How to pick sunglasses for oval shaped faces?

Buying sunglass for oval shaped faces

How to select sunglasses for round shaped faces

If you have an oval-shaped face, then you can look smarter with sunglasses. But you must select a right type of sunglass. The sunglass should highlight your prominent features and should hide your weak features. If you have an oval-shaped face, then your forehead is arched and is pointed in between. Your chins are usually narrower at the tip and the upper portion is broader. Your face is usually long. You can buy many types of frames with different model and brand. The shape of your face is somewhat like an egg. You can easily select a right sunglass, if you have an oval-shaped face.

Many people prefer oval-shaped face because the features appear proportionate. The features are properly proportioned from all the sides. The cheekbones of such people are usually higher. Usually many types of frames and sunglasses are ideal for oval-shaped face people. If you have an oval-shaped face, then your forehead is usually a light broader than your chins. But you must consider an important point. The sunglass should not be broader than any of your broad features.

People with oval-shaped face look very attractive, if they wear a sunglass that is square rectangular or geometric shaped. If they wear square rectangular-shaped sunglass, then their nose appears pointed and hence they appear more attractive. People with oval-shaped face can wear sunglass of any color or model. They should feel comfortable if they wear a sunglass. The oversize square frames usually look fabulous for the people with oval-shaped face. They also look attractive if they wear sunglasses of square-shape that is slightly circular from the sides. Some people with oval-shaped face have large features, whereas some people have small features. You must select a sunglass, based on your facial features also. The frames should give a poised look to your face.

Usually the people with oval-shaped face should preferably wear red-color frame. People engaged in athletic activities usually wear red-frame and hence if the person wears red frames, then he looks athletic. If you are using a red-colored frame, then it should preferably have the cat’s eye shape.

If you have a slim oval-shaped face, then you preferably wear a sunglass with tortoise-print design. Such frames should preferably have the wrap star shape. Your features look bolder if you wear such frames. Your face also can look broader.

Sunglasses for square shaped faces

You also look attractive if you wear a frame that is gold medallion colored. Such design looks very attractive and the features look broader and sharper. The nose especially looks very sharp if you wear such a sunglass. Then the frame should have the tortoise-print design. Such designs usually are not ideal for people with slim features. Their features look even slimmer.

The aviator style frames or the wraparound style frames look even more magnificent for the people with oval-shaped face. If the person with oval-shaped face has soft features, then the sunglass looks even more fabulous if it is in the geometrical shape. The modern small and the geometric style frames look attractive and fabulous for the people with oval-shaped face.

The oval-shaped faces are almost similar to the long-shaped faces. Hence you can also try to wear sunglasses that are suitable for the people with long-shaped face such as wide frames, square frames etc.

Some of the celebrities who have oval-shaped face are Julia Roberts, Beyonce Knowles, Charlize Theron etc. on etc. You can watch the type of sunglass that they wear you can watch the type of sunglass that they wear when you are watching television and know the type of sunglass that is ideal for you.