How to use activated charcoal for health and beauty

People are constantly using activated charcoal for both water as well as air purification. Even this particular product has some medicinal value which is very effective to stay healthy and youthful. It also works as an antidote that is really effective in absorbing the toxins that are organic in nature. If you have problem in gastrointestinal tract, activated charcoal will act as a decontaminant. If you have any health issue related to your intestine as well as stomach, The activated charcoal will be a wonderful remedy.

Beauty industry has found out such ingredients to boost beauty and skin benefits which we can’t even imagine. Yes, the charcoal is something to be used for the beauty benefits. Have to ever have this thought even when you dreamt? But, this is a true fact. The charcoal which we know to be an ingredient to ignite and use as fuel is not having a variety of beauty benefits. Let us explore all of such benefits in this particular article.

You can now find variety of the products in the departmental stores which have charcoal as the main ingredients. The face wash, creams, lotion etc have the benefits of activated charcoal. Lets see the weird ways to use activated charcoal for beauty and health.

Health benefits of activated charcoal

Absorption of poisonous substances

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Sometimes through food or water you can consume some poisonous substance from nature. But, activated charcoal is a wonderful ingredient that helps in reducing the absorption of such harmful and poisons up to the level of 60%.

Activated charcoal to treat Gastric lavage

As soon as you observe that your stomach pumps, charcoal in activated form is usually provided. This will not allow the toxic substance to stay inside your body for a longer period of time. Your health will also not be harmed once activated charcoal gets inside your body.

How to get rid of bad breath or bad odors with activated charcoal

It is really very shameful for people with bad breathe to speak with the people in society as this will create a negative impression. But, if you are using activated charcoal regularly in brushing your teeth, bad breathe will be easily removed through this.

Medicinal use

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Many people are still not aware that the activated carbon also has some medicinal use.  In order to get the activated charcoal, you need to heat the regular carbon. Charcoal expands and gives rise to activated charcoal after it is heated. The activated charcoal works in much more better way as it binds other substances chemically and provide medicinal use.  You can also get activated charcoal in the medicine store in the form of capsules.

How to get relief from bites

Activated charcoal also have a wonderful feature of relieving you from insect bites like brown recluse spider bite, insect bite and bug bites. Get relief from itchy bites with activated charcoal. But for this you need to mix up activated charcoal with little bit of corn starch and water. You can also make a mixture where the flax seed can be combined with activated charcoal and applied on all those area where you have suffered from spider bites, bee stings etc.

Beauty benefits of activated charcoal

Detoxification of hair

How to get natural looking hair with activated charcoal? The activated charcoal works really well in the process of detoxify and re-energize hair and making it free from dirt for a longer period of time. Your hair will stay away from dullness and get back its shine once again.

Detoxification of skin

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Is activated charcoal is really a secret for perfect skin? What does charcoal do for skin? Today, many skin care products such as cleanser as well as scrubber include activated charcoal for creating a wonderful effect of detoxification.  Black layer of your skin will be easily eradicated once your skin gets detoxified with the help of activated charcoal. Your skin with regain its freshness with bounce and bump. A healthy skin as expected always will be at your disposal. Charcoal is having a characteristic to make pores smaller by cleaning them. So make charcoal face packs / masks at home to clean the dirt from pores.

How to whiten teeth with activated charcoal

There was a time when natural charcoal was used to provide a whitening effect to teeth. People really used raw charcoal powder to bring whiteness to their teeth. But today, you can get the extract of charcoal in your tooth brush as well as tooth paste which will really give you a wonderful teeth cleaning effect. It visibly removes tartar from your teeth and keeps it glowing for a longer period of time.

How to removes acne marks with activated charcoal

Since the activated charcoal is known to remove toxins in your skin layer, all the skin impurities will also be eradicated through this. Since acne and blemishes are also one of the reasons behind the skin impurities, activated charcoal acts really well in removing the unattractive acne marks over your skin.

You can make a pack with two teaspoon of activated charcoal, a teaspoon of rose water as well as a teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel. Mix them well and apply it over your face such that it makes a face mask.  Once it becomes dry, you need to remove it with water and see the difference.

Use of activated charcoal for health and beauty

Works as cleanser

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The activated charcoal works exactly like a magnet which attracts all dirt and pollutants in your skin and absorbs within itself. Since it is dark black in color, we might not even get the extent of dirt accumulation in it. Once you apply activated carbon on your face, all the dirt and pollutants sticks to it by making your face clean from inside. You must do this once in the morning and next at night so that your skin becomes lovely and beautiful.

Purify skin with activated charcoal

Your skin requires the attempt of high purification which might not be possible if you do this with the help of other cheap cosmetic products in the market. It is the activated charcoal that will help you make a wonderful skin purifying mechanism. You can take charcoal powder and rub over your skin and get the result of purifying skin. The other tip for clean and smooth skin is, add a little amount of activated charcoal in your cleanser or mask. Charcoal removes the excess oil in skin and leaves the skin smooth and shiny.

Activated charcoal for hair care

Activated charcoal purifies the hair from dandruff, itchy scalps and oily scalp. When you are recklessly moving along the streets that include fumes from cars and factory waste, your hair becomes totally sticky and unhealthy. Even it will lose natural shine. The charcoal in activated form will help your hair getting adequately purified. You have to make a paste of charcoal powder with little water and apply over your scalp and hair. This will remove all your hair dust and pollutants easily with a wash. Try this regularly and see how well it works. Get rich volume and bouncy hair with activated charcoal.