Tweezing / Plucking facial hair is good for your face

Facial hair creates a lot of disturbances for individuals especially ladies as every lady wants to look attractive and beautiful. Even if they have fair complexion, too much of facial hair can make the skin dark. The makeup artists also faces trouble in putting makeup over the face of the ladies who have too much of facial hair. Thus, plucking becomes the only option in front of them.

If you are willing to pluck your hair by visiting the parlor for the first time in life, it will be really painful. One of the effective ways of removing the facial hair is known as tweezing. If you are having this due to hereditary problem, regular tweezing at the parlor will be really expensive. But, if you can do this at home, it can be accomplished in much easier and effective way.

Facial hair on a woman’s face is often very embarrassing and painful to remove them.  Some women have dark thick growth of hair on their lips, chin, jaw and neck. Many women overlook this look and there many more who look for methods to remove these unwanted embarrassing hair.

How home tweezing is beneficial?

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  • Just within the time period of 2-3 weeks, you can easily stay away from the facial hair growth
  • It will remove the facial hair over your skin on your face
  • You can feel the ease in removing hair from face
  • Gradually growth of facial hair will become lighter and weak
  • You can do this at home as per your convenience
  • The cost of hair tweezing will be lower than the amount spend in parlor
  • Result can be observed immediately

Methods of facial hair removal

  • Tweezing is the most popular and best method used by women for removal of facial hair.
  • Shaving– is a method which can be used for removal for hair from arms and legs but is not a good method for removal of facial hair.
  • Laser treatment is a very expensive facial hair removal method.
  • Facial hair removal cream or depilatories there are many types of hair removal creams in the market but some of them are not very effective and can cause reactions on the skin.

Plucking hair with tweezers called tweezing is the ideal method for removing unwanted hair on the facial area.  It is effective in removing stray eyebrow hairs, and scattered hair on nipples and stomach.

Tweezing as a hair removal method is ideal for small areas affected by unwanted body hair or for removing the stray unwanted hair on the facial area. Tweezing is also the best method for stray hairs on sensitive areas such as the nipples, chin and cheek. The process of tweezing is that the hair s are plucked one by one

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The latest technology behind tweezing is the use of electric tweezers which is found to be more convenient than normal tweezers. The current passed to uproot the hair weakens the hair growth. It is also called the electrolysis tweezers, but this has not been used by people recently.

Effective way of tweezing

  • A pair of good quality tweezers needs to be use d.
  • There should be bright even light in the area.
  • The skin should be stretched lightly; the tweezers should grip the hair near the root and pulled gently.
  • Tweezing is easier after a hot bath when the skin is warm.
  • Redness can be used by rubbing ice after tweezing.

Advantages and disadvantages of tweezing

The basic advantage of tweezing is that it is the most inexpensive method of hair removal. It has control over individual hair. It is good for eyebrow shaping. It is a convenient method that can be used anytime. Tweezing slows down the growth of facial hair.

The disadvantages of tweezing are that it is slow and not suitable for all areas. The process is painful and the skin is inflamed after tweezing. Sometimes tweezing can grow ingrown hair which is more painful.

How to remove facial hair

Tweezing facial hair remains to be the ideal method in shaping the eyebrows and in removing unwanted hair from parts of the face. Tweezing does not cause hair to grow back thicker. The changes in hair texture can be related to hormonal and genetic factors. The results last for 3-6 weeks. There are hardly any side effects of tweezing as compared to other methods mentioned above. The redness and irritation that may be caused disappears in a very short time.

Working of tweezing on face

In order to initiate the process of tweezing, the most important part will be to get the tool through which tweezing is done.  The steel tweezers is a tool which will effectively initiate the task of tweezing. This will not only remove the hair from the outer layer, rather it will clear it right from the root so that growth of further hair takes time. The hair will be trapped in the tweezers and then pulled in the usual direction in which hair growth is observed. But, you need to pull the hair carefully in a tweet so that the entire hair is removed right from the root.

Duration of tweezing

Since tweezing is not the permanent solution of removing your facial hair, you will actually require repeating the process after certain interval of time. It depends on person to person about the rate of hair growth after tweezing. It will stay between 2-6 weeks. If you have low growth of hair, it will stay for 6 weeks. But people with high growth of hair should compromise as they need to repeat this procedure once in every two weeks.  If you wish to lower the hair growth, frequent tweezing at home will be essential. While tweezing your facial hair, it is also equally important to avoid the area where your eyebrow grows.  If you unknowingly pluck hair from the eyebrow, it will fair to give you a proper shape once again.

Safety with tweezing

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You also need to know before carrying on with the process of tweezing that whether it is safe to go ahead with this activity. According to the experts, this is regarded as one of the safest way of plucking hair from your face. Initially you may get some paint but once you have made it in a continuous fashion, the pain will reduce a lot.

You also need to choose a good quality tweezers so that you don’t get pain while plucking your hair right from different parts of face. Some ladies all have a good amount of hair above their upper lip, just in the portion where men develops moustache. But, even this can be removed with tweezers. A good quality tweezers will not only remove your facial hair, rather it will pluck hair safely without damaging your skin.

You should not forget to wipe the ends of the tweezers with cotton pads so that you don’t develop any infection when the tool is used next time.  Even your skin should be wiped with a very light antiseptic solution tolerable on sensitive skin so that your skin does not develop any infection over the pores where the hair follicles were presented. You should be cautious and not plug your facial hair too fast as this can even lead to skin damage or other casualties.

It is easier to go for tweezing just after finishing shower as this is the time when the hair roots are soft and can allow the plucking activity without much trouble. The roots at that time become very soft which will easily help the hair follicles to plug out. Once the pores become relaxed after becoming wet, the plucking of hair becomes really easy. This will also reduce pain as the root becomes very soft. It is also important to apply a moisturizer or Aloe Vera gel so that the effect becomes soothing.