How to choose the right makeup for your skin

Makeup can actually hide the flaws on your skin and accentuate your looks. However, the final outcome you get from using makeup majorly depends on the makeup products that you use and also the technique of application that you follow. In fact, all the difference between a professional makeup and a makeup by a novice lies due to these two reasons. To get the right makeup that gives you the best look it is important to use the right products in the right way.

Choosing the right makeup products does not necessarily mean opting for only the most expensive makeup brands available in the market. The expensive makeup products are usually formulated with ingredients that are not harmful for your skin and they offer what they claim and this is the reason why professionals often prefer the expensive brands. However, this does not mean that the makeups in the medium price range cannot serve the purpose or do not come straight on their claims.

The trick to get the perfect makeup depends heavily on choosing the right makeup products according to your skin. Makeup is an arena where you cannot apply the one- size- fits- all theory. Your makeup has to be customized exactly according to your skin type and tone in order to get the best results and this is where choosing the right makeup products become actually important.

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You can never get the best end results even from an expensive and good quality makeup product if that does not suit your skin. So, when it comes to choosing the makeup products buying only the most expensive ones is not always the best option. Your aim should be to buy the makeups that go perfectly with your skin type and skin tone. This article intends to provide you with some idea about how to pick your makeup products that can give you the desired end results. Also keep in mind, that even the right products for your skin might not be able to give the best end results if you are not able to apply them properly, so take care of this aspect as well.

Choosing the right foundation

The foundation is one of the most important makeup products that you have to use for getting that flawless skin. Using the right foundation in the right way is very important in order to get the desired look. The foundation is a product that can make or break your makeup altogether. So, be careful and always check out the samples on your face before picking one.

The shade and tone of foundation

This is an aspect where millions of women go wrong repeatedly. To tell the truth, picking the right shade of foundation that exactly goes with your skin is not an easy thing to do. However, if you are careful enough and you are ready to follow the right measures  while testing the foundation before you buy, there are maximum chances that you will come out as a winner.

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First of all, the shade of the foundation has to be an exact match with your skin tone, unless you are expecting to get a tanned look from it. A shade lighter foundation can give you ghostly white look while a shade darker foundation can make you appear all burned in the sun. So, chose the shade with care. Apart from the shade you also need to consider the tone of the foundation and that of your skin.

If you have a fair complexion and cool undertones, that is, the veins in your inner wrist appear blue under light; you need to look for a foundation with rosier or redder base or undertone to match perfectly with your skin.  For ladies with darker complexion and cool undertones blue based foundations can do the trick.

If the veins in your wrist appear greenish under light you have warm under tones. For beauties with lighter complexion and warm undertones foundation with golden or yellow undertones can go best. If you have darker complexion and warm undertones opt for shades of beige and caramel.

If your skin has a neutral undertone, that is, some of the veins appear green and some appear blue, you can pull off any foundation with neutral or no undertones if that matches properly with your skin complexion.

The type of foundation

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Before you buy a foundation it is important to ensure that it matches with your skin type. If you have dry skin, a water based foundation or powder foundation can actually make your skin drier and make the flaws of your skin appear even more prominent.  For dry skinned women oil based, cream and liquid foundations are the best pick as they keep the skin hydrated while providing coverage. For oily skinned people on the other hand, water based and powder foundations are always the best way to go as these products can absorb the excess oil of the skin giving a shine free finish. There are foundations that are formulated particularly keeping in mind the needs of dry or the oily skins and hence you should pick a foundation that is appropriate for your skin type.

The finish

This is another aspect of foundation that you need to consider before buying it in order to get the desired makeup look. Foundations can give dewy finish, matte finish or semi matte finish. So, chose the foundation according to the type of finish you need.

Choosing the right blush

Blush can give your skin a natural and healthy glow and can even give you a younger looking appearance when used in the right way. Blushes are available in cream as well as powder forms. You need to pick a blush depending on your skin type and the type of finish you need. If you have dry skin, or skin towards the drier side and you are looking for a dewy finish, the cream based blushes can work best on your cheeks. Alternatively, for oily skinned people or people looking for a completely matte finish the powder based blushes can be a perfect choice.

The right shade of blush for your skin complexion

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To look your best you need to pick the right shade of blush that accentuates your look and does not make you look like a clown. Choosing the right blush should depend on your skin tone, dress color, hair color and the overall makeup. Here is how you should choose the blush shade depending on your complexion.

If you have fair skin you have ample of options in the blush shades. Baby pink, peach, sheer plum, are the tones that will always look beautiful on you and will help to add a natural glow to your skin. For girls with medium skin tone, blush shades like apricot, mauve, soft berry can be the best choice. It becomes quite tricky when it comes to picking the right blush color for olive skins. Orangy peach and bronze are the blush colors that olive skinned girls can always use to stay on the safe side.  Rose can also go with this skin complexion depending on the other parts of the makeup and the dress color. For dark skins deep shades of raisin, terra cotta, bright tangerine, are some of the most preferred choices of professionals.

Choosing the right eyeshadow

Eyeshadows are also available in different textures and finish. You can opt for the cream based eyeshadows as well as the powder eyeshadows with matte or glittery finish depending on your likings and makeup needs. The color of the eyeshadow needs to be picked depending on your eye color, hair color, other parts of your makeup and the color of your dress. Here is some information to help you in choosing the right eyeshadow color.

One of the basic rules in choosing eyeshadow color is that the shadow should complement the color of your eyes and should not be a contrast with the color of your dress. If you have blue eyes, opting for the earthy tones is always the best option as they will really compliment the blue color of your eyes.  Light pink can also be the other option. For brown eyes any eyeshadow color can go if that is okay with the color of your dress and hairs. Green, pink, blue and purple shades look most gorgeous on people with brown eye color. Deep mocha and shades with orange undertones can give a more natural look on brown eyes.

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For people with light skin complexion, shades of bronze and lavender looks absolutely stunning as eyeshadows. For medium skin colors chocolate brown and olive green can be best. If you have dark skin complexion dark plum, brown, black and other darker shades can look best. Always ensure that your eyeshadow goes well with your lipstick color as well apart from your skin tone, eye color and color of the dress you have put on.

Choosing the right lipstick shade for your skin tone

The lipstick is another vital makeup product without which no makeup can be complete. When it comes to lipsticks you have several options in shades and finish. There are also lip glosses, lip plumper and many other products that add color to the lips. However, they usually add a more subtle tinge of color and often have lesser staying power. Choosing the right shade of lipstick is very important in order to get the right look. The shades of lipstick that are most expected to suit your skin tone can enhance your look to a great extent, on the other hand, the shades which are not suitable for your skin tone can make you look out of the place.

As a general rule, skins with yellow undertones look most beautiful with lipsticks of warmer shades and for people with pink undertones shades of purple and blue are always the best pick. If you have olive skin complexion, you can usually opt for more or less any color, because olive skin are usually devoid of any undertones. Just focus on your overall makeup and the dress color and pick the suitable one, be it nude, pink, red or orange. On really fair skins bold colors like red and oranges can look bright. However, the very fair skinned beauties can also go with light shades of pink and mauve. Only avoid the too much yellow undertones or you might look washed out.

On beauties with darker skin tone shades of berries, deep plums or even red can look beautiful. You should avoid using very light or pale colors on your lips. The lighter shades never do a justice with the darker skin tones. Always consider your dress color as well as your overall makeup to pick the right lipstick shade.