Beauty tips for college going teenage girls

Teenage girls are highly fascinated about fashion and beauty. They keep on trying new and trending fashion after hearing it from people. Beauty tips from any well-wishers and friends become really valuable for them. This article will speak about such valuable beauty tips that each teenage girls can avail. Also this is the time for them to look best. They are passionate about their looks and the impression upon another person. Whether you are attending college bunks or a day out with friends, you always should like the best. But, teenage has a serious problem of acne. Since this is their adolescent age, this is quite common due to hormonal secretion. Even this should be taken care of by the simple beauty tips.

Teenage girls have the most natural and healthy skin. This is the time for them to look beautiful. They get everything fresh and beautiful with regards to their skin hair and other physical features. They cannot complain about having wrinkles over their face or having excessive hair fall. All they can say is pimples forming over their skin level. It is just because they have hormonal changes in the transition period of childhood to teen. This is the time when they wish to get different hairstyle, makeup and much more to stay attractive. Let us find out the beauty tips for teen age girls.

Tips for college going teen girls

Cleaning skin

Beauty tips for glowing skin

One of the main reasons behind pimples and acne break out is excessive oil secretion. Carbon deposit over the skin makes the skin pores clogged. The best way to stay away from it is cleaning the skin adequately. You have to use a very gentle face wash to clean your skin twice in a day. If you are at home, you can try washing your face several times. You can also use a natural cleanser such as lemon or milk to clean your skin.

Skin moisturizing

Only cleansing of skin is not enough. You need to put a moisturizer so that your skin gets enough protection from the weather. But while choosing the moisturizer for your skin, you must be very careful as it should be chosen according to your skin type. If you have dry skin, the moisturizer should be little heavy. But, for people with oily skin must go for a light moisturizer. This will keep your skin soft and supple for a long time.

No need of foundation

Teens are too young to apply heavy makeup base. Their skin is very soft and sensitive. They also have youthful flow automatically due to their age advantage. Thus, there is no need to hide their skin tone at all. Rather making them free from dust and pimples is important. Teen age girls have a tendency of applying thick foundation so that they could cover acne over their skin tone. But this is a wrong step as heavy makeup can make their skin damage as they proceed with their age. It is better to go natural remedies such as Indian Lilac paste or turmeric paste. As these have antiseptic properties, this will help removing acne and pimples easily.

Lip and eye balance

Benefits of orange peels for beauty care

If you want to stay beautiful, along with your facial glow, you must also emphasize on your eye and lips. These are the wonderful elements that will keep your face increasingly beautiful. Eye and lips should go in reverse view. For example an individual with heavy eye makeup must apply a very light color lipstick. Your eye will be the centre of attractive within your face. It is better to avoid heavy blush on your face. The mascara should be quite heavy and the eye shadow absolutely light. But if you wish to apply dark or bright color lipsticks, it is better to leave the eye makeup light.

Trendy hair

Teenage girls always wish to go with the fashion trend. Thus, getting trendy hair is really an important consideration. You must keep your hair clean and shiny. For this it is better to apply a gentle shampoo and a conditioner. You can either keep your hair straight or long for go for some trendy style. A simple bright can work well when you are going to have a casual style with your hair maintained. But, there are tips to create your hair look much attractive with some hair styling tool. But, after creating styles with such hair styling tools, it is better to go for proper maintenance about it.

Finger nails and toes

Only beautifying the face is not enough, if you want to stay beautiful, it is better to beautify your entire body from head to foot. Your hand and toe nails are also important consideration. People looking at your face can also view your finger nails while you shake your hands or handover something to another person. When you are using  a sandal, your toe nails will be highly visible. You should go ahead with pedicure and manicure on a regular basis. You can do this from the parlor or do it simply at home.

Top best beauty care tips

You require warm water, some liquid soap, pumice stone, brush, nail cutter and moisturizer. First of all you have to soak your feet in warm water. This will help making the dead skin and cracked skin soft. Then you have to use a liquid soap and rub your heels and toes with the pumice stone. Once it is done use the brush to rub the soft area. This will remove all dirt and unwanted elements from your heels. Now again soak your feet in warm water where few drops of olive oil is present. Now you can easily take it out and wipe it properly with a dry towel. Then apply a light moisturizer.

Sunscreen for teens

Teens are spontaneous and they always keep on moving out throughout the day. But the sun rays will ideally affect them. Thus, it is always suggested that teens must use a sunscreen lotion over their face, back and the hands where exposure of sunlight is visible. This is very effective to keep your skin away from the dark elements of sunlight. The ultraviolet rays coming out of sun are very dangerous. This will really damage your skin. Use a sunscreen with higher amount of SPF. This will help you stay hydrated for a longer period of time.

Drink water

It is always suggested that teens must drink good amount of water everyday. This will keep their skin elastic and attractive for a longer period of time. This will help removing acne and pimples from your skin ideally. You should be aware of the ill effects of not having water regularly.

Stay natural

Top fairness tips for oily skin

Teenage girls have the most natural skin tone which needs to be maintained without any cosmetic treatment. You don’t need to use any makeup over your skin. Your skin itself is very supple, tight and beautiful. There are many natural ways of staying beautiful with your skin. For example, you can take out the Aloe Vera gel from the Aloe Vera leaves and apply over your skin. Raw milk application is another way of staying beautiful without cosmetics.

Natural hair care

Avoid using the gels and sprays over your hair in order to get a style. You might not realize its negative effect at the stage when you are just a teen, but gradually hen you age up you will see several problems related to your hair. Thus, you must go ahead with the natural hair care treatment. One of the popular ways will be application of raw egg over your hair. Like your body, your hair also requires protein to grow and stay healthy. This factor is fulfilled by the raw milk.

Minimal makeup

Teenage girls already have good skin. They don’t require the cosmetic ways to beautify themselves. But, when they are out for a party at night with friends, a light makeup will be enough. They don’t need to go for a heavy foundation. All they can do is clean they face and apply a moisturizer. Then pat some face powder in light way. Put eyeliners and lipstick.