How to wax your underarms /armpits at home?

Waxing is better than shaving. Probably you have heard this plenty of times.  Yes, it’s quite true. Since waxing removes the hair from the root, it lasts for a longer period of time, say approximately 4-6 weeks.

On the contrary, shaving removes the hair from the surface. Hence you need to redo the same again and again. A number of women avoid undergoing waxing treatments because of the fear of pain.

However, by using the right kind of wax and preparing your armpit in a proper manner,  you can reduce pain as well as in-growths of hair. Follow the steps to get better results.

Getting your armpit clear through cream remover will be quite easy for individuals. But, that won’t stay for a long time. Even some hair removal creams may cause irritation to your skin.

Excessive use of hair removal cream over your armpit would make your underarms dark. Waxing will be the best remedy in this regard. But, everyone cannot spend so much in order to wax their underarms every month.

Simple natural ways of clearing your arms at home will be really effective. Cleanliness of your underarms will be related to the aesthetic value which will eradicate the issues of your body odor. Today, you can find various ways through which your underarms can be cleared without any trouble.

How to prepare your armpit?

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Before getting started with waxing,  it is highly advisable to prepare your armpit. It will help you to reduce pain and get better result. Wash your armpit with a mild soap or a nourishing body wash. Using lukewarm water for washing the area is a good idea, as it will soften your hair as well as the surrounding area.

This will make waxing more convenient. Do remember to check the hair length before you start. It should not be more or less than 1/4″long.  If it is less than 1/4″ postpone your waxing session. In case, it’s longer than the required length trim it to  1/4″ or so.

Use old towel

Waxing your armpits, all by yourself might turn out to be a messy affair. So it’s better to wrap yourself with an old bath towel. This will allow you avoid the mess and help you with the cleaning process as well.

Powder the area

Before starting with the wax, it is advisable to apply some talcum powder on the Do remember to remove the excess powder or else the wax will not stick on and you might get hurt.

Heating the wax

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Make sure to get the right wax for your armpit. Use the wax that is used removing the unwanted hair from your legs and other parts of the body. Never use the one that is used for removing facial hairs.

Now let’s move on to heating the wax. You can heat the wax using a wax heater or a microwave. Make sure that the wax melts properly and its consistency is You can prepare your own wax at home.

Just mix 2 cups of sugar with 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup lemon juice, heat this mixture on the stove at low flame, wait till the sugar melts and becomes sticky. Before getting started with the waxing process, check whether the wax is hot or not. You can check this by applying it on less sensitive area of your body.

Processes of application

Using the right tool and the right method to apply wax are very important. Here are some easy tips:

  1. Use wooden stick: Take good amount of wax on a wooden spoon or spatula and smear it on your armpit in the direction of the hair growth. Repeat the same for covering the entire area of the hair growth with the wax.
  2. Check the hair growth: Sometimes, hair growth is not uniform all over the armpit. In this case you need to wax it up in sections.
  3. Applying wax: Always apply the wax in the direction of hair growth. Opposite application will tend to tangle the hairs and will not support a clean removal. Most importantly, you might get injured.
  4. Placing the strip: Take a wax strip and place it on the wax covered area. Leave a free end with no wax on it. This will help you pull it out properly. Slightly rub the area in the direction of hair growth. Pull the strip as quickly as possible to remove the wax and the hair. Make it on the opposite direction. If you are using the sugar wax you made at home, using cotton cloth is better than wax strips.
  5. Final process: Check your armpit for extra hairs, if there are any, use a tweezer to remove them. Use baby oil or lotion to remove the remaining wax and wash well.

Tips for waxing underarms at home

Consideration of hair length

Best ideas for waxing at home

It is really important to consider the length of hair which you have under your arms before going for underarms hair removal. It is better to have appropriate length of underarms as shorter hairs underarms will not be able to grip the wax properly.

It will not be effective waxing as getting the hair from the root will be really difficult in this case. At the same time, waxing of long length hair will also be very painful. It will be better to wax when your hair has a length of 1/4th inch. Cut the underarm length with a scissor if it is longer than this.


You also need to scrub your underarms before carrying on with the procedure of waxing. All dirt as well as impurities will be cleared with the help of scrubbing process by clearing all types of impurities and creates unblocking surface to the hair follicles. It also gets an ease in releasing hair follicles. Even the waxing process will be less painful after this.

Drying underarms

If you are sweating at the time of waxing, wax may not settle easily over your skin.  If you are having a habit of sweating too much, it is the time to wash your skin with warm water and pat dry before applying the wax.

Even the heat will play a wonderful role in making your hair softer and create an ease in the process of waxing. If the excess moisture from your skin is not soaked with warm water and pat dry, another way to overcome will be using the talcum powder.

Popping up painkiller

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Sincerely speaking, waxing is a painful process. Thus, people who cannot bear such pain must take painkillers.  You can also go for the anti inflammatory drug which is available in the market.

Depending upon the type of painkiller you need to consume it just half an hour before the process of waxing.  If you don’t want to take painkillers, the tropical medicines can also be of great help to you.

Right process of waxing your underarms

There is also an effective process of waxing underarms. When you are waxing, you need to stretch the skin from both side tightly so that you may not get pain at the time of waxing.  The wax trip of wax gel must be applied in the direction opposite to the hair growth.  It will be better to wax small areas at a time.

After care

Just after completion of the waxing process you need to care the particular portion of your skin which have brought out redness and tenderness or irritation. You can rub ice over the area where you are suffering from pain as ice will make the place numb and you will not be able to realize the pain.

You should also wear loose clothes for some days just after completing your waxing  so that you can get away from discomfort.

  • It is better to do waxing in the bathroom. This will help you easily clean the mess.
  • To soften the hair baby oil is the best.
  • Before starting keep all necessary things handy. It would be difficult for you to search for things with your arms raised high.
  • If you are making your own sugar wax, the consistency should be one single string thick.