Common beauty tips for teenage girls

Teenage girls have variety of challenges especially when they are in search for the bestbeauty treatment solution. It has been observed that teenagers develop pimples frequently which hamper their looks and skin texture. Increase in pimples over the skin layer generally takes place due to puberty and changes in hormone. Different physical and skin related problems develop among the teenagers due to hormone secretion at their teens.

This is quite natural and the physician asks the parents along with the sufferer to go ahead with some natural and homemade remedies. Today, teenage girls are very cautious about their skin tone which has increased the demand of beauty tips. Teenagers have variety of concern right from hair, skin, beauty, makeup and fashion. Let us have a look at some very common beauty tips for them.

Beauty tips for college girls

Teenage is a stage in a girl’s life where she starts to understand how important it is for her to look beautiful and perfect. During this stage the girls usually develop habit of getting into diets, follow the latest fashion and use different makeup styles and hairdos to look different. The main motto of girls during teenage period is to look their best and have a social standing where ever they go. They have a habit of making people like them and set trends not follow them. Here are a few tips that would be essential for a teenage beauty queen.

  • If you are a teenager, you adore looking your best whenever you are going out to watch movies with your friends or going to your school or college.
  • Wash your face, every morning and night. Make sure to get rid of your entire makeup before you go to sleep.
  • Smiling is always healthy, as well as laughing.
  • Teenage girls should not overdo on anything when it comes to treating their face, skin or hair
  • Make paste of honey and ginger and apply this paste on face every morning before brushing teeth. This will prevent wrinkles to a greater extent.
  • When you go to bed tie your hair up. This doesn’t allow the grease from your hair to touch your forehead and face which usually is the main case for pimples.
  • Teenagers should keep their hair moisturized and healthy. This could be done by getting your hair trimmed every alternate month and limit the application of heat on your hair (usually done through hair styling products).

Your skin is tender and delicate at this age and it is advised that taking proper care of it right from the early age is the best gift you could give yourself ever. Try to resort to non-chemical products, especially home remedies to maintain the youthful skin forever.

Treat acne with homemade masks

Beauty tips for glowing skin

For teenage girls acnes and pimples are a bigger deal than failing in class test. They miss their classes, happening parties or even go to the extent of applying make just to hide that stubborn zit on their chin. Acne problems are very common during teenage as we say it is the mark of being sweet sixteen. However, no more to fret about it as you can use the overnight remedies to treat your acne. Garlic is known to be the best acne destroyer. Its antibacterial properties help you get rid of the acne and make you lookbeautiful. Just juice out the garlic and apply it on the affected area. Leave overnight and wash early morning to see effective results.

Moisturize your hair

Hair is the most important part of your beautiful looking appeal. It is essential to keep you hair healthy. Just because you want to lose weight and are starving yourself, you are forgetting that you are also keeping away the nutrients from your hair and skin. Thus it is essential to maintain a healthy diet with sufficient nutrients to keep your hair strong and healthy. It is also essential to oil your hair. You can use almond, coconut or olive oil for moisturizing it. Just heat the oil before apply and massage it on your scalp for blood circulation and letting your hair grow with strength.

Use minimal makeup

It is very common among teenage girls to use makeup to look beautiful. However, looking beautiful doesn’t come by applying makeup. Instead it comes by using minimum makeup on your skin. Your skin during this age is very sensitive and thus applying harmful chemicals on t can ruin it further. Therefore you should make sure that you don’t use makeup and even if you’re doing it then it should be of utmost quality and you should quickly remove it with cleansing milk once done with it.

Drink water

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The best beauty tip for any teenage girl is to consume as much water as they can. Water brings the glow and charm on your skin by removing all the toxic an unwanted waste from your skin. It regulates the blood circulation and allows you to look beautiful. Thus make sure that you have lots of water.

Common beauty tips for teenagers

Beauty tips on skin

Many elderly people are suffering from wrinkles and saggy skin before they are too aged. This is just due to the reason that they never cared about their skin when they were young enough. Teenagers must take lesson from them and immediately start caring their skin.

  • Cleaning- Teenagers are open to the dust, carbons and sunlight when they are out throughout the day to attend their college or an outing with friends. Thus, skin cleaning is an effective step which you should never forget. You can use a cleaners or a face wash of a branded company early in the morning when you get up from bed and again when you come back from home. This will help your skin clean and away from dust and harmful materials.
  • Toning- Just cleaning is not enough; you should also go for toning with a toner. After washing your face with a cleanser, you should take a toner with cotton ball and apply it over your skin. This will open your skin pored that has been clogged.
  • Moisturize- Another step for keeping your skin healthy is with the help of moisturizer. After application of a toner, it will be essential to apply a moisturizer which will protect your skin further. But, you must choose the moisturizer according to your skin tone.

Beauty tips for hair

Top best beauty care tips

Teens are very cautious about their hair as this is one of the ways of boosting their personality among their friends and classmates. Getting along, beautiful and attractive hair will be really effective. Let us have a look at some of the effective hair care tips.

  • Oiling- There was a time when people used to go ahead with regular oiling in every 2-3 days. But today with increase in styling necessity, people have forgotten the hairhealth. This gives rise to the problem of hair fall and split ends. Teenagers must care their hair right from the very beginning. You need to go ahead with a hot oil massage in every 3 days before going to bath. Using natural coconut oil will be the best. Just warm it under the flame and apply it throughout your hair from the root till the tip and enjoy having beautiful hair.
  • Henna/ conditioner- Our grandparents use to pluck leaves from henna plant and grind it after which they apply it over their hair to keep their hair healthy. But today people will no more have to take such trouble as henna powder is readily available in the market. All you have to do is soak it in warm water over night and apply it next day morning. Wash away with mild shampoo.
  • Egg- Just like your body, you hair also needs special nutrition to nourish and grow. Egg is an effective way to get such nutrition. Break an egg and apply it over your hair. Keep for 15 minutes and wash wish mild shampoo.

Beauty tips on makeup

Best makeup ideas for oily face

Since teenagers are very cautious to stay beautiful whenever they are attending an occasion or a party, a good makeup outline is very important. Let us have a look at makeup application procedure:

  • Foundation- First of all, you must use a foundation to dap over your skin but choose the foundation which is of your skin tone. Apply foundation proportionately over your face leaving eye and lips.
  • Concealers- If you have under eye dark circles or dark patches along with pimples spots. Apply the concealers on those areas and blend them with your fingers.
  • Face powder- Apply a face powder or a compact over your face to make the foundation and concealers proportionate.
  • Eye shadow- Apply a light eye shadow if it is day time but if you are attending at night a dark eye shadow will be fine. You can also use a blender if you have applied two tones of eye shadow over your eyelid.
  • Eyeliner- After completing the task of eye shadow; apply the eyeliner over your eyelid to make your eye look brighter and attractive.
  • Blush- Apply a blush with makeup brush with the stroke from the cheek till the upper portion touching the forehead.