Sun safety tips for skin – Do’s and don’ts of suncare

Year on year several skin cancer cases are been diagnosed in the world, the serious contributor of the skin cancer problem is sun’s ultraviolet rays. Sunscreen is key to avoid the conditions of skin cancer, skin tan, age related problems including wrinkles and fine lines. It needs more than care apart from just slopping the sunscreen after reaching the beach.

Summer is around the corner, the sunlight is blazing hot. Now, what you need to be concerned over is whether your skin is properly geared up bear the extreme hot and harmful rays of sun. If the answer is negative, ponder over it again. The ultraviolet rays emitted from sun can be fatal to your skin leading to even skin cancer. Though that is not the case with everyone, still sunburn, tanning, appearance of the signs of aging, sunstroke etc. take a toll all those who are not cautious enough.

Let us see what to do and what not to for the proper sun care

Apply even when indoors

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Staying inside the glass doors doesn’t means you are completely protected from the sun rays, glasses help to prevent UVB rays but they can’t control UVA rays, which damage the immune system and results brown spots and wrinkles.  So even though you are under the shade of car glasses application of sunscreen helps to ward off the skin problems resulting due to UVA rays.

Not just the facial skin

Our facial skin is not the only skin part that is exposed to sun rays, however our hands, lips, ears, forearms and décolletage also equally receive the sun exposure. So, apply sunscreen for all the mentioned areas to not just control the aging signs but also to prevent the risk of cancerous tumors called melanomas.

It will wear off

Sunscreens that are coming with waterproof and water resistant don’t stay for long time as per your expectations. They just wear away after 30 minutes or after spending more time in the water. Excess sweating as well as towel dry also removes out the sunscreen fast.

May be you are not under the shade of security

You may feel like protective while being under an umbrella but sun rays also penetrate through umbrellas and other straw shades. Do you know water, sand, concrete and other sources of reflective surfaces bounce back the sun rays! Yes they are, so wear a layer of sunscreen even in the winter season to protect the skin from sun reflections that come through snow in the winter.

Don’t panic

Excess exposure to sun rays leads to sunburns, it can be treated with the help of moisturizers, cool baths, over the counter hydrocortisone creams and with anti-inflammatory medicines like aspirin or ibuprofen. In some cases sunburn also associate with fever, headache, chills and heart stroke. Consult the nearest doctor for the immediate help.

Needs on everyday

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As with the rounding clock you are suggested to apply sunscreen on everyday of the year. On a gray day nearly 80 percent of the sun rays strike the skin through the clouds.

Use it best

For the optimum functionality of the sunscreen, apply it 15 to 20 minutes before you are moving out.

Read the label

Check the sunscreen bottle label whether it is having zinc oxide, or titanium oxide and Mexoryl for UVA protection. Also salicylates, cinnamates and PABA derivatives for the UVB absorption and benzophenones like oxybenzone and sulisobenzone for UVA (Short length) protection.

In addition

In addition with sunscreen clothing will also help to protect the skin. Wear long sleeved shirts, trousers, sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats.


Look for the SPF factor in your sunscreen

Sunscreen lotion is the first thing any skin expert would suggest for maximum security from the UVA and UVB rays. A fine quality sunscreen lotion would block the sun rays from entering your skin. Thus, chances of your getting attacked by tanning or sunburn get reduced. Make sure you’re the one you use contains SPF or sun protection factor. According to researchers, SPF 30 is capable of blocking 97% of the UVB rays.

Keep in mind your skin type

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It doesn’t matter if your skin type is normal, oily or dry; UV rays shower its unkindness equally on all. The lotion should not at all be sticky; rather it should be deeply moisturizing and sweat-resisting. If you can find a sunscreen with aloe vera base, you will be successfully able to maintain the glow of your face even when you are exposed to the sun. If you have an oily skin, aloe vera will be apt to protect your skin from getting greasy.

Take care of your eyes

If you are still not completely aware of the damages the UVB rays can bring upon you, it’s high time you acquire sufficient knowledge. These rays are notorious for causing cataracts which needs to be operated pretty often. Eyes, being the most delicate part of our skin can be affected by conjunctivitis and dryness too. As preventive measures, put on sunglasses that provide 100% protection from the tyrant UV rays. Always rinse thoroughly with cold water after getting back from outside.

Optimization of diet

To complete your skincare regime, you can’t leave out the diet part. Excessive exposure to sun breaks collagen and elastin of the skin-hence the first firm step towards aging is taken. Eating the right food will increase the production of hormones and enzymes that can build up resistance against aging, pigmentation and all the other health problems created by the sun. Foods with beta-carotene, antioxidants, lycopene, omega-3 fatty acids should be the parts of your anti-inflammatory diet. red tomatoes,watermelons,cold water fishes like salmon,trout,green leaves should be consumed in considerable amounts. Keep your self-hydrated with water and fruit juice, green tea all day long.


Wise clothing

It is a human tendency to decrease the amount of clothes on the body when the temperature rises up. Wearing sleeveless is a summer style statement and quite aptly it is. Wearing clothes that don’t fully cover your body during hot humid weather is fine after the sunset but not in the daytime. During that time, the length and intensity of the light remain usually at its peak which means it will penetrate the protective barrier of the exposed parts of the skin. For the sake of your health, strictly avoid cloth materials like nylon or any other synthetic fabric. These induce sweat which results in bad body odor and skin infection. Also try to go for light color attire, it will reflect the sunlight. A dark shade like black absorbs the heat.

The omni presence of the sun

As soon as the weather becomes cloudy, rainy, cold or breezy, people almost instinctively abandon the sunscreen lotions. That is where they go fatally wrong. The UV and UVB do not get blocked by the dust, cloud or rain. None of these filters these rays; the level of heat may differ time to time. Even concrete walls and glass windows cannot filter the UVA rays. Therefore it becomes indispensable for you to keep your body guarded in different weather because the invisible sun, during the daytime will be following you anywhere you go.

Keep the kids shaded

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A child’s skin is many times more prone to sunburn than that of adults. Overexposure to sun in childhood doubles the risk factor of melanoma in the coming time. Infants below the age of 6 months should not be taken out in the broad daylight since they possess a very meager amount of melanin or skin pigment. Children within the age limit of 6-12 and toddlers should be allowed to play or go out in the sun only after putting on SPF-15 and light-weight, fully covered clothes. Forbid them to play for long between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. since it is the hottest time duration of the day.