DIY bath and beauty recipes

Always cosmetic items as well as harmful chemicals available in the market are not good for health. Even when you are taking bath, some essential elements in natural form will be associated in water and soap. You can now make wonderful recipes readily at home with the help of natural ingredients that are present at home. When the winter arrives, wind extracts the moisturizes present in your skin. You need to be very cautious in order to maintain moisture in your skin during the winter season. You must use some moisturizing cream or oils that help in retaining the moisture back again. Some recipes made at kitchen for beauty and bath will be very beneficial.

As you are going to take bath, you need to think about variety of elements that combines to give you refreshing and complete bath. Body soap is an important element you need to consider here. Do you know that you can now easily make bath soap right at home. Only the natural ingredients will be used in this process. There are variety of natural fruits and other ingredients that can give you well smelled bathing bar. This article will speak about the process through which you can easily make your own bath and beauty recipe right at home.

Bath recipe to drive away stress

Beauty recipes for skin care

If you are really stressed out working for the whole day, this is the time for you to know about some extraordinary kitchen recipes that will definitely help making your skin and physic beautiful. Honey is one of the ingredients in such recipe that helps in making your skin moisturized. Honey also has the anti bacterial properties that help in making your face rejuvenated. Our earth is filled with variety of herbs that energizes the mind and provides aromatic effect. You can also get a wonderful smell out of the rosemary which is also available in various shower products available in the market.

Facial scrub with sugar

To make this bath and beauty recipe, you need to take two spoons of sugar granules, 5 spoons of olive oil, two spoon of honey. You have to take all these in a container and mix them really well. Apply it over your hands, legs and whole body before taking bath. Slowly rub the sugar granules over your skin and get rid of dirt and all types of pollutants. If you have any dead skin layer left over your skin, this wonderful scrub made at home will be of a great help. Since olive oil and honey is present it will help providing moisturizing effect on the skin of individual. Sugar granules help in providing the task of exfoliation.

Ginger coconut oil

Do it yourself bath and beauty recipe also have a wonderful combination of ginger and coconut oil. Take a container, add 2 spoons of coconut oil. Cut ginger in very small pieces but let it feel like grains when you touch it. Now add 2 spoons of sugar in it.

Mix the entire lot of ingredients in such a way that it becomes a good paste. If it becomes very hard, add some coconut oil. Now apply it over your body including leg and hands. Once you wash it away after 5 to 10 minutes and take bath, your skin will becomes really fresh and rejuvenate. You will get rid of all stressful elements which you have been facing due to work pressure. Both your mind and body will be away from stress and other unhealthy elements leaving it soft, supple and beautiful like ever.

Wander poo scrub

Natural recipes for glowing skin

For making this scrub, the ingredients that you require include avocado oil, Aloe Vera gel (1/4th cup), Almond powder of ½ cup and a single teaspoon of glycerin.

You need to mix all the ingredients in a container and keep it in a container with a tight fitting lid. When you are going to use it, it will be really essential to shake it really well. You might see some ingredients get separated inside the bottle after keeping it for a long time. This happens as the content includes oil. But, you don’t need to worry about it anymore as all ingredients will be mixed really well once you shape it.

Lemon grass recipe

You need the ingredients such as Citronella essential oil around 20 drops, vegetable glycerin around 1 teaspoon, lemon grass essential oil and a spray bottle.

All the above mentioned ingredients must be mixed well in a container and then put it in a spray bottle. This will help you to get the recipe directly over your skin when you want to use them. This provides a firming effect to your skin that is also effective for tighten your skin tone and making it look really attractive and young. This can also provide a moisturizing effect.

DIY bath and beauty recipes

Bathing bar tricolor

Have you ever seen the tricolor bathing bar balm in a cosmetic store? I never saw in my life. But if you try to make it at home with some homemade ingredients, it will be done as per your convenience. To make this tricolor bathing bar, you require rose petals, shea butter and cocoa butter. This will give you three colors in a platter. You can get the smell of all three ingredients and enjoy your bath.

Mint shampoo recipe

Daily skin care tips

Just after the bathing bar, another important element that you would require will be the shampoo. The fragranced shampoo will keep your hair well fragranced for a longer period of time. You can make the natural shampoo with parabens. Mix the mint extract in it and enjoy your homemade shampoo. This is much more effective to provide you best hair type as compared to the shampoos available in the market.  You can now get the best product.

Blush and lip satin recipe

Now comes the natural way of making yourself beautiful. Blush is something which you must have been using when you are out for a party. If the cosmetic blushes have made your face dull and unattractive, the natural way of getting beautiful is right here in your platter. This blush and lip satin recipe helps provide a mineral makeup that is handmade in nature.  This will be a 2 in one ingredient which can be used in both the ways within your makeup steps.