How to remove whiteheads in men

Whiteheads are a type of acne which can affect both the sexes. Unlike blackheads, which are usually more common and noticeable, whiteheads are bumps which are slightly unsightly!

This means, that they cannot be easily detected and that is when miss out on taking care. Even if it is negligible you should take care of your skin. A person who tends to figure out how you look and what you’re wearing, might easily detect your whiteheads and make that can be embarrassing!

Whitehead can pop up at any part of your body, although you’d find them more on the face. In this article, we have listed down some men’s tips so that you can get rid of them.

What are whiteheads?

Home remedies for whiteheads & blackheads

Whiteheads are a type of acne which come in a light color and is similar to blackheads. When your pores are clogged from debris like sebum or cells from dead skin, they can transform into these acnes.

Sometimes the debris is prone to clog them in an opening which is exposed due to the air. Sometimes oxidation makes the color turn black, and that is how blackheads are formed. When you don’t have an opening, it turns into a whitehead.

How to remove whiteheads in men

You can treat whitehead like any regular type of acne. People know more about blackheads, and you can always apply the remedies you know for either of these. Here are some tips to guide you better:

Men’s product for acne

Go online on and check out the best men’s acne products. These products not only help you reduce problems like pimples and scars, but they are known to reduce whiteheads too.

These are specially added with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, and you should check for these ingredients when you purchase.

Both of these are acne-fighting ingredients and they will reduce the whitehead problem that you’re facing. This is for overall face care and can be found through creams, lotions, acne pads, etc.

Curb the oil levels

Oily skin triggers all the conditions of acne. This is because when you have excess oil production it contributes to clogged pores. This results in pimples, blackheads, whitehead, etc. The best way to reduce the oil content on your skin you must use men’s face mask.

These face masks comes with green tea content and often has pulverized clay for absorbed the excess oil. This is also known to make your face shiny and clean!

Buy exfoliating products

Home remedies for whiteheads

If you don’t want to indulge into face masks that might take up more time, you can buy facial scrubs which deeply cleanse your skin. You are to use these products everyday so that the debris can be unclogged.

This promotes breakouts and eventually soothes your skin. Scrubs clean deeply which is why the natural exfoliation. You are recommended to have your skin exfoliated 3 times a week, depending on how strong the product is. If you have pimples, you shouldn’t over exfoliate.

Take care of the body

Whiteheads are pretty common on the face but that doesn’t mean they don’t get to your body. There are more places like back, shoulders, neck, etc. where these can form.

These should be taken care off with ease and you need to know a proper way to go about it. One easy method is to opt for body lotions which have salicylic acid.

These will prevent you from whiteheads and reduce the excess oil content from your body. Some people use men’s pads which have benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. These don’t bleach your clothing, but serve the purpose with ease!

Reduce stress

A man is not quite uncommon to stress syndrome. When you start having issues in your skin, these can be directly related to stress related problems! These can worse your skin conditions and these add up to reasons why you should take breaks.

You can take omega-3 supplements which is recommended for men. This is the easiest way to keep your skin clear. Make sure you ask you GP if you can opt for it. In numerous circumstances, people do not allow supplements!