How to select the sunglasses for round shaped faces ?

Buying sunglass for round faces

If you have a round face, then you can wear many types of sunglasses during summer to look fabulous. If you have a circular face, then your forehead and chins are arched. Your forehead is usually broader but not long. Your cheekbones are slightly lower. Usually, you have a short face if you have a circular or round-shaped face. Then you must carefully select a sunglass. All types of sunglasses are not ideal for you. Your cheeks are usually plump.
The frames should be always wider and they should not be deeper. You can look attractive even if you buy a sunglass with square shape. As your face is circular, the contrast shape can make your features look even proportionate. If you wear a square-shaped sunglass, then your upper face looks prominent and proportionate. You must select a style that suits your face shape.

Your frame or sunglass should be slightly wider than the broadest part of your face. If you buy an angular frame sunglass, then your temple appears proportionate and it does not appear very broad. Your face also looks long and not very circular.

Sunglasses for oval shaped faces

If you have a circular face, then the distance between the eye area and your lip area is narrower. But if you buy an angular shaped frame, then the distance between the eye area and your lip area becomes wider. If you buy a double brow style frames, then the distance between the two becomes still wider.

When you search for a right frame in the market, then you may find sunglasses of different widths. You must select the frame with the largest width. Do not select round frames simply. If you are not able to find a right frame, then you may select angular silhouette instead. You can select any frame that has a rectangular and square shape.  Do not select embellished frames because such frames highlight the circular shape of your face.

If you have a round face, then preferably select a frame that consists of a dark color. You must preferably select a black frame. If you buy a dark-colored frame with a print design, then you can look even excellent. Preferably, this type of frame should be worn by men because it gives a masculine look.

If you are a female and if you have a round face, then you must wear lenses that consists of purple and cat eye color. Such frames should be preferably rectangular. If you wish to look attractive, then you must preferably use a Wayfarer frame that consists of bold printouts. You can buy sunglasses from many reputed concerns such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, and Prada etc.

Sun safety tips for skin

Whether you are a male or a female, you must carefully select a frame or a sunglass if you have a round face. You must select a right color frame, right colored lens and a right design. They should bring a poised look to your face and your face should not appear circular.

Do not buy aviator type sunglasses because they do not give a prominent look to your face. They are ideal for people who have oblong and square faces. You must preferably buy a sunglass that is wider. If you just buy a large sized sunglass for your face, even then you appear smarter. The frame that connects both the lens and frames together should be broader. Usually if you have a circular face, then your nose is larger. Many people have flat and large noses. If the portion between the two frames is larger, then your nose appears pointed and narrower.

Even round faced people can look attractive, if they buy right type of sunglasses.
As already discussed above, if you have a round face as a general rule, you should not buy the aviator sunglass models and should opt for the round glasses as they are sure to look even better on your face shape.  For round faces the bigger glasses are always preferred as they suit perfectly with the face cutting and also give higher coverage to the eyes from the harmful sun rays and dust.

Select the right size of the sunglass

Sunglasses for square shaped faces

While the shape of the glass, as mentioned above in the article, is vital to get the right look, you also have to take care of the size of the sunglass itself. Round faces are quite wider around the eyes and your glass should not be covering less than the actual width of your face. Make sure that the glass ends out from your face, and the corner of the sunglass should not be touching your skin or coming too close to your eyes.

Consider your skin complexion

The sunglasses comes in different color, while shades like black, brown, chocolate and all the variations in between can look beautiful on any skin tone, colors like green, red and blue might not be suitable for every complexion.  So, when you are buying the sunglass, consider your complexion and if the color of the glass will actually suit your skin tone. Picking the right color that looks perfect on your skin is not difficult but you might need to try out some models first.

Give preference to your likings

Once you have got a clear idea about the particular shape and size of sunglass that will suit you most, now you should give preference to your choice. There can be different variations in round sunglasses, they can come with a golden rim or a decorative frame and you can always pick the one that suits your taste. If you have got the right size and shape of the sunglass, any added decorations on the right size and shape will look good on you. So, pick the model that pleases your eyes.

Keep the purpose in mind

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When it comes to buying sunglasses, it is also important to keep the purpose of the glass in mind. If you are buying the glass for regular city use, it should be a bit simple and formal with high level of sun protection. On the other hand, when you are picking a sunglass for a vacation in the beach, you can surely pick the most gorgeous shade of the glass to give your looks a touch of vacation. While picking a sunglass always check out the Cat value of the glass, to be sure about the glass quality and the level of sun protection it can offer you.

Do not forget to experiment

This article provides you with some guidelines to pick a sunglass that is sure to suit the people with a round face. However, even if you have a round face, do not stop experimenting. You can always try out loads of sunglasses in the malls and pick some different ones as well apart from the round glasses to look different.