How to prevent oily face after applying makeup?

Individuals with oily skin have a tendency of excessive oil secretion. They cannot even enjoy having makeup on their face. Due to excess oil, there is a problem of makeup getting messed up. Thus, the combination of makeup for ladies with oily skin must be different.

You can either treat your skin for being oily in nature before applying makeup or apply makeup that is suitable for individuals with oily skin tone.

Even the oily skin encounters variety of problems when they come across makeup application. It is quite natural for ladies with oily skin to melt away makeup easily. This is the particular skin type where the makeup oxidizes too soon.

But, you may see ladies with oily skin with very attractive makeup. Thus, the way of makeup application or prevention of oil technique has actually worked. You need to know certain tricks which will work on oily complexion.

People with oily skin tone have some genuine problems. The oil secretion from the oil sebum from the face is seen to create trouble all over the facial beauty. How would you feel when you are in a party and the oil chapped face attacks you all over? It will look excessively oily and greasy.

Even after applying the makeup, the oily face will remain the same. There must be some truck and tips through which the oily skin can be prevented so that it does not show after applying the makeup.

Tips to prevent oil on oily face makeup

Cleansing your skin first

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If you are thinking of applying makeup simply on your oily skin without removing oil and dirt, it will be a wrong step. You have to use a cleanser at first and clean your face.

There is variety of cleansing products available in the market today. You can pick up any and clean your face. It is better to use a branded cleanser so that your skin quality remains good.

Priming up the skin

Other tips to prevent oil after applying makeup will be priming up of your skin. People with oily skin tone generally have some area over their facial skin where the oil deposition is maximum. These parts include T-zone, i.e forehead and nose.

You should prime up those areas first before applying the actual makeup. The priming up helps in sealing oil secreting pores so that you can easily prevent the oiliness on your face. This will keep your makeup last for a long time.

Different types of makeup primers are present in the market that suites people with different skin tone. If you have oily skin, you must choose the makeup primer that is designed for the oily skin. This must be anti shine and oil free variety.

Eye makeup preparation

Eye makeup is an important part on your face as this helps in making your eyes prominent with broader eye lines, thicker eye shadows etc. Ladies with oily skin tone has creases around eyes which makes really unattractive. In order to cut down this eye makeup creases all you have to do is avoid priming eyelids.

Women with dark eye circles have a tendency of priming their eye makeup. But this is not a very good practice for ladies with oily skin tone. You have to use a primer which will be only for the eyelids.  This will work well in soaking oil from your face and will be a perfect base for eyeliner and eye shadow.

Foundation application

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The next step of makeup for ladies with oily skin will be right application of foundation.  For every type of skin makeup, you must put a base on your face before applying the actual makeup.

For each skin type the foundation will be different as well. There are many foundations that tend to fade up soon .Thus, you need to go for touch up again.  You must go for good quality foundation so that it does not fades away.

For oily skin foundation, it should not be shiny and that should not appear to be heavy on skin. If you have oily skin, the best type of foundation is powdered foundation.

Quality face powder

Just after applying foundation in the right way, the next step that you must take will be the face powder over your skin. For oily skin, this step is very important.  As powder is the best way to soak excess oil from the skin layer.

You can get oil free face powders in the market especially made for individuals with oily skin tone. But, getting face powder from a good brand is another important part. These powders will remove excess shine that you have achieved due to your oily skin tone. Also your foundation would last for a long time.

Blushes with matte finish

Since you have oily skin tone, having blushes with matte finish variation is important. Even this is now absolutely available in the market. People with dry or normal skin tone can use a shimmer as well. But, for oily skin tone it is absolutely not accepted.

Since shimmer will produce shine at all time, people with oily skin will get appearance of more oil. The best deal will be to avoid shimmer among the makeup category. Instead of applying cream alternatives, powdered blushes will be more preferable.

Oil free makeup

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If you have oily skin tone, oil free makeup will be a preference. Since people with oily skin have a tendency of releasing oil more than the normal skin, the oil based makeup will be a curse for them.

It is better to use the makeup products that are absolutely oil free. People with oily skin tone must go for the toner that is having glycolic acid present in it. Also the product that contains salicylic acid is good for individuals who have oily skin tone.

You can also get mineral makeup in the market which is filled with inorganic minerals.  These minerals are generally oil free in variation.

Absorbing excess oil

You should always keep tissue paper or blotting paper with you when you are out. Even if after applying makeup with oily makeup tips you are having oils deposit on your face. You can use blotting paper or tissue paper to soak the excess oil from your face.

You can apply clay mask on your face to remove excess oil from your face. This can be done once in a week to purify your skin. The oil absorbent medicines are available in medical stores. You can avail benefit out of it.

Peepers prep

People with oily skin has the tendency of getting creases over their eyes after application of the makeup as the oil secretion gets concentrated and piles up with the makeup to get this formation.  It is better not to prime your eyelids with the concealers. You can get the primers in the market that are specifically designed for eyelids. You can use that in such a situation.

No excess face powder

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If you have oily skin and you wish to apply makeup don’t use excessive powder over your face. There is a tendency among ladies to use the powder as they think powder can soak oil and give a plain and normal skin. But, this is totally a wrong concept.

If you overdo the face powder, there will be a tendency where the powder can push your pores and bring out more oil. It is better to apply a layer of powder where there is shiny appearance.

Mattifying primers

Before using the actual makeup it is important to apply a layer or primer. Now this primer will be different as per the facial tone or skin type of individuals. Now if you have oily skin tone, it is better to have a matte finished primer as a based before you go for the actual makeup.

This will absorb the shine and make you stay glowing and attractive throughout the day. Even when you are going for a party, this will be the best one to stay away from oils.