How to prepare black kajal / kohl at home

Black kajal is one of the important equipment that helps a lady look the best. It is a tool for eye makeup along with a highlighting accessory.

Right from the childhood when there is no much makeup, kajal/kohl is the most primary product that is applied over the eyes of every girl.

Even during the childhood, in order to make the eye lines prominent, mothers keep on making a perfect shape with the help of kajal over the eye borders.

Once they grow up, different variety of makeup are seen available in the market. But, since eyes are an important part of every face, making them highlighted will be an important consideration.

You may get Kohl in the market from local and foreign brands. But, most of them would include diluted chemicals. In order to avoid the risk factor, it is important to prepare Kajal/Kohl right at home.

Kajal is the basic thing required to highlight the eyes. Homemade kajal is natural, chemical free and good for eyes too.

We enhance the natural beauty of our eyes by using kajal. Many national and international brands are manufacturing the kajal of different types. Kajal is best homemade free from all allergies. Homemade kajal is free from cosmetics.

Some of the impurities found in kajal are charcoal, some of them add dark color, silver nitrate etc. It causes irritation, burning sensation to eyes, redness in your eyes. So prefer homemade kajal which are extremely.

Kajal or Kohl is one of the important thing women uses for beautifying their eyes. Yes, these are now available in the market with the cosmetic combinations.

But, some ladies have very sensitive skin. Thus, they get their skin irritated after application of the Kajal that is available in the market.

Instead it is better to prepare Kajal/Kohl right at home. This article will speak about some step by step procedure through which you can make kohl right at home. Several people makes Kajal at home with application of different ways.

Advantage of homemade kajals

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Today we are dwelling in such an environment where most of the products we use or foods we eat are having chemicals and fertilizers.

Even when we say about Kajal, the chemically rich products made commercially in various industries provides dangerous effect to your eyes. It is better to go with the kajal that is readily prepared at home.

The natural made Kohl prepared from charcoal does not have the harmful chemicals as silver nitrate. This is really harmful as it increases irritation and even gives rise to viewing hazards.

Many people have experienced burning sensation after using the chemical rich products available in the market. Since it contains lead, it will increase redness to your eyes.

You can also suffer from corneal ulcers and conjunctivitis with excess use of these chemical rich kajal available in the market.


Step 1: Take two steel bowls of same size

Step 2: Place one after the other with some gap between them

Step 3: Take a metal plate and apply some custard oil to the plate.

Step 4: Place on 2 bowls like a bridge. Heat the plate with flame for 20-30min

Step 5: Sooth of custard oil is collected.

Step 6: Remove the sooth from the plate with sharp edge.

Step 7: Collect the sooth in a dry container. Add 3 drops of ghee to sooth.

Step 8: Mix them well. Now homemade kajal was ready.

Apply to your eyes and make them more bright and attractive.

Procedure of preparing kohl / kajal at home

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Ingredients required

Following are the important ingredients required to make kajal at home. Get the following items and follow the instructions to create kajal at home.

  • A lamp or diya
  • Pure ghee – 50 ml
  • A long cotton wick
  • A single copper plate

Procedure of preparation

From the quantity of 50 ml ghee accumulated for making kajal, keep a spoon aside and pour the rest on the diya. Now put the cotton wick over the diya or lamp dipping it in ghee and light it.

Now once the flame has become prominent, you can see a black smoke like substance above the flame. Now place the copper place over the flame such that the black color fume touches the plate. Now allow the lamp to lit overnight.

Do not place it in such a place where there is wind and can get it off. You can put a stand to hold the copper plate as this will become too hot once the flame gets in contact with the same for a long time.

Allow it to glow till the ghee becomes completely burnt. Once the ghee become empty, keep on pouring more ghee over it.  Do this for 10 hours continuously such that enough of kajal gets accumulated and make the surface of the copper plate black.

At the end you can find a thick powdery black residue over the copper plate which is the base of kajal.

Now take out the black residue in one container and pour the spoon of oil or ghee that you have kept aside.

Now mix the residue as well as oil together with a finger or a spoon. You can easily get a black color buttery substance formed with the mixture of black residue and butter. Now place it in a container that has a lid.

Close the container and refrigerate it f 2- 3 hours. You can easily take that out and apply it over your eyes with your hand or a painting brush to make your eye look attractive and visible.

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This is a very simple and healthy process of making the kajal or kohl at home which can be used by ladies with all age group without the involvement of chemicals.

Even your eye will not get irritated if accidentally this kajal get inside your eye. You can enjoy preparing Kajal at home and putting it over your eye without any hesitation.

Ways to prepare black Kajal/Kohl at home

Lamp/ diya method

This is a procedure of making Kohl at home where the flame coming out from diya creates the Kohl. The ingredients you require here include a small diya/ lamp, castor oil, two equal size bowls and a steel plate.

To do this, you have to light the diya first. Now place it over the floor. Now place the bowls on either sides of Diya. Now, add some castor oil in a steel plate and place over the bowl. Wait for 30 minutes till the plate heats up. As the castor oil burns black kajal is formed. You can collect them and store.

Almond oil method

Kajal/ Kohl can be prepared with the help of Almond. Like the previous method light the lamp and place in the floor.

Now take some almonds over the plate and heat it such that the bottom of the plate touches the flame. Let the almonds to burn for 3 minutes and take it away. Once the almond is burned take out the black dust from its skin with knife and use as Kajal.

Cotton wick method

The cotton wick method should include a lamp which is copper or silver in metal.  You have to include castor oil inside the lamp and set it to fire.

Place some cotton wick which is soaked in ghee. Allow it to place over the plate and the lamp placed below the lap. Continue heating it for 30 minutes at a stretch. You can see the cotton white turning totally black in color. This is your Kajal and you can use it.