespective of her other features. For girls with smaller eyes going with a bold lip makeup means balancing it with a lighter eye makeup, but a light eye makeup might not be always adequate to make your eyes appear bigger. So, if you have smaller eyes, it is best suggested to go more with heavier eye makeup and lighter lip makeups. A heavier eye makeup done in the right way following the above tips can actually make your eyes appear more pronounced and vibrant and it can be paired easily with a lighter lip makeup. Always opt for glossy and nude shades at the lips to balance your heavy eye makeup and to not to look overdone.