How orange peels are useful for skin care, hair care, beauty care

When we buy orange from the market we get it for consumption either in the form of fruit or juice. While taking the inner juice part of the orange, we generally overlook the effectiveness of orange peel.

You can also get reduction in acne with the help of orange peel off mask. Even for your health, this orange peel will be very advantageous.

Today, you can easily make your skin and hair healthy without going to the beauty parlor of using costly cosmetic products. The orange peels that you throw away after eating the fruit can make wonder to your skin and hair.

If you are eating oranges, stop throwing its peel and create a wonderful homemade solution for your skin. Orange being rich in Vitamin C is also beneficial in making your immune system active. But, if you want to remove some pigmentation and spots that appears externally, orange peels can be used.

Ways of using orange peels for skin, hair, beauty and health

Natural bleach for skin

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If you want to bleach your skin naturally, orange peels the one of the effective ways. You have to take peels from two large oranges and smash it in a mixer. Now take the mixed peels in a container and add some milk. Mix both the ingredients very well and apply this on your skin. Leave this on your skin for a period of 20-25 minutes and wash it away with cold water after it dries out completely. You can make a routine and apply this on your face to get healthy skin.


When you take bath, you can add some orange peel powder and get instant glowing naturally smooth skin. This will give a silky smooth touch to your skin and revitalize it.

Face wash

The orange peel can also work effectively like the face wash. You can extract the juices from the same, apply it directly on your face and wash it away. You can save money by not purchasing expensive face wash and using the orange peel to wash your face effectively and make it glowing and beautiful.

Increasing smoothness of skin

Since the orange is rich in vitamin C, it increases smoothness and softness in your skin and make the glow stable for long time. The pores in your skin which has become enlarged can be reduced with the extract of orange peel.

Wrinkle relief

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For most of the women who had crossed 35 years of age have a common problem known as wrinkles. Orange peels works effectively in reducing wrinkles from your face and skin. One of the reasons behind the wrinkles is antioxidants. But, orange peels are very effective in reducing oxidants from your body and replenishing the same with natural wrinkle free skins.

Useful for hairs

If you want to get natural shine in your hair, smash some orange juice and mix it with a single teaspoon of honey. Apply this on your hair after putting shampoo. Keep this natural ingredient for a period of 5 to 10 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water. Your hair will glow like never before.

Freshening air

Along with making your hair and skin glow, it is also equally important to make your environment healthy so that you and your family can be healthier. You can boil orange peels, cardamom and cinnamon in water and make your home refreshed.

Benefits of orange peel

Itchy skin reduction

If you are suffering from variety of skin problems such as itchy skin, there must be some disruption in your calcium level.  Researchers have found out that every 100 grams of orange peel is associated with 161 milligrams of calcium which is ideal for daily calcium consumption of individuals. You can also try this remedy for itchy skin.

Fights with free radicals

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Vitamin C is an effective nutrient that is really essential for human health. If you are lagging in any amount, variety of skin problem can come and affect your body. You can now get 136 milligrams of Vitamin C in just 100 grams of orange peels. If your body contains free radicals, this orange peel in pulp form will ideally include the strength to fight with free radicals and drive them away. Even it has been found out that orange peels are very beneficial to stay as a wonderful beauty product.

Skin complexion improvement

Since orange include dietary fiber, it will provide you good remedy for improving your bowel movement and also a boost over your skin complexion.  It has also been proved that drying the orange peel and consumption can help increasing pectin production.  Thus, you can stay far away from the effect of the blood sugar level.  Most of the vitamin supplements do not contain fiber but this will be ideal for getting a brighter complexion of skin.

Skin whitening

Many ladies have intention of getting fair skin but hardly few of them could get it from birth. But, it is now possible to get a wonderful skin without using any artificial creams and moisturizers. Yes, the orange peels can serve as a wonderful remedy to make your skin bright and fair. Since orange peel is also known as a natural bleach, dark spots and tan layer from your skin will be ideally eradicated.  Even you can stay away from the harmful UV rays that inculcates effectively.

