How to get rid of armpit irritation / armpit rashes?

During the summer when you sweat excessively, it gives rise to irritant under your arms which will force you to scratch your skin with nails. Repeated scratching of skin with nails can make the area reddish in appearance and will give rise to armpit rashes. There are variety of ways that will help you get your underarm free from all types of irritants. If you visit your skin specialist, he will provide you with the medicated cream or lotion along with some medicine to intake. But, every individual cannot run and visit a skin specialist for every simple health and skin condition since their charges and the medicine they provide are very expensive. But some simple home remedies and changes in habits can work really well in healing the armpit irritation as well as rashes growing over it. Following are some of the effective tips that will easily help you get your armpit free from irritants and rashes. 

Ways to get rid of irritant underarm and rashes

Cleanliness and hygiene

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If you are willing to be free from rashes and irritations over your armpit, the best way will be to stay clean and be hygienic. Due to excessive sweat during the summers, bacteria will breed and the fungal infection also gets developed. You need to wash your underarm portion regularly even when you are not in a shower. Always use a towel or cloth to wipe away the excess sweat so that the infection may not be in a state to make your skin filled with irritants. Use medicated soap that also washes away your bacteria and virus. Stay clean to stay away from such rashes.

Usefulness of oil

There is variety of natural oils that you can use such as olive oil, coconut oil, lavender oil as well as tea tree oil. You can use any one of them that is having vitamin E. You can apply it before going to shower by cleaning the armpit area with water and anti bacterial. The vitamin E content in the particular oil will work really well in repairing your skin and protecting it from variety of damages. Regular application of such oil will easily keep you away from the rashes.

Hot compressed

Another effective way of removing rashes from your skin will be through the use of hot compressed. You can dip your cotton cloth in hot water, squeeze water and then apply it over the underarm portion where you have formed rashes. People have received good result after using the hot compressed as this is free from all types of side effects and even it is very simple process.

Potassium alum

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This is one of the wonderful mineral which is also having sterile as well as astringent qualities. Since this does not go ahead with the counter action with sweat, you will even stay away from the foul smell provided by the bacteria.  You can get it from your grocery store in the form of a stone. Just you need to soak it a little and rub it throughout your underarm.


As we all know that alcohol has the antiseptic property, it can heal a cut very soon. Similarly if you have rashes formed over your underarm, the best way will be to apply the same over your underarm portion.  You can dip a cotton ball over the alcohol and apply it slowly over your underarm portion. If this become very sensitive to your skin dilute it with half portion of water and then apply the same over your underarm portion. You can also put few drops of rosemary or lavender oil over the solution and apply it over the skin.

Loose cloth

You also need to take care of your clothing when you have a problem of underarm rashes. Try to avail the cloth made up of cotton fabric and also avoid the tight fitting clothes. You need to be cautious about the friction between your underarm skin and the cloth as both needs to be kept apart. Excessive rubbing can give rise to rashes and irritations over the skin layer. Thus, keep this tip in your mind and go ahead.