How to get rid of mosquito bites quickly

Mosquito bites become more common during the summers. They are one of the biggest reasons why we want to cut down on our summer activities. Apart from being itchy and disturbing, they can bring in numerous health issues.

Signs of a mosquito bite

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Mosquito bites are usually very easy to figure out. Sometimes, you get bitten right away. Though, when you see a mark on your skin, you might want to crosscheck. This is to see that the signs are matching with that of a mosquito bite. A mosquito bite would have:

  • A white bump on the zone of the bite
  • The bump would swell on and around
  • There would be redness on the zone
  • The spot would be darkened

Health risks

A mosquito bite is usually just an annoying bite. They are irritating and itchy but you can take care of it. Sometimes, the bite could be more than that. If you have a reaction to the bite, they can leave you with fever, body ache, headache, etc.

Look out for the big swollen area around the mosquito bite. It could be like a swollen lymph node, especially if the case is serious. This is due to the saliva of the mosquito which reacts when it gets in touch with our body. Some people have really sensitive skin, which is why the reactions to the bite are more easily detected. They also tend to feel more itchy and disturbed. Parents should be more attentive during summers.

Another health risk which is associated to mosquito bites are potential diseases which mosquitoes carry in them. If the mosquito which bit you was carrying a disease, then its saliva transfers that disease to you. These could include yellow fever, malaria, dengue, etc. Though these cases are infrequent, but they should be taken a precaution.

Home remedies to get rid of mosquito bites


Lemon is a very good remedy which helps in a lot of health and beauty aspects. They have natural anti-inflammatory and anesthetic elements which treat mosquito bites very usefully.

  • Chop a lemon into 2 pieces
  • Rub the inside against your mosquito bite
  • You could also rub the yellow rind on your skin


  • Take some basil leaves
  • Crush them with lemon juice
  • Apply the combination to the affected area

Onion and garlic

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The combination of onion and garlic reduces swelling and soothes your itches skin. They also have a strong smell which repels insects from biting you further.

  • Mince little amounts of onion and garlic
  • Apply it directly to the affected area, for quick relief
  • Let it be for a few minutes
  • Wash off

Baking soda

Baking soda is another instant relief to mosquito bites. It is alkaline in nature and it neutralizes the pH balance on our skin.

  • Take a glass of water
  • Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • Dip a clean cloth to the glass
  • Put it over the affected area and let it be sit 10-20 minutes.

Alternatively, if you have witch hazel, you could opt for this

  • Make a paste with witch hazel and baking soda
  • Apply the combo on the swollen area and let it dry for 10 minutes
  • Rinse the area with lukewarm water.

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is a natural antiseptic which makes it an amazing remedy for bug bites. It reduces the pain and swelling, also makes it heal fast.

  • Cut an aloe vera leaf from the middle, to get the maximum amount of gel.
  • Cool the gel for 10-15 minutes, in the fridge
  • Apply directly and let it heal.


Salt has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory elements as well, and thus, it is another remedy for you!

  • Take a little amount of table salt
  • Add few drops of water to it
  • Blend them well to form a paste


  • You could take equal amounts of seasoning and garlic salt
  • Add water drop in equal amounts to make a paste
  • Apply the paste in the affected area
  • This may let you have a burning feeling but it will relieve you soon


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Cold temperature reduces the spread of inflammatory substances on the zone. That is followed by numbness and immediate relief as well.

  • Take an ice pack and hold it on the affected area for around 10 to 15 minutes.
  • If you don’t have it at home, take an ice cube and wrap it in a cloth, and then use it in the same way.
  • If you have neither of the above, simply run a tap open and soak your swell. You will feel relieved after sometime.

Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a common household antiseptic which can relieve you from the irritation. This also reduced the chance of having an infection.

  • Take a small amount of alcohol on a cotton ball and then rub it on the affected area. In the beginning it stings a little, but you soon get relieved from the swell and itchiness.
  • You can replace this with a mouthwash which has alcohol content, if you don’t have rubbing alcohol.
  • You could also use vodka as that helps too

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties which helps you treat mosquito bites. This also reduces swelling and irritation.

  • Take a cotton ball for adding some tea tree oil to it
  • You will find the swell go down soon

If you have a sensitive skin, do not opt for this remedy as tea tree oil could increase irritations. You could use other essential oils, cedar oil or lavender oil instead.


Toothpaste minimizes itchiness caused by bug bits.

  • Take some toothpaste on your finger
  • Apply it on the affected area
  • Let it dry for 20 minutes
  • Wash off

For improved results, take peppermint toothpaste because it contains anti-inflammatory properties. If you don’t get that, try to use toothpaste which has menthol or baking soda as its ingredients. Do not use gel based toothpaste for this but.


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Aspirin has anti-inflammatory elements which controls swelling from insect bites.

  • Crush an aspirin into powdered form
  • Add drops of water to form a paste
  • Apply it to the affected area and let it sit for hours
  • Rinse with lukewarm water


  • Wet the affected zone
  • Rub an aspirin over it

People usually resolve their problems with these given home remedies. If you think these aren’t reducing the swell, you might get in touch with a doctor, as it could need supervision.

Preventing mosquito bites

We have discussed the various remedies to cure a mosquito bite. However, they best thing to do is to prevent the occurrence than to cure it. There are a number of things which can be done, to keep you protected from redness and itching.

  • Two chemicals, namely DEET and picaridin are both proven for keeping mosquitoes away. There were some controversies for using these chemicals for this purpose before, but they have now been prove safe and are recommended for adult use. Most of the insect repellent would contain either of these chemicals. Applying these repellents, when you know you are exposed to an environment full of mosquitoes, is a good way to keep them away.
  • There are electric machines which come with insect killing liquid. You can get them from your grocers as they really work. There are different products which serve the same purpose, like sprays and mosquito coils. You have to ask for the variations, and buy the ones which suit you. This also prevents you from applying repellents externally. Repellents are no advised for sensitive skin as they can have harsh reactions.
  • Having a mosquito net fixed for your windows are a bright idea to let the air in, but not the insects which also come along.
  • Having a mosquito net for your bed, and simply tying it before going to sleep, would let you have an undisturbed sleep.
  • Keeping your skin covered is another way to get away with mosquitoes. Long sleeve tops and long pants are surely going to keep you protected.
  • You could but citronella candles as they are known to keep away bugs.
  • Dusk and dawn are two prime times when mosquitoes would be close to you. Be careful and take the necessary precautions.