How to get rid of armpit odor

With age, there are so many problems that may come to you and one of them is armpit odor. It may seem to be very disgusting, but sometimes you will not be able to help yourself. There is always the option of using deodorants or perfumes, but they only keep the odor away for a few hours and not more. You need to do something that would get rid of the odor once and for all. Here are few natural methods that you can follow:

Tomato pulp

This is a very easy thing to do. Take a few tomatoes and extract the pulp from them fully. Accumulate them in a bowl and apply the pulp directly on your underarms. You will have to use your hands in applying the pulp instead of any brush or spoon. Once you have applied it on both the armpits, leave it for around 15 minutes. Wash it with normal water and repeat it at least three times a week. You will notice the effects for yourself.

Baking soda mixture

One of the most popular remedies for curing armpit odor, only a tablespoon of this stuff mixed well with lemon juice can relieve you from the bad smell. You have to mix the baking powder and lemon juice properly so that there are no lumps in it. Apply on your armpits and leave it for 15 minutes before cleaning it off. Alternatively, you can also use baking soda along with cornstarch. On applying this under your armpits, you will notice that it would absorb all the excess sweat, thus not allowing the odor to spread. If you do not have lemon juice, you can use normal water and follow the same procedure as above.

Apple cider vinegar

If there is one mixture that has been effective on each and every person suffering from armpit odor, then this is it. Known as a great substitute for deodorants, apple cider vinegar has anti-bacterial properties that fight the bacterial growth under your underarms. You can get a bottle of this mixture from the market and start applying as soon as possible. All you need to do is dip cotton balls and wipe them in your underarms. If you do not have cotton balls handy, you can take the mixture and pour it in a spray bottle. Also, take some water and pour it in the same bottle. Spray the contents on your underarms while bathing.


Lemon has a great deal of acidic properties that kill the bacteria producing the bad odor. Since the pH level under your armpits change on applying lemon, the odor ceases to a great extent. Applying lemon on your armpits is easy. You need to slice a lemon in half and apply it slowly. If you think that the lemon drops are not getting applied in the right areas, you can squeeze the juice in a small bowl. Take cotton balls and dip them in the juice. Wipe the cotton balls on your armpits and leave it to dry. It would be best to follow this process after taking bath. You can also use a spray bottle to use the lemon juice on your underarms.

Rose water

This is a long known process of getting rid of armpit odor. Rose water has a very soothing effect on the skin and when applied on your underarms, helps in neutralizing the bad odor. Take some rose water in a cup and apply with cotton balls. You can also spray the same with the help of a spray bottle. If you want long lasting freshness, you can add few rose water drops in your bathtub. It will not only keep the armpit odor away, but also keep you fresh throughout the day.

Sandalwood powder

Best known for the soothing aroma, sandalwood powder can be the best solution to your underarm odor problem. Since this powder is easily available, you can buy a packet and prepare a thick paste with water. Always make sure that the paste does not have too much of water, otherwise the paste will not stick in your armpits. Mix the powder and water properly and apply the mixture on your underarms. Do not wash it immediately. Let it dry and then wash it with water. Do not use soap to clean. For better effects, you can use white vinegar instead of water to make the paste. This mixture has to be applied after taking bath. Do not forget to wash it after it becomes dry. You will notice a sweet fragrance instead of the odor.

Combined herbs

There are various herbal mixtures that can come to your rescue of getting rid of armpit odor. One common mixture that is often used is that of walnut leaves, eucalyptus leaves, tormentil root, oak bark and hazel leaves. Mix all of them together. Do not crush any of the leaves or roots. Just mix them well and add 5 tablespoons of this mixture in almost 2 liters of water. Boil the entire mixture for 5 minutes. Let it cool down for a while and then add half the water in your bathing water. This will definitely help save you from smelly underarms and feet. The best thing to do would be making the mixture on a daily basis and using it while bathing. This will keep the entire mixture fresh.

Following the above steps will surely have positive results and you there will never be smelly armpits anymore like before.