9-Amazing night make-up tips

Ladies if you are trying to glam up your looks in the night with a simple set of tips then follow them the below.

Glow your complexion

To lift the brightness and to ground the dull and dry skin apply a shimmer or highlighter mixed moisturizer as a base for your night makeup. One of the strong benefits of applying this moisturizer is that it will help to hydrate your skin.

Flawless skin

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Turn your facial skin flawless and bright with the usage of a foundation and concealer to enhance the real beauty of your face, use them especially when you are going to tap the night party floor inorder to hide the dark spots, patchy skin, dark circles, zits and other skin odd highlights.

When you are going to buy a concealer and a foundation make sure they match to your original skin tone, it will help to even the entire skin and also the make-up of yours. This is one of the most important tip to be remembered when you are getting ready for a night party.

Shine with shimmer

Wear a little amount of shimmer powder on your cheekbones, collarbones and on the temples after the application of foundation to shine your face and to bring a radiant and captivating evening look.

Blush it

Blush your cheeks to shape up your face with beauty, one point you must remember is that the perfect the shade is – the perfect your beauty will be. Beauties with black color select the plum tinted blushes, select coral shades if your skin tone is ranging from fair to medium, terra cotta shades works perfect for medium to tan skin shades, finally people with fairer skin tones can go open with pink colors.

Smoky eyes

Girls who love to decorate their eyes in a smoky look must need to check their lip and face makeup. Make sure your eye make-up is matching with them. Line your upper and lower eyelids with a black pencil, blurr it lightly, follow up with an eye shadow on the eyelid crease to get the exact smoky look.

Long and dark lashes

For the bold and long eyelashes apply mascara perfectly on your lashes. You can also use false lashes inorder to bring up the almond shaped eye look. If you want to flaunt a natural eye look wear light mascara that keeps away the artificial look.

Ideal eye shadow

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Jewel hued eye shadows like gold, silver, green, hot pink and aqua on the eyes gives you a glossy look. To get the subtle look go with the light metallic shades such as silver, bronze and champagne white. Add a pinch of white or silver on the eye corner to make them much brighter and bigger.

Bold shades

Some bold shades such as sassy red, dark plum and sassy red will help to make your lips bold. To make the bold lips attractive give them a simple makeup, light eye shadow and simple liner.

Lip gloss

The beautiful glossy lips are the most point earning looks, apply a neutral and tinted lip gloss on your lipstick applied lips to make them perfect.

9-Amazing night make-up tips

Whether it’s a night out, parties, wedding reception or family function, makeup in the night time always demands some extra attention and extra effort. With the perfect night makeup to compliment your outfit, you can be a showstopper and make everyone envy your sense of style. With the night makeup tips featured in this article, you can never go wrong.

Get ready for the makeup

The basic rule before applying makeup is to clean the skin surface. For the cleaning up, use a mild face wash that open the clogged pores, after that wipe the face off with lukewarm water. To make sure the skin does not feel dry after putting on the beauty products, apply a moisturizer with water-base. Avoid the oil-base moisturizers.

Conceal what is not to be shown

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Concealers are mainly used for cover the puffed eyes, dirk circles. Keep in mind that the concealer should be a shade less dark than the foundation, a concealer with white tone is the best choice. Apply an eye gel before using the concealer so that it sits on the skin throughout the day without getting caked up. The concealer should have a moisturizing core. To use, daub some concealer under the eye, blend it with your fingertips or using a brush.

The triumvirate of eye shadow colors

Eyes are the most beautiful part of a person. It is the first thing that catches the eye of an onlooker who takes a glance at you. It becomes indispensible to have the eyes perfectly decorated when you are heading for a night function. It is best to use three colors of eye shadows ranging from the darkest to the lightest at different sections of the yes. The light shadow should be applied under the eyebrows to avoid smudging, the medium shade is fit for the crease and last but not the least, use the dark shade to outline the upper eyelid.

Foundation of beauty

The flaws like freckles, pimples, blackheads should be smartly hidden with the conjurer in your makeup kit which is foundation. Keep your complexion in mind and choose the tone of the foundation accordingly. The application is easy. Make small dots with it all over the face, especially on the cheeks and under eye area. Then take a make-up sponge and rub it until it blends with the skin covering the entire face.

Don’t leave the eyebrows untouched

A complete makeup involves making every section of the face look perfect. For the eyebrows, it is best to quit the eyebrow pencils to shape the brows. It makes the face look like a painting; you want to look like a blood and flesh human being don’t you? Opt for eyebrow shadow powder. Take a very small amount of it, apply it on the brows and blend it using a slanted brush. In this way you will complete your night look.

Eyeliner for highlighting

To achieve an eye that anyone can die for, embellish it with a perfect stroke of eyeliner. Line the entire upper lid as close to the lashes as possible using either a thin liner brush or an eyeliner pencil, for the lower lid, outline only the two-third part of it. In case you want to have a smokier look, line the entire lower lid as well. Be wise before buying the eyeliner. Make sure the eyeliner is waterproof otherwise during summer; there is a high chance that the liner will start smudging in the ugliest way one can ever imagine.

Line the lips

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Using a lip liner is necessary to highlight the beauty of the lips. Remember that you should apply the liner always after applying the lipstick, not before that otherwise the outer portion of the lips may end up looking darker. Use a line tone that suits your lipstick’s shade the best. In the night time, the makeup should be bold and the best option is to go for a dark colored lipstick and of course a dark liner to go with that. With perfectly shining lips comes a smile that will brighten up the ambience of any function you will attend.

After lipstick method

If you think applying a thick coat of your favorite lipstick will be enough to keep it intact all night, your knowledge is half baked. For longer sustenance, blot first coat of the lipstick on a tissue paper, then apply the lipstick for the second time. In this way, the color won’t fade easily. Also keep a lip balm handy.

Perfect nails

The glossy, well-shaped long nails are all you need for a flawless night look. Shape the nails carefully, file them. Before applying a bold shade of nail polish, use a coat of colorless nail color for the base. After using the nailpolish, put another layer of the colorless nail base to make it appear glossy.