Reduces blackheads

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You can see the appearance of some blackheads throughout the surrounding of your nose and even the chin. These are really unattractive when you are out with your friends or within social gatherings.  Now, with the help of orange peel extract it will be really wonderful to get a very polished and smooth skin without the blackheads appearing over the face. For this you need to make a peel with the ingredients like yogurt, and orange peel in dried and powdered form. Now, you need to mix both the ingredients really well to form a thick paste and apply it over your face.  You need to use your fingertips while applying the mask and move your finger in circular direction.  Just need to keep for 15 minutes and then remove it with lukewarm water. Regardless of other cosmetic remedies, this is the most natural remedy to extract the unwanted blackheads from your skin layer ideally. This is also a wonderful deal of eradicating excess dirt and oil that covers the pores.

Skin toning

Toning of your skin is equally important when you are in an aim of getting dirt less skin and opening pores effectively. Your skin will get a good scope to breathe if toning takes place.  Since the orange peel contain good amount of vitamin C and antioxidants, your skin will never become too dry or oily.  All the dead skin will be eradicated with the toning treatment of your skin. Antioxidants will ideally make your skin glowing and effective.

Benefits of orange peels for skin care

Reduce blemishes

These days most of us suffer from the blemish problem especially when we have oily skin and pimples gets develop all over the face. But, the orange peels are really effective in treating those blemishes. Presence of vitamin C in orange is really beneficial to treat variety of skin problems. You need to dry them under the sun and apply by making a paste with water.

Drying acne

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If you are facing the vigorous problem of acne, the orange peels provide a wonderful remedy through which you can dry acne easily. Since orange contains citric acid, you can get benefit in drying away the acne placed over your skin. Acne development has an inner reason, i.e excessive deposition of harmful waste inside the body. But, this orange peel helps in eliminating such harmful waste that has propped up as toxin and waste in the body.

Hair care benefits

Works as conditioner

Orange peels are not only beneficial to skin, rather they provides a wonderful heal to hair. The juice extracted from the orange peel works really well in acting as a conditioner to hair. Just grind the orange peels and take out juice out of it. Now, add a spoon of honey and water to make a paste as a natural conditioner. This mixture must be used after you have provided shampoo to your hair. Just keep for 5-10 minutes and wash away. You get healthy, beautiful and shiny hair.

Treating dandruff

As soon as your skin becomes dry, there is a tendency that it gives an attack of dandruff as your scalp also become excessively dry. Even after using variety of dandruff shampoo and cosmetic variation, you might not have developed a better quality of scalp without a tinge of dandruff over your skin. You need to clean the scalp and apply the juicy paste of the orange peel. Once your scalp is dried, you can remove it easily with the wash of water. This will be a effective remedy to remove dandruff naturally from hair and scalp.


1. What are the benefits of using orange peels for skin care?

Orange peels are known to be high in antioxidants and vitamin C, which can help to protect the skin from environmental damage and premature aging.

2. How can orange peels be used to treat acne?

Orange peels can be used as a natural astringent to help dry out acne and reduce inflammation.

3. What are the best ways to use orange peels for hair care?

Orange peels can be used to make an all-natural hair mask by blending them with honey and yogurt for a nourishing treatment.

4. Is it safe to use orange peels as face masks?

It is generally considered safe to use orange peels as face masks, although it is not recommended as a substitute for medical treatments.

5. What are the best orange peel beauty uses?

Orange peel can be used to make a facial mask, an exfoliant, or a spot treatment for blemishes.

6. What are some natural recipes using orange peels for skin care?

Orange peel face masks, orange peel scrub, and orange peel body lotion are all natural recipes using orange peels for skin care.

7. How do you make a homemade orange peel facial scrub?

Mix together 2 tablespoons of orange peel powder, 1 tablespoon of honey, and 1 teaspoon of olive oil.

8. What are the advantages of using orange peels for beauty care?

Orange peels are beneficial for beauty care due to their high content of vitamin C, antioxidants, and other minerals which can help improve skin health and prevent signs of aging.

9. How can I incorporate orange peels into my daily beauty routine?

You can use orange peels by blending them into a paste and using it as a natural face mask.

10. What types of skin conditions can orange peels help treat?

Orange peels can help treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other inflammatory skin conditions.