How to prevent cataract formation

The best part of our body is our eyes. It lets us cherish the beauty of the nature, store all the memories we’ve seen. But what if you cannot see anything properly after a particular span of time? What if the sharp vision turns out to be blurring with time and age? What if you suffer from cataract? Cataracts are basically blind spots or opacities piling up in the lens of the eye which keeps on increasing as your age increases. More than 505 of the total world population suffer from cataract up to some extent after the age of 65. Cataracts are not a matter of few days or weeks, it required at least few months or years to develop fully. It can also be defined as cloudiness in the lens of the eye resulting to temporary or permanent blindness depending on the degree of cataract formation. It is one of the most eye conditions among people of age group 60 to 75 years.

In its initial stage people don’t feel any problem with their vision but with time, it develops and transforms into blind spots which can take away your vision completely. It is very important to know that how do cataract form and affect your eyes. In your eye, the lens is placed right behind the pupil and focuses light right onto the retina. The lens of the eye is formed by a jelly like transparent material which is loaded with protein. With aging the protein filled jelly like transparent material or the lens starts losing the protein. Hence, the lens is damaged and cloudiness starts piling up. On complete development, this cloudiness transforms in to cataract which takes away your vision partially or completely. In some cases cataracts are congenital which means the person is born with cataract (present at birth) or has developed at an early age due to usage of steroids and drugs, some eye injury, eye surgery or due to diabetes. In other cases, cataracts develop with aging which is a common aging issue.

However in recent studies and researches done on cataract, it is established that cataracts are caused due to some free radicals which are basically destructive molecules. The damaged caused to the lens of the eye is explained with the example of cooking an egg. When an egg is boiled or poached, the white transparent part (albumin) turns opaque due to the loss of protein while cooking it. Cataract formation is pretty similar to the process of cooking an egg.

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Smoking is another cause which increases the free radical damage. It is observed that chain smokers have a greater risk of cataract formation. With an increase in population, a study states that the cases of cataract may double or triple itself from the point where it stands now. It isn’t so that there are no way out from this condition, but the way out is beyond the reach of many people. Cataract surgery, being an effective and easy way out for each and every cataract patient is very much costly to afford. But you don’t have to worry as below we have discussed and elaborated some of the preventive measures and way out from cataract formation.

How to prevent cataract formation?

In recent years it has been recorded that cataract formation can be avoided by following some easy steps, taking necessary measures, changing your diet plan, avoiding smoking and many more. Though being an inevitable aging consequence, cataract can be avoided or cured with necessary measures taken at the right time. The free radicals can be extinguished by antioxidants such as beta carotene, vitamin E and vitamin C. Quitting smoking can reduce the cataract formation chances by 28% in the long run. The more antioxidants are consumed, the less you have the chances of cataract formation. Taking proper and effective multivitamins can reduce the chances by 60%. As we know cataracts don’t develop in a week or in a month but with aging. Supplements can be an effective measure to get real benefit and avoid cataracts. Taking vitamin C supplements for at least 8 to 10 years can actually reduce the risk of cataract development by 70%. Along with vitamins and mineral supplements, a proper diet also plays an important role in reduction of cataract formation. Here are some preventive measures to be taken for avoiding or getting rid of cataract formation.

Take a good multivitamin

Before or after the age of 65, people who are taking multivitamins, especially the ones with high concentrations of antioxidants have almost reduced the risk of cataract by 25% to 27%. Consume multivitamins and minerals which contain vitamin C and vitamin E. These multivitamins are easily available in the market as tablets and capsules.

Supplement with vitamins A and C

Our eyes need proper care as they are one of the most delicate organs. Vitamin A and C are the antioxidants which are highly concentrated in the eyes. They help protect the eyes from all the assaults of free radicals. Vitamin A and C are very important for you if you want to have a cataract free healthy vision. To get a healthy vision even after the age of 65, it is recommended that you should take at least 5000 units of vitamin A as beta carotene and 2500 units of vitamin C daily.

Ensure that you’re getting enough lutein and zeaxanthin

A study stated that women above the age of 60 who have the highest rank of lutein and zeaxanthin are about 33 percent less likely to have cataracts. It is highly recommended to take 15 to 30 mg of lutein and 2 to 3 mg of zeaxanthin on a daily basis.

Take bilberry

Bilberry performs as a vasodilator, escalating the blood flow to the vasculature of the eyes, it increases tissue and capillary wall potency. It can stop the progression of the cataracts by 97 percent in most of the cases recorded. It is recommended to take a daily dosage of minimum of 30 mg of bilberry extract unvarying to contain at least 25% of anthocyanidins.

Take off your sunglasses

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We all know that sunglasses are that accessory which is a must regardless of all other things and belongings.   Often people wear sunglasses either to protect their eyes from UV rays that are the Ultraviolet rays which is harmful enough for the eyes as well as the skin. Many people wear sunglasses to add bit more class to their style statement. But on the other hand, wearing sunglasses all the time isn’t good for you too.  It not only blocks the wavelengths of light which nourishes the eyes but also keeps them healthy. So it won’t be at all harmful if you let your eyes absorb a speck of sun light. It will help your eyes get necessary antioxidants.