Ear piercing after care tips

Girl child gets their ear pierced just after taking birth as that is the place where they can wear their earrings or tops. You can hardly see a girl or a lady without earrings fitted inside the whole which has been pierced.

Apart from one whole pierced, there has been fashion of piercing 2 to 3 holes. But, after piercing ear, it is equally important to take good care of it so that it can heal the wound completely.

Before your start wearing metal ear tops or dangling, it is important to heal the place where ear piercing took place. You must have been waiting for a long time to wear the dangling as well as loops. But, getting it free from any type of infection is very important.

Ear piercing has become good fashion these days especially when you wish to look modern. You must have seen your friends wearing more than one earring over their ears.

You must be envying them and would like to have the same on your ears. Yes, you too can adopt the style with the present fashion trend. But, Ear piercing also requires post care.

Means, it might catch up with infection if you don’t take care of the region of your ear base where the piercing activity is done. This article will speak about the aftercare tips of ear piercing.

Ear Piercing is more of a hobby and style than a tradition these days. Most of them go for ear piercing to suit their personality, to give them a different look, to make them look in vogue etc.

While there might be many reasons for an individual to go for ear piercing yet they would definitely have to take a lot of care till the skin pierced dries and is in proper condition. To avoid any kind of infection of scarring, follow the below mentioned tips and find relief:

Ear piercing after care tips

Best ways to clean ears at home

  • Don’t fidget or play using your new piercings.
  • Wash your piercing twice per day
  • Use an anti-bacterial product.
  • Do not use any sodium based sprays or products that can turn out to be harmful for your skin
  • Do keep your pierced area moisturized.
  • Check out your piercings if there is any signs of infection and contact your physician if you observe any.
  • Keep away from hydrogen peroxide or even rubbing alcohol to completely clean your piercings.
  • Avoid the antibiotic ointments for piercing.
  • Do not lay any pressure on the pierced side.
  • Keep away from ear jewelry until the piercing is fully cured.

A chemical free cleanser is the best for maintaining your ear piercings clear and without any infection. Take proper care of it least it leads to any unwanted health issues. Do not wear metal earrings soon after the ear is pierced. Leave it to dry and then strat sing any ear-ring on it.

Ear piercing aftercare is vital if you need your new piercings to seem their very best. The care isn’t difficult to accomplish, but it must be done normally and regularly.

In addition to it, don’t forget to take care of yourself far too. Getting lots of sleep, eating vegetables and fruits and choosing a multivitamin diet can help your entire body heal soon.

After care tips of ear piercing

Piercing with care

How to cure ear piercing infection

  • At the time of ear piercing, the piercer will insert a starter earring inside the hole. The material used as a starter earring is made up of hypoallergenic substance which is very safe for newly pierced ear.
  • You need to keep the starter earring till the time the expert would ask you to do the same. Removing it before time would give rise to un healed wound.
  • Approximately, the starter earring can be removed just after the six weeks of piercing.
  • You must see whether the piercing is in your cartridge. If it is so then you need to keep the starting earring in the same place for 8 to 12 weeks.

Avoid touching ears

Many people have a tendency of touching the place that has been wounded.  But, when the ear piercing has taken place, touching that particular place is totally restricted.

If you touch the ear piercing place, this will lead to infection. Unless cleaning it, do not try to touch the place. Even your hand might have infections. Thus, before and after touching the place you must wash your hand with antibacterial soap.

Avoid the items that snag earrings

There are many items that may touch and catch your earring while wearing. These items includes scarves, hats etc.  You should avoid the items which will put pressure on your ears.

  • Some people have a habit of wearing veils. But, it is important to choose the particular fabric which will never get a snagging appearance easily. If you have wound in your ear, it is better to wear loose veils. Also you need to wash the veils multiple times before wearing it.
  • Even when you are changing clothes while opening and wearing garments from the top, you might get hurt in your ears. Thus, you need to take care of your ear wound while taking out and in the garment.

No substance should touch your ear

Remedies to cure ear piercing infection

Some of the hair products such as shampoo, soaps as well as conditioner can drop over your ears which have been wounded after the ear piercing activity.

You should see that those harmful chemicals must not touch your ears that have been recently pierced.

  • In order to keep the pierced ear protected you must cover your ears with plastic sandwich bag. This should be done when you are taking shower.
  • During summer, you must wish to carry on with variety of sports activities. Swimming is one among the popular sport which you would really like to indulge in.
  • But, if your ear is newly pierced, its better not to take the risk of getting it wet while swimming. Rather, avoid this activity for some time. It will be better if you can undertake the swimming activity just after six weeks.

Sleeping technique

You also need to take good care of your ear while you are sleeping. It is better to try to sleep on back. Do not keep your ear against a pillow so that it will get irritated with friction while sleeping.

Sometime people might feel uncomfortable to sleep in a particular posture. If sleeping with the back is a problem, then keep a soft pillow which is very clean and may not have bacterial effect.

You can also avail the t – shirt trick in order to stay away from the infection which might cause due to ear piercing.

Top ear piercing after care tips

Removal of starter earring

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When you go through the ear piercing method, the professional will include the starter earring immediately after the piercing activity take place.

But, once you are backing home do not remove the starter earring. You must only let it go once the area is completely healed. Otherwise you may experience closure of ear hole which you have availed through the piercing process. IT is better to remove starter earring after 8- 12 weeks.

Avoid garments or items that snag ears

The way you are wearing different types of clothes, it is also equally important for you to check out the items that covers heat. Mostly during the summers and winter we avail them as we actually need to cover those portions from extreme heat and cold.

But, if you have recently proceeded through the ear piercing mechanism, you must avoid the items like scarves, hats, etc so that it does not touch your ear piercing place and disrupt the healing process.

Clean piercing area

After piercing is done, it will be quite natural that blood and other mucus would come out. You therefore need to clean the portion.  In order to clean the portion take water and pour some drops of antiseptic liquid.

Now, dip the cotton ball and slowly dab over the area where you have gone through the ear piercing.  You can also use the saltwater solution to clean the area. Also make sure that the cleaning solution covers entire area.