How to cure ear piercing infection?

Ear piercing has become a fashion today with variety of earrings and top placed over the ear base to make an individual look different and attractive. Not only ladies but even males are also very eager to go for ear piercing. Some individuals are so obsessed about the ear piercing activity that they don’t make holes in ears only; rather they choose many other parts of the body such as naval, eyebrows, lips etc and go ahead with the ear piercing activity.

But while doing this people gets infected and suffers from severe skin infection. But there are ways through which the ear piercing infection can be cured. You must also know about the signs of infection at first and then go ahead with preventive mechanism.

Ear piercing is done to place ring or ear top over the ears. This is normally done for females. But these days even males are doing ear piercing as this has become a fashion these days. But, once the piercing take place, individual suffers from pain and difficulties during the stage of ear piercing. The infection must be cured with the step of ear piercing remedy.

Recognizing the skin infection

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Some signs and symptoms are worth finding out whether you are infected through the ear piecing mechanism. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Redness, swelling and tenderness over the area
  • Marks and streaks in the ear piercing site
  • Yellow and green discharge at the site of ear piercing
  • Fever due to pain

Ways to cure ear piercing infection

Saltwater treatment

You can now go natural while treating the ear piercing infection. Just boil some water in a container and add salt over it. Mix it and let the solution cool a little and get a lukewarm touch. Now dip a cotton ball in the saltwater solution and slowly rub the portion where you have end up with era piercing infection.


Since turmeric is a homemade antiseptic ingredient, it will work well in treating the ear piercing infection. You must warm some water and add a pinch of turmeric in it. Dissolve the turmeric powder in the warm water and dip a cotton ball in it. Squeeze extra water and apply the cotton over the place where the ear piercing infection has taken place. This needs to be done at least twice in a day to stay away from ear infection.

Indian lilac or neem

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Take handful of Indian Lilac leaves and boil it in water such as way that the water becomes green in color. Now apply that water over the place where you have pain and inflammation. Alternatively you can take some Neem leaves and make a paste of it.  Now apply the paste over the affected area and leave it for 10 minutes and then remove it once it is dry.

Ice cubes

Sometimes ice cubes also work as a wonder in treating the ear piercing infection that you are suffering from. Just make the ice cubes smaller in size and rub it over the area where the ear piercing activity has taken place. Ice cubes works really well in making the inflamed skin back in its place. You can do this 3 times in a day to stay away from inflamed and infected skin.

Antibacterial soap

Doctors have variety of options for antifungal and anti bacterial properties. You can now get variety of anti bacterial soaps in the medical store. Get any one from the market and wash the infected area with the same. Wash it and stay away from the inflammation and pain of ear piercing.


Infection in your ear can be resolved with the alcohol treatment. Alcohol works really well in treating any type of wounds. You need to take a little alcohol in cotton ball and apply it over the place where ear piercing takes place.

Tools of ear piercing

Remedies to cure ear piercing infection

When you are going ahead with the ear piercing activity it is important to get a sterilized tool for the same. Even when you are going for ear piercing activity get it done with the help of a professional. Do not try this alone with a sharp material as this can even make the situation worse. You can now get variety of organization that deal with ear piercing activity. You can search it online and contact to get the best pain free service.

See a doctor

If the home remedies and other procedure does not work, you need to see a doctor immediately. Doctor will give you medicines and creams to be applied so that you can get a cure of ear piercing infection.

Cleaning the area

You need to keep the place where the ear piercing took place free from any type of infection.  The best thing that you can do in such a situation will be using anti bacterial soap. This will keep the area highly moisten. You can also use a cotton swap with antiseptic fluid as well to make the particular area free from infection. It is suggested not to use the tropical treatment as this can give rise to drying up your skin which will not allow the fresh air to get in.

Marigold flower leaves

The leaves of the marigold flower are an amazing natural remedy to stop blood. Yes, there is a good chance that you might have blood coming out of your ear piercing area now and then. All you have to do to stop it will be take few marigold flower leaves, mash it and extract juice out of it. Apply the juice over the affected area where you have difficulty with ear piercing. You will see the blood stopping immediately and your skin will stay away from infection as well.

Garlic cloves

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If you want to stay away from the bacterial infection which is likely to appear over your ear holes after getting the piercing done, the garlic clove remedy will be an ideal option.  You need to smash the garlic cloves and apply the juice over your ear piercing area. This will heal your wound will restrict from getting infected once again. You must apply this at least once in a day in order to keep your skin away from bacterial infection. You can stay tension free as this does not have any side effects being a natural option.