Best makeup ideas for oily face

If you have an oily face, putting on makeup can be a real challenge. For oily skinned beauties, the process of putting on the makeup itself becomes difficult due to high oil secretion from the skin of the face. However, that should not stop you from trying out makeup. It is fun and it makes you look even more beautiful, then why to stay away from it? Having an oily face does not mean a full stop from trying out makeup. Read on to know the best makeup ideas ideal for oily faces

Get started

First wash and exfoliate your skin and follow with an alcohol free skin toner before you start putting your makeup.You can rub a cube of ice onto your face for 5 minutes before starting makeup. This will close the pores and keep the oiliness under control for some time and will make it easier for you to put on the makeup flawlessly.

Prime your face

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For oily skinned girls priming their face with a primer that is particularly formulated for oily skins, before putting on foundation is vital. A proper primer for oily skin will give your face a matte finish and will help the makeup to set in more easily. The primer creates a layer between the skin and the makeup, thus prevents clogging of pores and breakouts. A good primer makes your makeup hold onto it and last for longer duration, which is one of the primary issues for oily faces.  Make sure the primer you use has mattifying effect and is formulated for oily and sensitive skin.

Prime your eyelids as well

If you are putting on eye makeup, it is important that you prime your eyelids as well. The main problem with oily faces is that, the colors seem to fade away with time. The problem of crease is also there. So, opt for a matte finish eye primer from a good brand. It will hold on the eyeshadows and will make them last long. A good quality eye primer can keep your eyelids oil free for hours helping the eyeshadows to pop out.


It is always best for the oily skinned girls to opt for powder based eyeshadows. The cream based ones are sure to fade away quickly on oily skin. Always use a shadow that is crease proof and is not formulated with oil in any form.

Pick the right foundation

Finding the right foundation is quite a difficult thing for every girl. Many of you must have tried a hundred brands and a thousand different foundations from those brands to find that perfect foundation for your skin. Do not run behind the illusion rather pick your foundation after a thorough research on the products available. The right foundation for an oily face should be powder based that gives a matte finish. Melting and fading of foundation is a common problem for oily faces and hence pick a foundation that is formulated specifically for oily skin. The powder based foundations are quite good at it, they absorbs the oil and do not melt away. It is always a wise option to go for foundations that are proof from oil and sweat.

The face powder

For oily skins, face powder is a must. It will help your face to get rid of extra shine and will also set the foundation in, helping it to last longer. For oily faces using a mineral face powder is best suggested as it does not clog pores and gives a long lasting effect in absorbing the extra oil. Always opt for loose powder for setting in your makeup over the pressed powder, because the loose powder contains no oil; and you do not really need any more oil on your face.

Only the matte blushes for you

You might like the blushes that comes in creamy texture and gives a dewy and silky finish, but if you have an oily face, stay away from them. What you need is a mattifying blush and the dewiness will be automatically added by the oils of your skin. If you put on a cream blush it is sure to fade away quickly. A powdery matte blush can stay longer on oily skin and can give the best effect without making your face too shiny.

Finish with a finishing spray

All oily faced ladies should cheer up for these products which are now available in India as well. Using a finishing spray on your face after you have completed the makeup can set in everything in the most natural way; giving it longevity for a day long no matter how much oily face you have. These finishing sprays also makeyour makeup look much natural and it controls the shine very effectively while holding the makeup at its place. So, after you have done everything finish up with just a few sprays of a good quality finishing spray and you are ready to go.

Follow the above makeup ideas and settle in for the right products from reputed brands and no matter how much oily your face is your makeup will never slip.

Some effective tips for oily face makeup

Types of makeup foundations

  • If you have a very oily skin, using milk of magnesia in your makeup can be a good idea to keep it intact for long. Dust the milk of magnesia lightly on your skin after exfoliation and moisturization. The milk of magnesia will help to control the excess sebum secretion enabling the makeup to stay on for long.
  • For the oily skinned beauties using cucumber juice on their face before starting with the makeup can be effective to reduce the oil secretion and sweating from the skin. You can also store the cucumber juice in the fridge and use the cold extract to get better results.
  • Oily skinned people are more prone to having pimple and acne breakouts and hence it is really important for the oily skinned girls to be cautious about the makeup products they chose to use. Oil based makeup products are a strict no for the oily skinned girls.
  • Going completely matte with the makeup is always the best way for oily skin. The matte makeup can absorb the oil to some extent and can stay in place for long. The makeup products that give a dewy finish can look gorgeous on dry or combination skin but they are not really a good choice for oily skin.
  • If you have oily skin and you use makeup regularly, make it a point to follow regular CTM routine and scrub your face religiously at least twice a week to ensure that there are no dirt, dust or makeup residues left on your skin that can clog the pores resulting into breakouts.
  • Always carry tissue paper with you for soaking up the excess oil from the face and do not forget to carry the compact for quick in-between touch ups.