Homemade scrubs to lighten the dark black armpits, underarms

There are numerous people who start sweating in the name of wearing sleeveless. The secret reason behind that generally is a dark underarm. A wicked bacterium called Cory bacterium is the sole reason behind dark underarms and odor. There is no point in fighting shy to admit it as dark armpits are common to many and it can be easily cured.

Is the gorgeous and sizzling sleeveless dress still hanging in the wardrobe! which you have bought with great interest! Now it’s time to take it out and wear it. Don’t worry about your dark armpits they will be vanished very soon with the following armpit scrubs.

Many people just due to because of this reason (dark armpits) don’t indulge themselves into trendy sleeveless dresses. Of course, you may feel shy and embarrassed in the moment when you lift up the hands but how many days will you stay like a couch potato. Let’s conquer it and solve the problems of dark armpits with easy homemade recipes.


How to smoothen armpits

In solving many skin problems, lemon is always with us. It makes the skin tone even and aids in reducing the darkness. Take a lemon slice and scrub it under the arms, if you do this procedure regularly your armpits will gradually become better and even toned. Lemon also helps to remove the dead skin and to whiten the dark spots.

Yogurt and lemon

To get the fairer underarms yogurt and lemon mixture is a great solution. Prepare a smooth paste from yogurt and half tablespoon of lemon juice, apply this scrub on your armpits and leave it for about 10 minutes. Rinse off with cold water. Do this procedure for at least once a week to get rid off the darkness on your skin.

Gram flour scrub

The gram flour scrub works intended in removing out the dead and flaky skin from the underarms by which they will be cleaned. Take two tablespoons of gram flour in a bowl and add it two tablespoons of milk and a pinch of turmeric powder. Scrub this mixture for about five minutes under the armpits. Practice this method regularly to calm down the dullness and dark color.

Turmeric powder and yogurt

Turmeric and yogurt mixture helps in lightening the skin complexion. Both of them work as natural bleaching agents and helps to reduce the dark color. Scrub the mixture prepared from one tablespoon of yogurt and half tablespoon of turmeric powder regularly to note down the difference.

Saffron scrub

Homemade scrubs to lighten underarms

Saffron has been under the use of many beauty treatments since many generations. Take few saffron strands and soak them in milk for one to two hours, apply this milk mixture on your underarms and leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse off with the cold water and pat. It is an excellent way to treat the underarm dark skin.

Potato scrub

In removing the dead skin and to shine the armpits potato helps you a lot. Take a medium sized potato and crush it, use the paste to scrub your underarms. You can try this remedy daily before going to bath.

Sandalwood powder and milk

Rub the sandalwood and collect the paste from it, add it with sufficient amount of milk and apply it on your underarms. Let it become dry and rinse off with cold water. Use this scrub for two to three times a week to get the amazing results. You can also few drops of lemon juice if you wish to add.

This article features some great tips that will lighten the tone of your armpit. Go through all of them and follow the one that suits you the most.

Orange peel and rose water scrub

How to lighten underarm skin

Orange peels are an excellent scrub for all skin types. The skin whitening feature of it makes it an undisputed aid to bring back the natural shade of the armpits. To begin with the procedure, at first put some peels into the mixer grounder. Keep it switched on until the peels turn into powder. Now take this orange peel powder and add some rose water to it. Scrub your underarms using a little pressure for near about 15 minutes. It will remove the dead cells from the skin and it will naturally look blemish-free. Wash the area with cold water.

Cucumber scrub

Cucumber is natural bleach which means that it will whiten the discolored, unsightly skin under the arms without causing any harm to the sensitive skin of the armpits. You will need some cucumber slices, lemon juice and turmeric powder to make this scrub. Start with extracting the juice from the cucumber, and then mix the other ingredients with this. Now rub this paste on the surface. Leave it to dry for half an hour. Rinse with water. If you want to go for a more option, all you have to do is to rub the thin slices of cucumber on the area until the piece start getting dry.

A mild scrub of granulated sugar and lemon

This scrub will exfoliate the dead skin cells which are solely responsible for the dark color of the armpits. Through this process, new cells will replace the dead ones. Squeeze some lemon juice and mix it with some granulated sugar. The granules will remove the blemish and the skin will look new, refreshed and its color will be similar with your complexion. Just rub this mixture on the underarms for 5-10 minutes. Wash off. The results will be visible in just a few weeks of its use.

Scrub with baking soda

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With the use of baking soda on your armpits, you can fight perspiration, odor along with discolored skin. This ingredient will kill the germs that create underarm odor and cleans the skin pores. For making the scrub, you will need only water apart from the soda. Form a thick paste using these two. Gently scrub the area using clean, dry hands for some minutes. Rinse with cold water. Pat the surface with a soft towel.

Harness the power of milk

Milk has been generously used in beauty products that claim to lighten the skin tone of the body. However, lightening the skin color of the underarms is tougher than doing the same to the rest of the body parts. The lactic acid in milk holds enough might to gently remove the impurities that create a layer on the armpits. All you need to do is to combine 2 tbsp of milk with 1 tbsp of yogurt and a little bit of flour. The last ingredient is added to add the grainy texture to the scrub. Gently apply this formula on the skin. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Wash off with cold water.

A pack of nuts and lemon

One of the most prominent causes of dark underarms is the accumulation of dead skin cells over the skin. In this case exfoliation with a natural mild scrub can remove these old dead cells helping new ones to reveal. Nuts with high vitamin E content are perfect scrubs. For this pack you can use some walnuts along with a little lime juice and honey. In a blender grind the walnuts. To make a smooth paste, add 1 tsp of lemon juice and one tsp of honey to it. Mix all the ingredients together. Scrub the armpits using gently circular Stroke of finger. Do not put much pressure on the sensitive skin. Let it rest until it dries. Rinse with cold water.