How to pick sunglasses for triangular shaped face?

Buying sunglasses for triangular shaped face

Sunglasses for oval shaped faces

You can wear attractive sunglasses during summer season, but you must know the exact shape of your sunglass. If you have a triangular-shaped face, even then you have many options. If you have a triangular shaped face, then your forehead appears small and pointed at the center. Your jaw line or the chin portion is usually broader. The lower portion of your face is broader and your upper portion is narrower. Hence, you should wear a sunglass to make the upper portion, features and your lower portion features appear proportionate.

You can buy various types of sunglasses and choose various types of frames if you have a triangular shaped face. Your jaw line is usually sharper. The top portion is usually narrower. Hence, you must use a sunglass that can make your jawline look less sharp and your top portion should look attractive. Hence, you can use aviator sunglasses or rimless sunglasses. You can also use sunglasses with angular frames.

If you use aviator style, then your top portion usually appears little broader and if you use rimless sunglasses, then you can also look fairer than you are.

Your skin should look lighter if you have a triangular-shaped face. If you do not have a fair complexion, then select a right colored sunglass so that you appear attractive. You must use the right colors and shades to look brighter and lighter. If you wear vivid green colored frames then you look attractive. If you have emerald eyes, then you may use pale lenses also.

Your forehead usually is broader if you have a triangular face. If you have a triangular face, then your face may also be broader on the top portion and your lower portion is narrower. Your forehead is broader, but your chin area is very narrow and pointed. Your face tapers from the upper portion. Your chins are usually rounded. Hence, you must wear a sunglass to minimize your upper portion, so that your face looks poised. The gap between the upper portion of your face and the lower portion of your face is narrow.

You can also buy a sunglass that consists of a broad lower portion so that the upper portion and the lower portion appear linear. Your upper portion is already broader and hence your lower portion also appears prominently.

How to select sunglasses for round shaped faces

You must buy sunglasses of very light colors if you have a triangular face. The sunglasses should be made from very light materials also. If you use rimless frames, also your features on the lower portion appear bold.

Your face usually appears larger and if you have small round frames or square frames, also your features can appear attractive. You can achieve a poised and a proportioned look of your face. If you have a triangular-shaped face, then your face is exactly the opposite of a heart-shaped face. Some of the well-known celebrities who have triangular-shaped face includes Kathy Ireland, Minnie Driver etc. You can watch the type of sunglasses that they wear for the shows. You can also purchase an oval frame that is larger. You can also purchase the classic aviators that are not very small in size.

You must buy oval frames of large size because the features of the lower portion appear bolder because they are basically narrower. If you buy classic aviators, then your face appears larger and hence you look more attractive.

If you have a triangle-shaped face, even then you have many options. You can select a sunglass frame of any design and color. If you are a female and if you have a triangular shaped face, then you can buy many types of sunglasses and frames.